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The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

Grovo HR

And yet, despite the attention of professionals from every area of the business world—or maybe because of it—the term itself has never gained a universal definition. So we took a stab at giving it a proper definition, out of the context of any research study or management theory. This is our proposed definition of ‘employee engagement’ and the thinking that went into it.

Total Compensation Definition: Understanding Compensation Communication


The post Total Compensation Definition: Understanding Compensation Communication appeared first on HRsoft. Blog compensation management Compensation Planning Compensation Planning Software total compensation definitionCareerBuilder studies show that 21% of employees in the US will change jobs within the next year. That is one in every five employees contemplating a shift.

Millennials and the Changing Definition of Diversity


The post Millennials and the Changing Definition of Diversity appeared first on WeSpire. Diversity isn’t the easiest topic to talk about, especially in the workplace, but not having these conversations could be damaging to the success of your business. Research from Harvard defines this type diversity as acquired diversity, or traits acquired based on experience. Look beyond resumes.

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A New Definition of Work


In this post, I'd like to talk about what we actually mean by "work" Has the definition changed over the years? Is it time for a new definition


The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing The Right ATS The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system Introduction ATS for Employers v.s. selection process, we are excited to share our definitive guide to choosing. Our definitive guide to selecting the right applicant tracking system for small. Steps & Timeline Post-activation & Support Educational Resources &. To free you. your needs.

Zinger’s 8 Word Behavioral Definition of Employee Engagement

David Zinger

A shorter more simple definition of employee engagement. It has taken me about 8 years and 10,000 hours to get to a definition of employee engagement that is both simple and elegant. My definition puts engagement in the hands of each employee — I can choose to do this everyday while also being enabled and encouraged by my leaders, managers, and organization. Putting work in the definition means the focus of engagement is less about liking an organization or having a good attitude and more about our tasks, project, and specific work. Good can be good enough.

Definitions Bring Consistent Answers – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

The post Definitions Bring Consistent Answers – Friday Distraction appeared first on hr bartender. When I was younger, I would ask my mother questions and if she didn’t give me the answers I was looking for, I’d go ask my father. I’m sure that I’m not alone in using that tactic. When I started in human resources, I discovered that employees sometimes do the same thing.

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The Definition of Compensation Management


The Definition of Compensation Management: In simple terms, compensation is everything that a company offers its employees in return for their talent and time. The post The Definition of Compensation Management appeared first on HRsoft. Blog compensation management Compensation Management Software Compensation Planning Definition of Compensation Management

the teamwork definition and fostering collaboration at work

O.C. Tanner

Now it’s time to get to work on defining your own teamwork definition. Teamwork. We talk about it, we read about it, we do exercises to build it, and we even go to keynote speeches and workshops to understand how better to implement it in our organizations. So, what is teamwork? And why do we talk about it so much? Defining Teamwork. What is teamwork? Teamwork is selfless. Promote Sharing.

Employer Branding Ebook

surprise that Discovery Communications includes gorgeous (definitely not. you definitely want different teams to weigh in. 1Employer. Branding 101 Everything you ever wanted and needed to know about. creating a strong employer brand for your company. 3Is Employer Branding Really That Important? Um, Yes. What Does Your Brand Say to People? glass doors. team saw an opportunity. Um, Yes.

Making the real definition of employee engagement more real

David Zinger

When I wrote the original definition of real employee engagement, I was wrong. I recently wrote the real definition of employee engagement : Good work, done well, with others, on a daily basis. I loved the down-to-earth elegant simplicity of the definition but I forgot something. I think I was too simple with the first definition. Making it real. Reading time: 1 minute).


The HR Capitalist

Holiday Week - Best of the Capitalist this week. --KD. Gone Dark (??n You know this one: 1. A phrase to describe a person who previously was communicating with you, but now returns no message that you have sent for a period of days or weeks without explanation for the change. How you know something you thought was previously possessing high probability to close is now a train wreck. It''s OK.

A New Definition of Employee Engagement: Think Of It Like Your Health

Grovo HR

Dig into the issue for a few minutes and you’re likely to see more definitions of engagement than you have employees to engage. Personally, my favorite definition is “the level of personal investment people bring to their work,” but even that circumscribes the issue too narrowly. Engagement, like health, doesn’t need a precise definition in order to be identifiable or attainable.

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ACA Update: New Definitions and Increased Penalties


What’s Size Got to Do With It As of January 1, 2016, the ACA definition of a small group employer, for the purposes of insurance market size, will increase from 50 and fewer employees to 100 and fewer employees. Thing is, that only works for so long. And it’s always smart to stay up to date on noncompliance penalties. Let’s get right to it. What does this mean from a rating standpoint?

New Workers’ Comp Law Changes Definitions of Excluded Employees and May Affect Your Existing Policies


This week, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones notified workers’ compensation insurers of up-coming changes to the definition of “employee” and to who is an excluded employee. There is a narrower definition of excluded officers, directors and partners who can still opt out. Upcoming changes to workers’ compensation insurance policies. Not a member?

Capitalist Definitions: "Manager Pass-Through".

The HR Capitalist

I wrote about the manager pass-through in 2011. It's an important fact of life in every organization, so I'm writing about it again today. Here's the trick: Imagine you could film every manager in your organization trying to defend a strategy, action, change, etc. taken by the company to their team. Would they own it or point to a higher power as the reason for the strategy, action or change, effectively separating themselves from responsibility for the decision/action? -. Manager Pass-Through ( (m n -j r p s thr ). They/you explain deflective reasons why the action is necessary. Who is them?

Employee Engagement Definition: A focus on “with others”

David Zinger

I loved reading Kate Nasser’s deeper look at my employee engagement definition of: “good work, done well, with others , every day.” She offered an excellent elaboration of the “with others” part of the definition: Leaders, you can fill this gap by asking the following two questions consistently with your teams: Who does this issue impact?

Seeking a definition of social leadership

HR Zone

Seeking a definition of social leadership Culture.


Weekly Wrap: Workplace Holiday “Gifts” – If You Stretch the Definition

TLNT: The Business of HR

See if you agree that these are, as CareerBuilder’s press release puts it, a creative “definition of the word ‘gift:’ ”. A box of Hot Pockets ; A chess piece (just one piece, not a set); A fire extinguisher ; (more…). HR News & Trends bonuses Christmas holiday party Holidays HR News HR trends talent management

Your Employees' Definition of a Great Organizational Culture

Halogen Talent Managment

On the leadership/HR side of great culture we tend to very technical. We talk about having a clear vision and mission, about what we do and where we're going. We look at ways to measure our culture and drive the various components of the culture we desire. What we rarely hear about is how our employees would define great culture


Future Friday: The future of work definitely involves Artificial Intelligence

OmegaHR Solutions

I will expand on this subject after doing more studying on it, but for now I can assure you that the future of work will definitely include AI because between Einstein and Watson it is already here. Artificial Intelligence if already making an impact on the world of work. As you know I am out in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference,’s annual conference. One fear.

Department of Labor Sets Broad Definition of Joint Employer


The post Department of Labor Sets Broad Definition of Joint Employer appeared first on HRWatchdog by Gail Cecchettini Whaley. Agencies continue to focus on companies using temp workers. Employers who contract out for services are increasingly being held responsible by enforcement agencies for wage and hour and other labor violations. Yesterday, the U.S. 186 (August 27, 2015). Not a member?

Capitalist Definitions: "Lick The Cookie" at Your Company.

The HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note - had an email about aggressive behavior inside a company from a reader, and this post came to mind. Thus, the second share. licking [ˈlɪkɪŋ] the [thē] cookie [k k ]. To stake your claim, real or otherwise, on a unit of property, thought or idea within an organization in a manner where no one else can use the object or thought in question. You want to innovate in mobile?"

Human Resources Needs a New Definition - What's Your Take?


Out of curiosity, we flipped forward to “H” in the dictionary and came across a definition that didn’t sit quite right. Help us cultivate a new definition that adds meaning to the word “human” and shows how invaluable our “resources” are. Submit a written definition or recorded video statement through Twitter. Together, we want to create a new definition that really captures the “strategic heart” of HR. We’re avid dictionary users over here at Namely. And we enjoyed the recent addition of “FOMO,” which had felt a little left out. Their remarks blew us away.

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say … Definitely Don’t Tweet It!

HR Daily Advisor

The old adage—“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”—definitely rings true for social media, as it would in the real world. The post If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say … Definitely Don’t Tweet It! However, why is it that people still haven’t grasped this concept? Some people never learn.…. appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

The Future Of Sensors: Business In High Definition

SAP Innovation

All change begins with the ability to measure. For millennia, humans relied on our five senses to gauge the world around us in order to survive and thrive. As civilization advanced, however, we started to use technology to expand those natural capabilities. We began building tools to measure time – first sundials and then sophisticated ones like the sky disc of Nebra and the Antikythera mechanism.

The Real Definition of Employee Engagement

David Zinger

So here is my real definition of employee engagement: Good work, done well, with others, on a daily basis. Let make it simple! We have too much jargon at work in employee engagement. Enough said. David Zinger is a leading employee engagement speaker and expert who strives to make employee engagement real. Employee Engagement

Appeals Court Expands Definition of ‘Joint Employer’ in Wage Claims

HR Daily Advisor

Employers in several states are facing a new definition of “joint employment” under federal wage and hour law. But this new standard will definitely make it more difficult for employers in the affected states to argue that workers are independent contractors, rather than employees of a joint enterprise, he added. “To The 4th U.S. Commercial Interiors, Inc. , 15-1915 (Jan. 25, 2017).

The Definitive Guide to the Employee Pulse Survey


The post The Definitive Guide to the Employee Pulse Survey appeared first on EmployeeConnect. There’s a global trend of organisations embracing the employee pulse survey. So the obvious questions which come up include, what are these surveys exactly, and what benefits can organisations expect out of them after the employees undertake these surveys? Also, as an employer, you need to know what questions to ask your employees before you start rolling out the survey and also you need to know what steps you take to make your survey a successful one. What is an Employee Pulse Survey?

13 Zingers For Good Work: The New Employee Engagement

David Zinger

I simplified employee engagement into an 8 word definition: good work done well with others every da y. There is a lot of meaning packed into each word in the eight word definition so I will take the next four blog posts to examine two words at a time. Let’s sharpen our focus on work in the New Employee Engagement. Today the two words are good work. Buddha.

How the War for Top Performers Can Be Won by Redefining Success: Capacity and the Definition of Talent

Women of HR

Talent. The War for Talent. Those two terms are the headlines that strike fear into the hearts of companies and create top-line action items for HR groups across the globe. The major fear for us all is what skills will be needed to ensure corporate longevity and success, and how will you get to them before anyone else does? Well, let’s also add to that the ability to attract and retain them. It’s a large problem to solve, that’s for sure. But I’m not entirely sure that it’s an external job. This is not to say that more traditional competency and leadership models are failures.

Definition of Insanity - Using the Same Performance Management Tools & Expecting a Different Result

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

I am just cheekily paraphrasing Albert Einstein who is attributed with the old adage “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I am just cheekily paraphrasing Albert Einstein who is attributed with the old adage “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

A Quick Review for Managers: Employee Retention Definition and Strategies


Employee Retention Definition. The post A Quick Review for Managers: Employee Retention Definition and Strategies appeared first on HRsoft. Attracting and hiring employees are difficult feats, but encouraging to them stay with your company is an even more unique challenge. If employee retention isn’t already a primary focus for your organization, it may be time to make it a priority.

What We Call Employee Engagement is Driving Me Nutty

David Zinger

My definition of employee engagement is quite simple but directly tied to our work: Good work done well with others every day. Employee Engagement #employeeengagement behavioral engagement David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker employee engagement definitionIf you want to get more out of your work, you need to put more into your work. Source:


The HR Capitalist

From a meeting with a client last week: Renegade Demo (ˈrenəˌɡād/ˈdemō) - The time when you walk by an office or your cube as a leader in your company and realized your growth has outpaced your ability to properly train new hires at your company, especially those charged with evangelizing your product. In use: "Damn, it happened again. I popped into a call the new guy Bill was having with a prospect and his positioning of what we do was all ####ed up. It was another renegade demo. He has no clue and it's probably not his fault. We've got to get our arms around this quick.". The solution?

Court illustrates how HR pros can be personally liable for FMLA blunders

HR Morning

What the appeals court said about the definition of employer is especially worrisome for HR and benefits pros. Employment Law FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) definition of employer Graziado v. Heads up: The stakes have been raised on FMLA compliance for human resources professionals. . Took aim at HR director. The case was Graziado v. Culinary Institute of America, Garrioch.