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The 7 Elements of an Unforgettable Employee Experience


We have all heard of the customer experience which is defined as the resulting product when a customer interacts with your brand. We’re all familiar with both good and bad customer experiences and we go through one or the other on a near daily basis. The employee experience has become increasingly important in HR management because of evolving business trends such as peer-to-peer sharing, high turnover rates and competitive recruiting practices. The employee journey begins before a job applicant even decides to apply, and it continues after the employee leaves the company as an alumnus.

[Infographic] How To Create a Workplace Where Employees Are Happy

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A happy workforce is a loyal and productive workforce. Boredom, frustration, overwork, underpay, can all leave a high-potential employee looking at his phone up to 150 times a day, or worse – looking at job ads. Many employees will lack the confidence to speak up about their situation, so from a distance it can seem like everything’s okay. But maintaining the status quo is often not enough.

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Recognizing the Elephant in the [HR] Room


You may be familiar with the story of the blind men and an elephant. In it, a group of blind men come upon an elephant and each describes the animal from what he can feel. The one feeling the elephant’s leg says that it’s like a great pillar; the one who feels the tail says it’s like a rope; and, the one who feels the trunk says it’s like a tree branch. No, not massive and potentially harmful.

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Discover What Today’s Job Seekers Really Want


Over the past few weeks we have released infographics highlighting results of a survey conducted through our Trendicators research arm that depict why candidates accept job offers and why employees seek employment elsewhere. These insights have been among our most popular research findings to date.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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Why Most Employee Recognition Doesn’t Work

ATD Human Capital

As we have traveled across the country, working with various businesses and organizations, we’ve had the privilege to interact with HR professionals and corporate trainers. We initially were surprised to hear both professionals and frontline workers report that the vast majority of employee recognition programs aren't working. Here is what we found: Recognition is largely about behavior.

Building a Culture-First Company


When we learned that UpBuild, CultureIQ’s SEO agency, considers itself a culture-first organization, we knew it was the start of a great partnership. And so we  asked UpBuild’s founder and CEO Mike Arnesen to share what it means to put culture first, every step of the way. We’ve always had that, yet it was no accident — UpBuild was a culture-first company. Culture-First. Purpose. Pride.

The Cost of an Ineffective Training Program

ej4 HR

According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average cost of losing an employee is six months of their base salary. The average employee salary is $53,000, so the average cost of losing an employee would be $26,500. Turnover is inevitable, but don’t you want to do everything you can do to decrease these expenses for your company? The work environment is toxic.

How to Spot an ‘A-Player’ Talent in an Interview

HR Daily Advisor

by Rick Crossland, author. It is surprising how many executives and even HR professionals do not like or look forward to interviewing candidates.  After all, this should be the celebration of bringing on another great employee right?  Their fear is likely because many of them have historically not had very good success predictably selecting top performers through their current interview process.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Organization

ATD Human Capital

Mindfulness in the workplace is gaining staying power and credence, backed by a growing body of research and data demonstrating the positive results of practicing mindfulness. Companies such as Intel, PWC, McKinsey, and AstraZeneca, as well as other organizations like the U.S. Marine Corp., Harvard Business School, New York Knicks, and Seattle Seahawks offer mindfulness programs. More focused?

The True Bottom Line In Business: An Interview With Dov Baron


Dov Baron is recognized as one of the top 100 leadership speakers to hire and a brilliant corporate cultural strategist. He is the founder of Full Monty Leadership , and provides essential soft leadership skills to good leaders who are committed to becoming great while growing their people and the bottom line. This is the second part of my interview with Dov. Read more here. To make money.

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Extracting Talent: How to Unlock the Full Potential of Each of Your Employees

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Do you feel like you have a great team, but you’re not currently extracting the maximum amount of talent from it? This is a pretty common feeling among small and medium-sized business owners. Driving people harder and demanding more is not the way to get the best out of people, though. Lots of people make that mistake when they’re wondering how they can get more from the people they employ.

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5 Tips to Master Employee Engagement in 2017

HR Daily Advisor

by Chris Byers, CEO, Formstack. Every day, Human Resources departments worldwide are placing increased emphasis on employee engagement. To understand why, we need to consider the true meaning of “engagement.”. First, let’s make an important distinction: A happy employee is not necessarily an engaged employee. Employee engagement is much more than employee satisfaction. Value Innovation and Agility.

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

How Tech Can Keep Short-Term Thinking from Hampering Your Program's Success

UrbanBound HR

Working for a startup or a nascent tech company can sometimes resemble the scenes from a movie where a submarine crew is facing a crisis. Klaxons are blaring, leaks are springing, and the crew is constantly shifting its priority to address each new, most dire circumstance. Technology HR

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10 Reasons To Shift To A Data-Driven High Business Impact HR Model


The latest survey from the prestigious Conference Board ranks Human Capital as the #1 challenge facing global CEOs. At first glance, senior HR executives might take that top ranking as a positive thing. Unfortunately, a study by AICPA revealed that only 12% of CEO’s were confident with Human Capital metrics. HR Can’t Become A High Business Impact Function Unless It Adds Analytic Capabilities.

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The Top Behavioural Interview Questions To Help You Identify High Potential Employees


When it comes to recruiting new candidates, there’s a number rounds they have to go through. The most common ones begin with an online application that is then screened. The screened online application will then follow through with a testing phase which then determines whether they get to the interview process stage or not. During the interview process stage, that’s where the real deal happens. It’s where you and the candidate get the chance to know each other – whether it be personally or professionally. Tell me when you were faced with one? How did you handle the situation? What did you do?

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Employee Retention?

ClearCompany HRM

The business world seems to have caught onto the fact that human beings aren’t very good at multitasking, yet we often find ourselves juggling more things than we truly can handle. In the world of HR and Recruiting, this couldn’t be more true. We like to find trends, latch on to the newest tactic or heed the latest advice. Talent Management

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

What Happened to Employee Engagement? How to Offer Development Opportunities

HR Daily Advisor

by Kes Thygesen, cofounder and head of product at RolePoint. Offering professional development is more than just a trending topic in the world of recruiting. It’s one of the most influential aspects a company offers. They want to go beyond impersonal digital platforms and learn and grow through more personal development opportunities, such as mentorships and interactive learning retreats.

Nurturing Your Talent Pool

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Your staff are your biggest business asset – how to get the most out of them (and them out of you!). Hiring employees is a big step. You want the right people with the right skills. The pool of talent in any business is the catalyst to success. But managing and growing your people is a challenge. No manager has all the knowledge they need to make the right choices all the time. Four-Step Process.

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How Millennials want to Work and Live


There are more Millennials in the workforce than any previous generation, including Baby Boomers. In a study by PwC, researchers found that Millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the US and will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. It’s clear that Millennials will be a powerful generation of workers and that those with the right skills will be in high demand. Be a coach, not a boss.

How You Treat Rejected Candidates Can Have A Big Impact

TLNT: The Business of HR

Candidate experience will continue to be a major topic for companies and organizations for many years to come. Ensuring job candidates have a great experience starts with the job post and the ease of applying and continues straight through to onboarding. Advertising & Marketing Branding Candidate Experience Talent Acquisition Featured social media

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Going Mobile: It’s All About Empathy


Do you ever get frustrated with technology at work? Whether you’re a corporate executive, a manager, or an employee, it may seem like archaic backend systems and complex processes make your job slower and more complicated. Sometimes you might wonder if the IT decision-makers even understand how you actually do your job, or how your role fits into the bigger corporate picture. Sound familiar?

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3 Emotional Regulation Skills

ATD Human Capital

In November 2016 I had the chance to attend a workshop hosted by the Institute for Management Studies. The focus was on resilient leadership, and we learned about seven skills to boost your leadership abilities and strengths. At its core, emotional intelligence is about developing personal and social competencies in relation to understanding emotions, and knowing the best way to respond. Anger.

Feedback: The Key to Growth, Motivation, and Company Strength

HR Daily Advisor

by Steffen Maier, cofounder of Impraise. toxic culture can disrupt business, resulting in low engagement and high turnover and ultimately damaging your company’s reputation. However, culture can be influenced, and new norms can be internalized to help companies bounce back. Map Out Your Company’s Culture. Purpose and values are two different but intertwined concepts. Creating New Norms.

The Future of Work Is Going Freelance

TLNT: The Business of HR

Independent Work:  Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy from the McKinsey Global Institute, is fascinating reading. If you’re in HR, talent acquisition or are a leader of people, you’ve probably been paying attention to the coverage of the “Gig Economy” or the “Contingent Workforce.” Mary Meeker wrote about it in the Internet Trends report, and I wrote about it here.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]