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Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Hold Managers Accountable

ATD Human Capital

The best organizations know that engaged, high-performing employees drive business success. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, and more likely to stay. And highly engaged workplaces grow faster, adapt quicker, and innovate more. But how can we make improvements on a metric that has been declining the past three years ? So, what can you do?

Vulnerability & Loyalty In The Purpose Driven Company: An Interview With Dov Baron


When your company’s mission is to bring out the best in people at work via core values like Grant Trust & Be Transparent and Dare to Dream, you tend to form relationships with people who are also trying to transform the world of business to be more human-centric. DM: How did you first get involved with leadership development and organizational dynamics? Nobody put their hand up. Click To Tweet.

20 Little Known Ways to Get Hired Fast

ClearCompany HRM

Time to hire is at its highest, with the entire hiring process taking roughly 23 days. The length can leave many job seekers less than optimistic when looking for a new career. If you’re looking to make a move soon, you may wonder if there’s anything you can do to speed up a lengthy process. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 20 things you can do to get hired faster. Candidate Experience


See What Your Employees Value [INFOGRAPHIC]


More and more, employees are choosing workplaces that align with their personal values. For companies looking to recruit and retain talent, that should bring up the question: What do today’s employees value? Perhaps it’s not a simple question. Highly talented individuals across age groups, geographies, and industries may value very different things. worker’s affinity with one company brand over another can be hard to predict — the real concern is if your company does not care about anything at all. Click To Tweet. Employee Engagement

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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5 Talent Management Trends That Are Changing HR

TLNT: The Business of HR

The new year brings new goals, new challenges and new trends in the still-evolving field of talent management. We describe below 5 talent management trends for 2017 based on insights from HR leaders globally, our NTMN research, experiences at our clients and discussions at the Talent Management Institute.

Top 2017 Workplace Trends: Employee Diversity, Change Management, and Self-Directed Learning

HR Daily Advisor

by Kim Bohr, executive vice president of Operations, Fierce, Inc. The past year has undoubtedly been a trying time for our country, and its impact can be felt on both a personal and professional level. Organizations, with urgency, will need to address a growing employee demand for safe, inclusive work environments and opportunities that will allow them to advance on their own terms.

Workforce Management Technology: A Key to Success in 2017


Every January 1 st starts a new year with new opportunity. Millions of people embrace these new beginnings with a ‘carpe diem’ mentality by setting New Year’s resolutions. Setting goals for the new year is a great way to strive for better health, career advancement, and overall self-improvement. Unfortunately, research by the University of Scranton suggests that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. These findings beg the question: why do so many of us fall short and lose the ambition that was so strong in January? Top Executive Resolutions for 2017.

The Keys to Building an Effective Onboarding Program


When your company grows, it can be difficult to think about anything other than keeping your head above water as you navigate constant change. Similarly, for managers who are already struggling to keep up with a hectic schedule and looming deadlines, making time to orient new hires can be seen as a low priority. But what are the keys to effective onboarding? Embrace pre-onboarding. Make it fun.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

[Infographic] 9 Tips to Improve Workplace Productivity

Get Hppy

Almost every employee wants success and growth at work. There are companies with good number of engaged employees too who helps in business success. Motivated and engaged employees perform better when compared to other employees. Sometimes there comes a situation when some employees start losing their productivity at workplace. All this effects the working environment too. Get your free copy.

Leadership Intelligence Is What Matters Now

TLNT: The Business of HR

Being an effective leader of people in today’s world seems to be much more complicated than in years past. HR Insights Leadership Featured


How Managers Drive Disengagement - DecisionWise


How Managers Drive Disengagement. When I was growing up, my dream job was to be a detective – Sherlock Holmes was one my literary heroes. still like to solve puzzles, and in my role at DecisionWise, I use data to help solve mysteries for my clients. recently helped one of our clients run their second employee engagement survey , and the results were surprising. So, in spirit of a detective, here are the facts: . The company in question is a young, rapidly-growing organization in the entertainment industry. Turnover is high, which is to be expected in these short-term roles. If so, why?

Why HR Needs to Be Brought into The 21st Century

HR Daily Advisor

by Morag Barrett, Author. Ask any HR professional what they think of the people-policies and procedures in their organization and most will acknowledge that many of them are dumb and difficult to enforce. Rules have unfortunately resulted in a reputation of Human Resources being a jobs-worth function trying to justify its existence. Do we really need a dress code that bans “spaghetti straps?”

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

How to Lead and Engage Millennials in the Workplace


Born before 1982 and in a leadership or management role? If yes, you may have asked yourself the question: “How do I motivate and communicate with the Millennials (born 1982 -2000) on my team?” ” I’ve been asked this question many times since Millennial values, beliefs, and communication style are perceived as quite different. Why Are Millennials Perceived As Different?

Is “Cultural Fit” Code For “Be Like Me”?

TLNT: The Business of HR

Last Spring, Sally Fields starred in a movie called  Hello, My Name is Doris   as a wacky 60-something clerk working in a hip company run by millennials. Leaving aside the film’s focus on Doris’s unrequited crush on a younger colleague, the film provided ample evidence of the disconnect when baby boomers work among younger (read: more hip) employees.

Company 49

The Word of the Year for 2017: Simplify

UrbanBound HR

As long as this industry has existed, it has thrived off of one concept: the complexity of relocation. Policies and procedures among companies have gone from a single thread of a concept, “Provide relocation assistance as a benefit” into a tangled ball of yarn. Technology HR

How To Master Public Speaking


As we progress professionally, inevitably the opportunities to speak come up more frequently, This can be in front of a team at a meeting, at a company all hands, or an industry conference. These opportunities are exciting but can also be nerve-wracking. Cater to your audience. Amy Little starts with, “always know your audience, and start with content that will engage your listeners if you can.”

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

Strategies For Employee Engagement In A Gig Economy


EY recently announced the results of a contingent workforce study that unearths key insights into the nature of the freelance or contingent workforce (the “gig economy”). The gig economy will continue to grow; by 2020 almost one in five workers will be contingent workers. Two in five organizations expect to increase their use of contingent workers over the next five years. How you hire. Conclusion.

WorkHuman: Disconnect and Recharge


by Lynette Silva. Recognize This! Humans are designed to need to recharge. Work often is not. What does it mean to be human? significant part of being human requires shutting off. We need deep sleep for our brains to clear out all the muck , process the day and file it away in long-term memory , and reset for the next day. Humans need to recharge. 42% when they don’t get a chance to recharge).

SCOTUS Nominee ‘Excellent’ Choice for Employers

HR Daily Advisor

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court’s vacant seat may be good news for employers, according to employment law attorneys. Gorsuch is known for adhering to the letter of the law, which means he won’t be creating any new rights through judicial activism, according to John Husband , a senior partner at Holland & Hart in the judge’s hometown of Denver.

Employee Engagement Is Everyone’s Job – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

Throughout my career, I’ve heard the lines “Sales is everyone’s job.” and “Recruiting is everyone’s job.” Meaning that, while organizations have sales departments and recruiting teams, there’s an expectation that everyone is working together to make sure the organization brings the maximum amount of revenue and attracts the best talent. But, organizations need engaged employees.

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Inspiring Young Women As Future Data Scientists And Supporting The UN’s Global Goal For Gender Equality


The data science field is booming as Big Data and advanced analytics become primary players in the boardroom. Dealing with new paradigms, constant evolution, and greater complexity, the entire C-suite now realizes that gut feel, instinct, and experience are no match against volumes of data that are essential components  in solving today’s business challenges. Salary compensation is good.

The Antidote to Small Talk


Thomas Jefferson discovered the antidote to cocktail parties, small talk, and the otherwise meaningless business and professional networking formats we've been subjected to for decades. We experimented with his "novel" approach to see if we could reinfuse the true art of conversation into the world-of-work. It seems to have resonated


Something to Cry About—25% of Employees Have Left a Performance Review Crying

HR Daily Advisor

Are you still using performance reviews as a means to give feedback and track how productive and engaged your employees are? According to Lisa Bodell, of future think, it’s time to ditch the performance review and focus on daily communication between managers and direct reports. recent Adobe survey has found that 25% of employees have left a performance review in tears.

Adobe 45

9 questions employees have about ACA – and how to answer them

HR Morning

Even under the Trump administration, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still a real, enforceable law. You already know this. But do all of your employees? . Chances are, once employees start getting their ACA-mandated 1095 forms from you in the next few weeks, some of them are going to have questions — à la:  What is this? thought Trump did away with Obamacare. Form 1095 questions. 5.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]