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Get Smart About Knowledge Management

ATD Human Capital

What is your organization’s most important commodity? Knowledge. And effective knowledge management and sharing can be the key to enhancing employee performance and fostering innovation. Talent professionals have a major role in enabling access to critical knowledge and expertise in real time, wherever and whenever work gets done. But many organizations don’t know where to start.

European Study: Is Technology Taking the Human Touch out of HR?

NGA Human Resources

The findings of the independent  Digital Workplace in Europe  study, published this month by PAC*, provides a clear insight into the digital transformation plans of hundreds of HR businesses teams across Europe, with specific focus on the UK, France, Germany and Belgium.  Employees are used to self-service, around-the-clock access to information and data at home. Register your place here.

Study 31

What is the True Value of HR Technology?


In our last article, we established some of the common reasons for moving to an HR technology solution , and we finished by pointing out the need for translating the administrative savings and reduced workload into true business outcomes. This is where the true value in HR technology lies, and it’s also a foundational element of a good technology business case. Improved Results: The Gold Standard.

How Ultimate Software Cultivates the Best Workplace in Technology

Ultimate Software

I’m proud to announce that Fortune recently named Ultimate Software the #1 Best Large Workplace in Technology-for the second year in a row. This significant honor adds to an extensive list of our recent awards ( 22 earned in 2016 alone ), all stemming from one, founding principle: “People First.”. This singular belief has impacted every part of our journey. And when that happens, everybody wins.

The 4 HR Topics and Trends You Need to Act on Now

Compliance isn’t going away. If anything, it might actually become more complex at the state and local levels as the federal agenda begins to take shape. Download the “2017 Kickoff” whitepaper for an in-depth look at what to expect in the coming year.

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How to Work with a Jerk

Workforce Software

Unpleasant coworkers can be difficult and affect your performance. Here are 5 steps you can take to regain your productivity and dignity as an employee. Blog Absence Management Organizational Culture Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce Scheduling

My Must-Attend Conference of 2017 #workhuman

The People Equation

This time each year, many people peruse their industry’s conference offerings to decide which ones to attend. If you’re in the human resources, talent management, organizational development or leadership functions in your company, I suggest the WorkHuman 2017 conference. Globoforce launched the WorkHuman event in 2015 to explore what it means to be human at work. Well, it’s not.

Genetic Testing as Part of Workplace Wellness Programs

HR Daily Advisor

by Allison Higgins, an Independent Health and Productivity consultant and Mary Hiter, director of Marketing at Interleukin Genetics. Designing competitive benefit packages that help you attract and retain top talent can be daunting.  While health and well-being benefits may only represent a small portion of your overall compensation plan, they can drive a disproportionate share of your budget. 

7 Tips for Successful Meetings

ATD Human Capital

Whether you’re leading a meeting or simply sitting in, there’s plenty you can do to make sure everyone involved gets the most out their time. Putting in the extra effort to make meetings productive is more important than you might think—according to the Muse , management spends 35 to 50 percent of their total work time in meetings. Keep Your Briefings Brief. Don’t Multitask.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

Cut Through Complexity With Enterprise Mobile Apps


Most business leaders seem to understand the importance of mobile technology in their company’s future. In fact, 93% of respondents to a survey by  Enterprise Mobility Exchange say their company plans to increase investments in mobile over the next five years, and 31% believe mobile apps will be the primary interface of the future. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Everybody wins.

If Your Job Doesn’t Having You Say “TGIM,” You Need a New Job

TLNT: The Business of HR

“I will be glad when the holidays are over so that I can get back to work.”. Engagement career Featured


Starting New Hire Onboarding Off on the Right Foot in 3 Easy Steps

ClearCompany HRM

No matter how much you automate your onboarding process , it’s never a simple task. You don’t have a lot of time to get the employee feeling comfortable; In fact, most employees have decided whether or not their new workplace is the right fit within the first three weeks. Rest assured, you’re already working in right direction by having an onboarding program. Employee Onboarding

5 Tips to Help Develop Great Leaders

HR Daily Advisor

by Anita Bowness, global practice leader, Business Consulting, Halogen Software. Like a stone thrown into the water, what leaders do has a ripple effect that extends well beyond those immediately around them. Here are five tips to help ensure the ripples cast by leaders at all levels impact your organization in a positive way. 1. Pick Potential Over Performance. Provide Early Manager Development.

10 Ways HR Can Save The Day

HR rarely gets the recognition it deserves. As is the case with many heroes. Whether it be recruiting or benefits or compliance or retention (etc. etc.), HR is saving the business world, one task at a time. Discover the ten ways HR is a hero and exactly what that means for you and your business.

The Importance of Project Governance


Written by: Brian Kimball. Projects – when ungoverned – become unmanageable pretty quickly. This is exacerbated when project teams are comprised of people who have other responsibilities that actually comprise their regular roles within the organization. Very few companies have the luxury of dedicating full time resources to HCM implementations, and many of the people playing critical roles on the project team have been seconded and asked to help out on the project while still doing their regular job. This does not mean they should not be on the team. Design decisions will be documented.

Why Empathy Is Key To 21st-Century Business And Why You Should Care


The top three currencies for the 21st century are trust, relationships, and community. You may have been conditioned to believe they are efficiency, productivity, and constant growth because those are the metrics most organizations focus on. This is because, in essence, we are not taught about how to connect to our deeper feelings in business. But why, and at what cost? The myth of best practices.

The 6 Sins Of Bad Managers

TLNT: The Business of HR

In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way. Culture HR Insights HR Management Leadership Featured


Sowing plutonium from diet scrapple — just twice a year — can be an ADA essential function.

The Employer Handbook

When it comes to working for me as a blog minion, I don’t have many rules. Actually, I do have many rules. My blog minion job description is longer than a double roll of Charmin. Indeed, using a micro-tipped rollerball pen, my job description is caligrophied on two-ply and wrapped in a toilet paper roll. That’s just for giggles, but not for you-know-what. Where am I going with this?

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Join Jesse Novak as he covers what building a Learning Experience is all about, how this should tie into your company culture and why building a foundation around fun, value and recognition is important to engagement. We’ll also discuss how this ties into Gamification and Badging programs to build a brand beyond your organization.

2017 Trends for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

HR Daily Advisor

by Hailey Canon, regional vice president, finance and accounting, Addison Group. Now that 2017 has arrived, hiring managers and recruiters should be gearing up for the new hiring season. To get ahead of the pack this year, it is essential to stay on top of emerging trends in the industry. And boy is it shifting! More Interactive Interviews. New Skill Sets. Applying These Trends.

What to watch, read, listen and do for mindfulness


All too often, we zip through our days worrying about what happened yesterday or what’s in store tomorrow. Or we go on mental autopilot. What if you slowed down and lived in the moment? That’s mindfulness — the simple practice of training your attention to focus on the present and observe thoughts without judging them. Shifting your perspective is a powerful tool. LISTEN.

How To Engage The Digital Workforce With Success


While there is little doubt that business processes are changing, it’s not the business that’s influencing the shift in operations. It’s prospective and existing customers who are empowered by regular access to information and interactions. Businesses are missing out on the transformational advantages of HR. Claire Schooley believes that this is an incredibly short-sighted strategy.

How One Call Center Reduced Turnover to Zero

TLNT: The Business of HR

Recognize This! Understanding the importance of the work and the people doing it make work matter and make work more human. Employee Recognition Engagement Environment Turnover Featured

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

Is your company ready to move beyond the annual performance review? Where do you start? What are the keys to success? In this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of: the forces driving change, three foundations of success and take a deep dive into the skills gap many managers have that will sink your efforts before they start and how to address them.

The Empire Just Bought Luke Skywalker (Also Known as ADP Buying the Marcus Buckingham Company).

The HR Capitalist

The Empire in the Star Wars series had it wrong. You don't need to fight the rebels. You just need to pull out the checkbook and buy the rebel who is most representative of the cause. In Star Wars, that was Luke Skywalker. But I digress. Luke Skywalker just cashed out in the world of HR - to the Empire. Translation - Marcus Buckingham just sold his company to ADP. That's a lot of words. Buzzwords.

ADP 31

Weighing Paid Parental Leave? Consider These Points First

HR Daily Advisor

by Sushma Tripathi, vice president, Workforce Planning and Benefits Consulting at ADP. While the United States is still one of few developed nations that do not offer paid parental leave, Americans overwhelmingly support these policies. recent poll shows that 82% of voters say it’s important to explore legislation that allows paid time off for medical and family reasons. Workforce.

ADP 35

A Horse Of A Different Color

Compensation Cafe

Within Human Resources it often seems that those in charge possess a strong compulsion to follow the lead of some other organization, what with the chase after so-called "best practices," an all-consuming need to know what the "survey says," and an inherent fear of doing something different from perceived universal norms.  They don't like to stick their head out. For doing the accepted thing. 

The Next Generation Of Leaders


Two years ago, I posted an article about why the recruitment of great leaders is important for all organizations. After listening to an interview with Niki Lauda (one of the best Formula 1 drivers, a three-time world champion, and survivor of some of the worst fiery clashes ever seen in F1) at November’s SAP Success Connect 2016 in Vienna, I was inspired to write again.

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

Employees at the front lines often have better ideas for innovation than others within the business, but when they walk out the door, they take those ideas with them. Want to innovate better and faster than the competition? You need to hold onto your best employees and the ideas they have. In this session we will explore how various pieces of the talent life cycle are related to retention and examine more than 20 strategies and ideas for improving retention outcomes for your business.