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How To Take Employee Appreciation To The Next Level At Your Company


Building a vibrant workplace requires a foundation of trust, respect, and honest communication. It also requires employee appreciation. Over 200,000 global employees were studied by the Boston Consulting Group , and the top reason they reported enjoying their work was, “feeling appreciated”. Financial compensation didn’t appear until number 8! How do your employees like to be appreciated? Ask them.

Core HR, Payroll, & Benefits: Simple but not Easy


It seems simple enough. You get hired for a job. You tell your employer who you are, where you live and sign up for various programs and benefits. Every two weeks your pay shows up in your bank account, and if you need to go the doctor, your insurance works the way you expect. Sign up, work, get paid. Want to provide a positive employee experience? Get the fundamentals right – every time.

Cost Per Hire: How to Calculate It the Right Way

ClearCompany HRM

Almost constantly, talent acquisition departments are pressured to reduce their cost per hire. Finding the right balance in your company’s cost per hire can be tricky. You’re trying to please everyone from your CFO to senior executives all while providing quality talent to the hiring managers who are desperate to fill an open position. Quality of Hire

[Infographic] Productivity And Motivation Tips From Experts

Get Hppy

They say a happy workforce is an effective workforce, and if you treat your employees correctly and look after them, they will perform well and take care of you in return. But is this actually true? Research shows that employees that are happy in their roles, and are happy at work , perform better than employees that demonstrate a lack of satisfaction within their role. So how can this be done?

Employer Branding Ebook

With tips and real examples from companies that have mastered their employer brand, this Ebook is a must-have for talent execs. As a bonus, we’ve added a free audit at the end to help you score your employer branding activities. Download the Ebook now.

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The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. In the past, companies usually measured employee engagement by analysing turnover rates. Unfortunately, that strategy relies on 20/20 hindsight instead of identifying practical ways to reduce turnover proactively. Keep it simple. Analytics Performanc

4 ways managers screw up progressive discipline

HR Morning

Most companies have established a system of progressive discipline for dealing with employees with performance or behavior problems. Too often, though, unthinking managers derail the process. The tough truth is that any policy’s only as good as the people who have to enforce it on a day-to-day basis. Four pitfalls that trip up many supervisors as they try to correct employee problems: 1.

How To Strengthen Your Network: Executives Weigh In


In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day , we kicked off an online community series, where experienced Everwise Mentors address a collection of questions submitted by the community on a designated topic. Lauren Fogel , VP, Production & Digital Studio, STEM, Pearson. Felicia Guity , Channel Officer Worldwide Public Sector – Education, Microsoft. Lauren Fogel.

5 Ways To Make Performance Management Human Again


It takes a new approach to manage – or more accurately, to engage – a new workforce. It’s a workforce that comprises no less than five generations and reflects a culture in which a sense of shared values and engagement are key drivers of performance. This is also a workplace transformed by digitization, in which we have profoundly powerful tools and people are in a state of constant connection.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

The CEO Question HR Fears Most


The long list of pressures HR leaders are under is well documented. It's as if every organizational ailment somehow finds it's way to the human resources department to either get fixed or take the blame. There is a new issue lurking however, that most HR leaders, particularly those in the healthcare industry, are ill-prepared to address. The Context Let me set the stage. CHRO: "Um.well.we, uh."

Why HR Can’t Lead Cultural Change

TLNT: The Business of HR

Edgar Schein and the subject of organizational culture are forever linked due to his pioneering efforts in the field. His hallmark book, Organizational Culture and Leadership , has been a resource for more than 30 years. Ed shared insights from its recently released fifth edition during an interview at the Human Synergistics Ultimate Culture Conference last fall.

Women Manipulate Maternity Leave with HR’s Help

Laurie Ruettimann

Did you read the reporting that the US Supreme Court Nominee, Neil Gorsuch, allegedly said that women manipulate companies to extract maternity benefits? Yeah, those sneaky broads start an interview with the intention of pulling a fast one on business owners by having kids! He also allegedly believes it’s okay for employers to ask women if they plan on having kids while making no mention of asking men if they plan on starting a family. So, first things first. If by manipulate you mean maximize benefits , the answer is yes. Recruiters and HR professionals help in the process, too.

Five for Friday: Remote teams


Due to progress in technology, many of us no longer have to go to work to actually get work done. Some companies have even committed to being 100% remote. This saves time and costs, but it also presents challenges around company culture, employee engagement, and communication. What's the best way to manage this new landscape of work? These five articles shed some light on the matter.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Join Jesse Novak as he covers what building a Learning Experience is all about, how this should tie into your company culture and why building a foundation around fun, value and recognition is important to engagement. We’ll also discuss how this ties into Gamification and Badging programs to build a brand beyond your organization.

Trust is the Oxygen of The Employee Experience - DecisionWise


Trust is the Oxygen of The Employee Experience and stepping up in moments of truth helps make organizations sustainable and resilient. When something happens that tests the validity of the promises that make up the Contract, that’s a moment of truth (MOT). Read the bestselling book, The Employee Experience. The result of a collision between expectations and MOTs is like what happens when physicists at the Large Hadron Collider bring elementary particles together at near-light velocities: unpredictable energies and particles hurtling off on random vectors. Moments of Truth. Trust isn’t static.

‘Breathtakingly Radical’: DOL Nominee Questions Legality of Any Overtime Salary Threshold

HR Daily Advisor

Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor has questioned whether the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has the authority to set any salary threshold for overtime pay—not just the pending increase that effectively brings the threshold to $47,476. Alexander Acosta volunteered that concern twice during his March 22 confirmation hearing, despite no questioning from lawmakers to that effect. Background.

Performance Consulting Tips: Putting the Pause Button on Training Requests

ATD Human Capital

How many times do you receive a request from a manager similar to the following: “We are experiencing an increase in preventable accidents and incidents. Safety is a primary goal for our manufacturing facilities. I’d like you to run a refresher course on safety for operators and supervisors.” ” “I have two teams that are in continual conflict. What do you suggest?”

How to Help Employees Develop Career Paths


How to Help Employees Develop Career Paths. Employees want to understand what is required of them to change roles or advance in their careers but the necessary processes may not be in place. By understanding how to help employees develop career paths, you will soon be able to provide employees with a clear road map to career development and growth. are actively seeking or watching for new openings.

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

Navigating the ever-changing world of eLearning can be a challenge, but many people are finding a way to manage it, as well as a clear path forward. With Learning Insights, you can develop an even clearer sense of purpose, taking your vision to reality.

The Office Manager’s Guide to Asking for a Raise and Boosting Your Salary


The Office Manager’s Guide to Asking for a Raise and Boosting Your Salary. 5 Rockstar Office Managers Reveal How to Land a Promotion, Earn More Respect, And Get Paid More Today. “I I feel undervalued and unappreciated.”. This is a phrase we’ve heard over and over again after speaking with hundreds of Office Managers, Admins and Assistants over the last several years since launching SnackNation.

4 Foundations of a Great Performance Review Strategy


Performance reviews fail to address their goal of growing a workforce’s performance. As we move away from Industrial Revolution-era ways into a new wave of work, many are realizing that the old tools don’t cut it any longer. Employees are not resources, they are people. Click To Tweet. The old processes — lengthy, anxiety-provoking , developmentally weak, and siloed — misalign with innate human motivation. Knowing what doesn’t work is helpful for understanding what not to do. What is the best strategy for performance reviews, then? The employee. Evaluate the Whole Employee. Zak writes.

How Employee Happiness Increases Client Retention

HR Daily Advisor

by David Dourgarian, CEO of TempWorks Software. Organizations are always looking for ways to retain their client base; after all, they are one of the main drivers of profit and business growth. While many businesses hold tight to traditional customer relations practices, many overlook the secret weapon right under their own roof – their current employees. Engaged Employees Lead to Brand Loyalty.

How To Have Employees That Never Leave

Get Hppy

It starts with the recruitment process. Hire the right person and they are more likely to stay; hire the wrong one and they will likely leave at some point. These key recruitment actions will help target the right person for your organization. Use your strategic game plan and values as context for who you hire. Be honest in describing the employment opportunity you have. Career development plans.

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Join Jesse Novak, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, in exploring thoughts on Learning Cultures inside organizations and how these are impacted by the learning experience. We'll talk about how learning can be made fun, and learners can be kept engaged for longer through the use of achievement, self-motivation and tools which are usable, simple, and reach the learner where they are.

Why Should You Really Care About Technology?

Jeff Waldman

In the world of HR and Recruiting, technology is a mandatory component of its value proposition. HR/Recruitment technology represents one of the fastest growing segments tech globally. Personally, I’m not surprised because the users of tech are people, and people make up organizations. While growth has been off-the-charts we need to remind ourselves why technology matters. my Key Take-Away.

To remember Dave MacKay: Inspire one, they’ll inspire a movement


By: Zain Jaffery, Application Support Manager, Ceridian. It was September 12 th and I was walking on the streets of Toronto with a few colleagues *queue rap music*. We were all smiling, sharing stories about our families and learning about each other, what makes each other tick and laugh and well, be human. Seeing all members sign up with such passion and commitment really opened my eyes.

The Disappointing News About Employee Engagement

TLNT: The Business of HR

Last month I wrote about the new Gallup report, State of the American Workplace , and discussed some of its broader findings. This week, I’m digging in a little more specifically. Culture Engagement HR Insights HR News Productivity Retention & Engagement Strategic HR Featured

Why Employee Coaching May Be Your Best Strategy

HR Daily Advisor

by Greg Harris, President and CEO of Quantum Workplace. Laurel McDermott, HR business partner at Frontline Education , believes employee coaching isn’t something her team should do every now and then. Instead, her company’s continual coaching approach takes employee learning to a whole new level. “At At Frontline Education, the process of coaching employees is woven into our core values.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

Wanted: A better way to develop front-line managers! It’s well documented that people leave managers – not companies. Download this guide to gain key insights into why so many programs fall short and learn 4 key principles for designing an effective solution.