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Keeping Millennial Workers: How to Improve Employee Retention

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Millennials: the dominant generation in the U.S. workforce, according to various labor reports, may have a slightly tainted reputation for not staying at any one particular job for a very long period.

6 Ways to Enable Psychological Safety in your Workplace


My best friend, Quinn, made a huge mistake. Quinn works in medical sales. On an average day, he alertly views and assists spinal surgeries — awaiting the moment when the surgeon turns to him and asks for a critical surgical tool needed for the procedure. In a situation like his, there is zero room for error. Another person’s life depends on everything going according to plan. It’s a job of high stress and high stakes.


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5 Articles That Reveal The Real Value Of Employee Engagement


If there’s one thing that’s certain in the world of Human Resources, it’s that employee engagement matters. If there’s a second thing that’s certain, it’s that HR knowing this has done almost nothing to improve employee engagement.

Telehealth: An Innovative Health Care Strategy for HR and Employers

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It’s no secret that telemedicine delivers faster, more accessible, and more affordable medical care for patients across the world. However, when integrating a new telehealth program into your business, there are some details that employers should not overlook. Let’s start with state regulations.

Guide to Lean Hiring

It's undeniable: over the years, hiring processes have become more complex. In many ways, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the work that most of us do has become more sophisticated But does complexity really lead to better, faster hires? Of course not. In fact, many smart organizations have started a trend, a return to simplicity, that allows them to compete for talent more efficiently. This trend is called lean hiring. Download the Guide to Lean Hiring and develop a systematic approach to recruiting that increases productivity while eliminating waste.

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These 13 Skills Will Make You an Insanely Effective Executive Assistant


These 13 Skills Will Make You an Insanely Effective Executive Assistant. Gatekeeper. Guardian. Goal tender. Traffic cop. As an Executive Assistant, I’d bet you’ve been called one of the above labels before. It must be frustrating.

The 3 Lenses of Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning - DecisionWise


How To Decide on the Best Plan of Action Based on Your Employee Survey Results. Action planning is always a good idea. But that doesn’t mean that every action plan is a good one.

For Best Workplace Results, Manage for Engagement

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We know that managers need to make sure that employees are meeting their numbers or deadlines and keep track of their team’s performance. But if managers spent more time engaging their employees, they’d get much better results.

Why More Vacation Time Will Make Your Employees (and Your Company) Healthier


If you ask a job candidate about his or her biggest flaw, chances are good they’ll say that they tend to work too hard. This isn’t just a convenient way to elude a difficult question; it’s probably the absolute truth.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

Stop Hiring for Cultural Fit and Start Hiring For Cultural Fitness

TLNT: The Business of HR

Culture is the glue that brings a team or organization together. But if the glue is too sticky it can make them stuck instead of making them stay together. Cultural fit can become a limitation rather than a strength.

Millennial Managers: Is Your Workforce Ready?


You’re probably thinking, “Here we go again with another millennial article,” but we are not here to discuss the negative and frequently criticized reputation of this demographic. The time has finally come for millennials to denounce their stereotype as they begin to shake up the status quo in the workplace and embrace their place as the next corporate leaders. As first millennials have begun taking leadership positions, the amount of millennial managers will continue to increase at a rapid pace.

update: why should employers care about my long commute?

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Remember the letter-writer in 2015 who asked why employers seemed concerned about his two-hour commute ? Here’s the update. I’m the letter-writer from “Why should employers care about my long commute?” which was posted a little over two years ago now. The good news is that about six months after you posted my letter I was able to find a job in the field I wanted to go into.

Defeat of ACA Repeal: The Aftermath for Employers

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The apparent demise of a full-scale Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal may be followed by more incremental efforts to tweak ACA requirements. For now, however, the lack of dramatic changes means that some employers may need to refocus on the reporting and other requirements of the law.

Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

Emotions in the Workplace


The emergence of the millennial generation in the contemporary workforce has led to a greater need for companies to emphasize an employee-centric workplace.


Employer Branding to Attract Talent


You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article. Employer Branding to Attract Talent. August 21, 2017. Branding for customers is common sense, but branding for applicants? That’s a different story.

HR and the Integration and Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Human Resources (HR) teams are always looking for ways to creatively optimize in order to better serve the employees and add value to the company as a whole. One of the most recent innovations for HR has emerged out of the tech sector, namely, the integration and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). What do HR […]. The post HR and the Integration and Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) appeared first on HR West℠. Culture HR BLOG HR Tech

WOW, some very expensive FMLA mistakes you don’t want to make.

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Employees out on FMLA can be a challenge. Jeff Nowak, friend and attorney, is a specialist in dealing with the Family and Medical Leave Act. I have referenced him a number of times and today I am referring you to a specific blog post of his. Reduce or eliminate ambiguity.

Newton’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting

In recruiting, mobile’s no longer a trend. It’s the reality. Currently, 9 in 10 job seekers use their smartphones to find new employment opportunities. Lacking a mobile recruiting strategy? Download our guide to mobile recruiting for practical tips on attracting mobile job seekers and driving them to apply.

What is Participant-Driven Learning, and How is it Changing the Training Landscape?

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“Participant-led/participant-driven learning is having the ability to take control of what, and how, you learn,” says Chris Douglas, Vice President of training for Fierce, Inc. , a leadership development and training company.

Being Human at Work


When our oldest child entered middle school, we found it necessary to meet with his principal. At that time of course, school was his full-time job — and there were developing signs that it was the wrong job. As parents, we felt the need to discuss a strategy to address the job-person fit.

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Do We Need a Pay Structure?

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Once an organization reaches a certain employee population it's been typical practice for the Human Resources department to replace their ad hoc compensation/reward processes with a more structured program.


The 7 Stages of the Employee Lifecycle and Why They Matter


The employee lifecycle has 7 distinct stages, each of which provides the opportunity to collect feedback, gain insight and improve performance


5 Key Aspects of Accurate Human Resource Management Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Human resource Management Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best HR software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

The Boss’s Husband Is a Jerk. Can Getting Along with Him Be Required?

Evil HR Lady

I work for a woman-owned trucking company. Boss Lady has a husband that is always present, but he is not officially on any paperwork as he collects disability. This husband has verbally assaulted a particular driver on two occasions in the past week. As in yelling and chasing after the driver as the driver tried to get away from him. Now the driver has been told that he will only continue to be employed there if he is nice to the husband. My question is basically if this is legal?

Amid Continuing Cost Increases, More Employers Look at Healthcare Delivery

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As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are increasingly examining how their employees are getting their health care, rather than simply trying to shift costs to them, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).

Managing the Emotions of Change


Months ago I had the opportunity to present at DisruptHR on managing the emotions of change. You get 20 slides and 5 minutes to do it! Remember the magic words- coax, encourage and inspire! To learn how I can help you go to

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Customer Service Improves Using DISC Assessments

Extended DISC

DISC can be an effective tool to enhance customer service. Imagine how much more engaged and responsive your customers would be if you communicated in a DISC style that was comfortable and natural for them? DISC assessments can provide an added layer of information to use in customer analysis.

The Goldilocks ATS Story

When your business is growing, choosing the right recruiting technology can be a challenge. How do we cut through the noise? We turn to fairy tales. Seriously. We use the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to break down the applicant tracking system market.