Time-to-Fill, Highest Since 2001?

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With tools such as career portals, mobile job applications, social media, applicant tracking systems, job boards and more data and analytics at our fingertips than ever before (may be cliché, but it’s certainly true), it would make sense to assume that time-to-fill rates are steadily improving year over year—and certainly over the past 10-15 years, right? national average of 25 working days (Monday-Saturday)— the lengthiest it has been since 2001. .

Special Report from CareerBuilder—Changes in Workforce Composition, 2001–2014

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Major demographic shifts in the United States since 2001 have led to a workforce that looks quite different today, according to a new report from CareerBuilder. In 2014, 49% of jobs were held by women, compared to 48% in 2001. million more female workers since 2001 compared to just 2.2 Since 2001, women lost ground in 48 out of the 50 highest paying jobs, including surgeons, chief executives, and software developers.


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Employers’ Cost to Provide Employee Benefits Has Risen 24% Since 2001, New Analysis Finds

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employers’ cost to provide employee benefits, measured as a percentage of pay, increased 24% between 2001 and 2015, fueled largely by a doubling in healthcare benefit costs, according to a new analysis by Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company. of pay in 2001 to 18.3% Indeed, in 2001, healthcare costs for active employees comprised about two-fifths (42%) of benefits, while retirement benefits made up the remaining three-fifths (58%).

Is Netflix's 2001 Culture Deck Still Relevant Today To Shape Company Culture?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

In 2001, McCord, along with Netflix CEO Reed Hasting, published the Netflix Culture Deck which at the time created some reaction in the HR and tech world. I became curious about this deck. Is it still relevant fourteen years later? What can we learn from it? Where is HR going next

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National Employment at a Glance: Optimism Continues


While the overall number of jobs created last month (212,000) was softer than expected, February marks the 13th consecutive month of more than 200,000 jobs generated—bringing the country’s total employment to its largest size since 2001. Last week, our ADP Research Institute team released the latest ADP National Employment Report, ADP Small Business Report and ADP National Franchise Report.

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Best Practices for Accepting Paper Resumes at Career Fairs


Spotting students holding paper resumes at a career fair is hardly uncommon, but future-focused talent acquisition professionals know that these days may be numbered. In fact, the demise of the paper resume was predicted as far back as 2001 , and several technologies have emerged since then to alleviate common campus recruiting headaches. . But any recruiter who spends time at career fairs knows that we’re hardly paperless yet.

4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Predictions For 2021

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Making discussions of mental health a standard practice and de-stigmatizing mental health issues are at the top of the list along with prioritizing self-care and workplace wellness. One of those is Jamie Coakley, vice-president of people at IT support firm Electric who believes, “Remote work has become the norm for many, and employees will value the flexibility in creating their own autonomous working style to do their role.”

Agile Frameworks for Small and Large Research Teams


Almost 20 years have passed since the original Agile Manifesto was drafted at the now legendary meeting in Snowbird, Utah in early 2001. Today, as organizations seek to rapidly innovate, test new ideas , and uncover insights straight from the consumer, agile methodologies are more relevant than ever before. Market Research

Kraft Heinz Chief Learning Officer at the i4cp 2020 Conference (i4cp login required)


In addition to her role at Kraft Heinz, Bassey is a TedX speaker, an entrepreneur, educator, comedian, and most recently author of her book, My 52 Weeks of Worship: Lessons from a Global, Spiritual, Interfaith Journey. Her various accolades and achievements include being chosen as Today's Chicago Woman's "Woman to Watch" in 2001, and as one of the "Top 40 Nigerians under 40 in the USA" in 2005.


David Clarke: Driving Technology Development at Workday


If you’re in a technology strategy meeting with David Clarke, senior vice president of technology development at Workday, you may also get a brief lesson in history. One can see where this past/future duality plays into his contributions and leadership at Workday. At a recent meeting, he nicely described how the focus has moved in the last few years from process to data, and discussed the coming excitement around training machines with large datasets.

If at first you don’t succeed, sue, sue, and sue again.

The Employer Handbook

The record is also not clear whether Human Resources rejected plaintiff’s efforts to obtain employment as a substitute teacher based on the 2001 no-rehire policy or based more generally on plaintiff’s prior job performance and an updated, independent assessment of that performance. The school will get a second bite at the apple after discovery. Par Idibri — Flickr – [link] , CC BY 2.0 , Lien.

Who Are the 5 Generations At Work? #fivegenwork


A few weeks ago I was at dinner with a group of professionals who I had just spent the day with talking about the changing workplace and strategies for engagement for employees and candidates, when someone mentioned that they wished I would have addressed how the older folk can work with Millennials. Five Generations at Work. Born between 2001 to present) It’s hard to think of my 4 year old daughter in the workforce but this future candidate pool are digital natives times 1,000.

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Actionable insights to the right people at the right time

Littal Shemer

Actionable insights to the right people at the right time . I have the honor to host my colleague from Amsterdam, that definitely fits this definition: Hendrik Feddersen , an expert in HR business processes and analytics, who offers “actionable insights to the right people at the right time”, in a European public sector organization. HF: At my workplace, I have privileged access an enormous amount of confidential HR data. At EMA data protection is a strength.

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How HR can earn that elusive seat at the C-suite table

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As a result, it deserves a seat at the executive table. That’s why the recruiting experts at Peak Sales Recruiting have stepped up and put together a list of ways HR leaders can get themselves invited to that table. Ironically, the very department responsible for hiring these game-changing executives rarely gets a seat at the C-Suite table. With unemployment levels falling to 4.1%, HR leaders are experiencing the most significant talent shortage since 2001.

Study: Early Workplace Intervention Could Be Key to Diabetes Prevention


The Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm recently published results of a study that examined diabetes rates of about 4.5 million Swedish adults who were employed between 2001 and 2013. A new study reveals that certain occupations have up to a three-times-higher risk of developing diabetes.

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Permanent Vacation: ‘Use It or Lose It’ Policies and Payout of Vacation at Termination

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So, in states where vacation is considered an alternative form of wages, this time cannot be forfeited, whether from one year to the next or at the employee’s discharge. As long as the employer’s policy clearly sets forth that, for example, earned but unused vacation will not be paid out at termination or will not roll over from year to year, then the employer’s policy will take control. After all, you can’t very well pay out “unlimited” vacation at termination.

Here's A Look at Eye Care Coverage Around the World

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billion people globally were myopic in 2001.) Our children are at particular risk of developing myopia. I'll let you go see the light on your own; I need to go find my reading glasses and come to terms with middle age. ** Myopia, or shortsightedness, means not being able to see things at a distance very clearly. Do you need glasses, but you don't have eye care coverage?

What If Your Gen Z Coworker Doesn't Remember 9/11?

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This year's high school graduates, meanwhile, were born in 2001. They, of course, have no memory of 9/11 at all. Maybe you're feeling a bit down today at work as you remember 9/11 and everything that happened that day. Not at all. Which is to say employees remember 9/11 either very strongly (Baby Boomers/Generation X), strongly to somewhat strongly (Millennials), or not really at all (Generation Z). On 9/11, I always wonder whether or not to write anything.

“Challenging a team the right way gets them to perform at their best.” With Len Giancola & Mladen Barbaric

Thrive Global

I feel that challenging a team the right way gets them to perform at their best. Barbaric now serves as founder and CEO at Airgraft, leading company strategy, brand and product direction. Having graduated from College for Creative Studies as an industrial designer in 2001, Barbaric started his career designing cars at Ford, then proceeded to work with a number of automotive brands, carving his view on the interplay between brand and product.

employee pronounces everything as a question, I goofed off at work and now I’m paranoid, and more

Ask a Manager

I’m not sure if my own annoyance at this tic is clouding my judgement. Putting a verbal question mark at the end of sentences can make you come across as unsure about what you’re saying, especially when you’re talking to clients. I web surfed at work for a day and now I’m paranoid. Later that week, we had a team work session and at one point my boss’ boss patted me on the back and said, “See, you CAN be productive!” It’s five answers to five questions.

Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 4

HR Examiner

Today, in part three of our series we’ll look at the types of assessment, trends and observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers. In part three we looked at the types of assessments, trends and observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers. Recruiting (ATS).

Oh, What A Year!

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I kept reading stories of people stifled by the stay-at-home orders. In fact, I felt myself relax a bit and settle in with my family at home. The first six months of 2001 started out with such hope and enthusiasm.

Stats on Gender Pay Equality – Encouraging or Not?

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The median earnings of all male workers from 2001 to 2017 increased by 1.9 Compensation Featured Gender Discrimination at workplace gender pay discriminationIt’s been 56 years since the US government passed the Equal Pay Act, but stats on gender pay equality reveal that though conditions have improved, we still have a long way to go to before the gender pay gap totally vanishes.

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Knowledge-at-work: Making connections!


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Reflecting on corporate memory | Main | Taxonomy & KM » December 21, 2006 Making connections! I met Nancy White way back in 1998, Louis Suarez in 2006 and Patrick Hindert in 2001, all virtually before we connected f2f.

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INTERVIEW: Dave Ulrich on How To Win the War for Talent

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The term “war for talent” was first used in 2001 in a Harvard Business Press book by the same name. Dr. Ulrich is the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. But isn’t that just another ‘seat at the table’ reference? It refers to a competitive landscape in recruiting and retention.

KM professorship at Kent State

Knowledge Musings

The School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University is pleased to announce the creation of the distinguished Goodyear Professorship in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management. The Master's Program in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management is a unique, innovative program inaugurated in Fall 2001.

2017 HR Prediction: Layoffs

Laurie Ruettimann

It’s December 2001 and America has only just begun its war in Afghanistan. I’m working in a human resources department at an insurance company. I have AOL dial-up at home. That’s when it all started for me, December 2001. I’m the HR leader for “capital development,” which is shorthand for mergers and acquisitions. I’m responsible for providing HR support to companies who are acquired by my organization.

Employees leaving jobs at the highest rate in nine years — here’s why

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That’s the second highest reading since the agency started to chart those numbers in 2001. Are you starting to worry about an increase in employees leaving your organization for greener pastures? A report just released by the DOL might heighten your concern. . The number of American workers voluntarily quitting their jobs hit a nine-year high in December, according to the DOL’s monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS).

How Crowdsourcing Eliminates Risk in Innovation

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At a time when many of us—myself included—still walked to the library to check our email once a week, Jack Hughes saw what the Internet was truly bringing to the world: connectivity like never before. He founded topcoder , a platform for computer programming and design contests, pioneering " crowdsourcing "—tapping a community of people for ideas or resources—all the way back in 2001.

HR Spotify: Fast and Furious Soundtrack Songs, Ranked.

The HR Capitalist

But at the end of that post, I let my readers know that if anyone could give me a Ja Rule song (one of the organizers of the Fyre Festival that went so wrong), I'd give them the proper recognition in this space and at Fistful of Talent. Check your kid's or nephew's playlist before you wag the finger at me. Use at your own risk. Lil Mo & Vita "Put It On Me" (Remix) The Fast & The Furious (2001) - I had to put Ja Rule in, so here we are.

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Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses June 21 and July 5, 2020

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On June 21 st there is an annular Solar eclipse at 00 degrees Cancer as well as the summer Solstice. The last time a Solar eclipse corresponded with the summer Solstice was in June 2001. Lest you panic, let me say this current eclipse is not as potent as that of 2001. In 2001 the US. The second eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse on July4-5 th and is at 14 degrees Capricorn.

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How Arkadium, A Forbes Small Giant, Survived A Russian Invasion And Rose To New Heights

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Jessica Rovello and Kenny Rosenblatt met when they were working together at a tech company. By 2001 they were dating, and it went so well they decided to start a company together, to develop online games

Why 2020 Is The ‘Year Of HR’: A Conversation With Josh Bersin


What are you seeing the best companies do in order to create at least some security, some sense of sanity within their own companies? You can go home at night and watch TV and get mad, but you can also make your life better. He founded Bersin & Associates in 2001 to provide research and advisory services focused on corporate learning, HR, talent management & acquisition, and leadership.

The hidden cost of power differential in the workplace

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It indicates a situation in which at least one of the main stakeholders either withholds or purposely distorts critical information in order to avoid facing negative repercussions. “ “ The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ”.

When Businesses Think “Thrive” Versus “Survive” in the Midst of Crisis


According to a CNBC report , more than 30% of small businesses are at risk of closing if the status quo persists for more than two months. lost two-thirds of its employees in the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center. Out of 960 employees in New York, 658 were killed — no employee in Cantor’s offices at the time survived. In today’s environment, many organizations are simply focused on survival: “How do we keep our doors open for the next six months?”

EX = CX: Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

Ultimate Software

Gordon Bethune, former CEO of Continental Airlines, gave this iconic quote to The New York Times in 2001 after spearheading a company renaissance. Leading industry earners, such as Salesforce and Boston Consulting Group, consistently rank at the top of these lists along with leading market shares. At Ultimate Software, we have even taken a simple step to more directly link EX and CX by bringing developers into the customer feedback process.

Meet 5 HR Pros Who Became CEOs

Cornerstone On Demand

The answer is yes, according to a recent study by Dave Ulrich, a professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, and Ellie Filler, a senior client partner at executive recruiting firm Korn Ferry. Ulrich and Filler found that at top companies, CHROs are not only among the top three highest paid professions, just behind CEOs and COOs, but also they exhibit leadership qualities that significantly overlap with their CEOs.

Knowledge-at-work: 5 most important KM issues


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Social knowledge | Main | Thinking of annotation » November 17, 2005 5 most important KM issues What are the 5 most critical issues facing Knowledge Leaders today? Read More] Tracked on November 18, 2005 at 05:56 PM Comments Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment Posted by: | This is only a preview.

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., Names Patrick M. Nooren, Ph.D. as President

Biddle Consulting

Patrick began at Biddle & Associates as an entry-level Analyst 24 years ago, developing AAPs by hand and supporting Dick Biddle in his litigation work. He was promoted to Manager of the EEO/AA Division in 1999 and became Executive Vice President/Partner in 2001 when he and Dan Biddle founded Biddle Consulting Group. FOLSOM, CA – June 15, 2020 –Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., Names Patrick M. Nooren, Ph.D. as President. Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

Employment and Leave Laws in the Bahamas

Global People Strategist

The labor force participation rate for both men and women is quite high, and the government has designed comprehensive legislation to maintain favorable work conditions at all times.