Time-to-Fill, Highest Since 2001?

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With tools such as career portals, mobile job applications, social media, applicant tracking systems, job boards and more data and analytics at our fingertips than ever before (may be cliché, but it’s certainly true), it would make sense to assume that time-to-fill rates are steadily improving year over year—and certainly over the past 10-15 years, right? national average of 25 working days (Monday-Saturday)— the lengthiest it has been since 2001. .

Employers’ Cost to Provide Employee Benefits Has Risen 24% Since 2001, New Analysis Finds

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employers’ cost to provide employee benefits, measured as a percentage of pay, increased 24% between 2001 and 2015, fueled largely by a doubling in healthcare benefit costs, according to a new analysis by Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company. of pay in 2001 to 18.3% Indeed, in 2001, healthcare costs for active employees comprised about two-fifths (42%) of benefits, while retirement benefits made up the remaining three-fifths (58%).


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The 5 Dimensions of Employee Well-being

Great Place to Work

By creating a climate of mental support, purpose, financial health, and meaningful connections, business leaders can provide a foundation for positive well-being that allows employees to flourish. A sense of purpose comes from experiencing three things at work: Fulfillment.

How to Boost Your Well-Being Like an Optimist, Even if You’re Not One

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At a time of crisis like this, happiness is particularly elusive and attempts to find it may lead to the opposite — hopelessness and frustration,” Inna Khazan, Ph.D , a health and performance psychologist and lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, tells Thrive.

9 Ways Leaders and Managers Can Support Employee Well-Being


That stress, in turn, impacts productivity and well-being, as well as the ability of people and organizations to achieve success. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Read on for a recap, plus nine ideas to promote well-being at work.

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Steve Boese: Coronavirus and the challenge to HR everywhere


Well, that is obviously not what has transpired in the last month. If anything, the disruptions to life, work and people from the continuing coronavirus pandemic are much, much more profound than certainly I, and I imagine many of you as well, could have imagined. 11, 2001.

Meighan Newhouse On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

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As a graduate student studying instructional design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, I worked at the school’s Office for Student Conflict Resolution where I served as a grad assistant and trained mediator, facilitating mediations and training up other staff.

Leading Vendors Announce Quizzify Partnerships to Satisfy Forthcoming Wellness Incentive Rules


The ruling upends the wellness industry by proscribing “voluntary” incentives for screenings and health risk assessments as of January 2019. They are among the minority in this field, in that they all adhere to the Employee Health and Wellness Program Code of Conduct , a threshold that few vendors can meet,” says Quizzify CEO Al Lewis. “In The vendors are Sterling Wellness, It Starts with Me Health, Sustainable Health Index, and Switchbridge.

4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Predictions For 2021

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Making discussions of mental health a standard practice and de-stigmatizing mental health issues are at the top of the list along with prioritizing self-care and workplace wellness. One of those is Jamie Coakley, vice-president of people at IT support firm Electric who believes, “Remote work has become the norm for many, and employees will value the flexibility in creating their own autonomous working style to do their role.”

Positive Psychology Strategies for Keeping Stress at Bay Through the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

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I’m a professor of Psychological Science and the sophomore Class Advisor on the Dean of Studies team at Vassar College, where we are now moving to distance learning. The measure of our success will be how well we cope today, at this very moment. 1991; Wells & Evans, 2003).

“Bring beauty back to the concept of all seven dimensions of wellness.” With Candice Georgiadis & Rick Stollmeyer

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Overall, we have to bring beauty back to the concept of all seven dimensions of wellness whether that be social connections, mental health, physical fitness, social wellbeing, and so on. We’re constantly staring at ourselves on a tiny box that appears on a screen.

How to Thrive in Scary Times

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And personally, they feel more negative about their own well-being than ever before. In 2001, psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania presented findings that human beings pay significantly more attention to negative events than positive events. Hold up, pessimists.

Summer is here … let’s just keep working?

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Factor in that vacation destinations and hotels may not be open or operating at full capacity—plus the public’s reluctance to board commercial aircraft—and there are signs this may be the summer Americans just stay home.

Politics and Work: Participation - Voting, 401(k)s and Wellness

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In " Get Out the Vote ," Donald Green and Alan Gerber found that automated calls only generate one vote per 900 calls (yet, the constant ringing at my home this past week suggests campaigns haven''t learned this lesson). If social pressure can impact voting that significantly, could it also be applied to 401(k) participation or wellness programs? Yesterday''s post dealt with the issue of why we vote on Tuesday and its impact on the workplace.

David Clarke: Driving Technology Development at Workday


If you’re in a technology strategy meeting with David Clarke, senior vice president of technology development at Workday, you may also get a brief lesson in history. One can see where this past/future duality plays into his contributions and leadership at Workday. Simply put, Clarke and his team are responsible for driving the foundational technology decisions that power and support all Workday applications today and well into the future.

Study: Early Workplace Intervention Could Be Key to Diabetes Prevention


The Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm recently published results of a study that examined diabetes rates of about 4.5 million Swedish adults who were employed between 2001 and 2013. Corporate WellnessA new study reveals that certain occupations have up to a three-times-higher risk of developing diabetes.

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‘The ultimate HR act:’ These lessons from 9/11 remain relevant today


11, 2001, Alayne Gentul went into action. At the height of the pandemic, on Jan. Related: Learn more about the Future Ready Workplace at HR Tech. 1 at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.

Actionable insights to the right people at the right time

Littal Shemer

Actionable insights to the right people at the right time . I have the honor to host my colleague from Amsterdam, that definitely fits this definition: Hendrik Feddersen , an expert in HR business processes and analytics, who offers “actionable insights to the right people at the right time”, in a European public sector organization. HF: At my workplace, I have privileged access an enormous amount of confidential HR data. At EMA data protection is a strength.

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Kraft Heinz Chief Learning Officer at the i4cp 2020 Conference (i4cp login required)


In addition to her role at Kraft Heinz, Bassey is a TedX speaker, an entrepreneur, educator, comedian, and most recently author of her book, My 52 Weeks of Worship: Lessons from a Global, Spiritual, Interfaith Journey. Her various accolades and achievements include being chosen as Today's Chicago Woman's "Woman to Watch" in 2001, and as one of the "Top 40 Nigerians under 40 in the USA" in 2005.


What is an OFAC Background Check and When Should You Conduct One?

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

Employers must not only know what the candidate’s background looks like from their time spent in the United States, but from other countries as well. After the events of September 11, 2001, the OFAC spent more time focusing on terrorism. What is OFAC?

Goal Life!!!

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No matter how many soccer balls get repeatedly hoofed at Joey…he will only ever push to move the needle forward…taking those under his wing to achieve…ULTIMATE VICTORY! Joey began playing soccer at age six, thanks to the Austrian father of his best neighbourhood friend.

Dr. Jennifer Knowles On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

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I am a firm believer in being the best we can at whatever we choose to do in our professions and in life. Meetings could be held in a variety of locations including backyards, at luxury hotels, destination locations, in corporate headquarters, or rented workspaces.

Permanent Vacation: ‘Use It or Lose It’ Policies and Payout of Vacation at Termination

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So, in states where vacation is considered an alternative form of wages, this time cannot be forfeited, whether from one year to the next or at the employee’s discharge. As long as the employer’s policy clearly sets forth that, for example, earned but unused vacation will not be paid out at termination or will not roll over from year to year, then the employer’s policy will take control. After all, you can’t very well pay out “unlimited” vacation at termination.

A Brief Timeline of People at Work [Infographic]

Visier - Talent Acquisition

With people, and happy satisfied people at that, business will thrive. If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that the well-being of employees supports better business outcomes, and successful businesses make for happier employees.

Jill Tietjen On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times

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How do we develop greater resilience to withstand the challenges that keep being thrown at us? My first book, an introduction to engineering textbook titled Keys to Engineering Success , was published in 2001. I have been self-employed since 2001. Learn to laugh at yourself.

What Burnout Is and Why It Isn’t Confined To The Occupational Sphere

Workplace Psychology

With burnout, a person is no longer able to work (exhaustion) and no longer wants to spend effort at work (distancing). Issues outside of work as well as personal vulnerability may facilitate the onset of burnout. Research in occupational stress and well-being: Vol. 2001).

Martha Bird On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

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They crave entertainment, but their attention span is as short as one zap of a TV dial” ( Time magazine, Proceeding with Caution ,2001). The exchange, however, may well take place between holograms in an augmented or virtual reality workspace. Do you show gratitude for a job well done?

How to Create a Life of Fulfillment by Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon Psy.D., DABPS, C.HT.

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A changed mindset and the knowledge she possessed after graduating led her to start her own private psychology practice in 2001. Her years of experience, knowledge, and expertise were the foundation to establish The Center for Integrative and Functional Health and Wellness. Wellness: holistic medicine, nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy, IV nutrient therapy, Ketamine, Spravato, acupuncture, personal training, Reiki, massage, and functional medicine.

Knowledge-at-work: 5 most important KM issues


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Social knowledge | Main | Thinking of annotation » November 17, 2005 5 most important KM issues What are the 5 most critical issues facing Knowledge Leaders today? Read More] Tracked on November 18, 2005 at 05:56 PM Comments Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment Posted by: | This is only a preview.

Daniel Booter On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times

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Create a goal: Build out the resilient person you want to be in your mind and when you get lost in your difficulties look at them as your role model to find your way back to becoming that person. I look at my whole life in this way. We at D.B. At D.B.

ExactHire Partners with JobTarget


Indianapolis, Indiana – August 16th, 2021– ExactHire and JobTarget are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby JobTarget’s products will be available through ExactHire’s Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

Spotlight on HR: Carmen Torres

Recruiters Lineup

My interest in the Human Resources and Recruiting industry began in the late ’90s when my Spanish speaking skills became a necessity for the HR department at the company I was working with. Spotlight on HR series: A Conversation With Carmen Torres, CEO & Chief Specialist.

A Shifting Landscape of Workplace Challenges

EverFi - HR

Remote work at scale. In the course of her distinguished career at the EEOC, Carol has staffed and supervised major regulatory and policy projects in several administrations and under all the statutes enforced by the EEOC. Caitlin Gayles is the Manager of DEI Programs at EVERFI.

I did pre-hire assessments: What’s next?

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Well-structured resumes are not difficult to produce, with or without a professional writer. We also know that performing well at an interview might fall into the category of acting out a role. This makes behavioral questioning at the interview stage even more important. Clearly, it’s key at the interview stage for interviewers to be aware of their own blind-spots. Having selected the candidates — which we talked about last time – then come the interviews.

David Morel On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

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David set up the company in 2001 and since then he has grown it into a trusted provider of business support, private household, technology, HR, financial services and hospitality talent. Just look at how much change we’ve witnessed in the last two. Community Wellness Wonder

Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 4

HR Examiner

Today, in part three of our series we’ll look at the types of assessment, trends and observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers. In part three we looked at the types of assessments, trends and observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers. Financial Wellness.

employee pronounces everything as a question, I goofed off at work and now I’m paranoid, and more

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I’m not sure if my own annoyance at this tic is clouding my judgement. Putting a verbal question mark at the end of sentences can make you come across as unsure about what you’re saying, especially when you’re talking to clients. I web surfed at work for a day and now I’m paranoid. Later that week, we had a team work session and at one point my boss’ boss patted me on the back and said, “See, you CAN be productive!” Well, I’d stop with the follow-ups.

Fine-tune hiring with pre-hire assessments

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More difficult to identify is the cultural fit to the organization and the character and behavior of the person that would be more likely to perform well and be successful in the role. Pre-hire assessment tools help companies know, engage and grow their employees at a deep level, which allows them to develop plans and best utilize strengths to increase productivity. Any form of pre-assessment needs to be fast as well as accurate.

Will Austin On How To Leave a Lasting Legacy With a Successful & Effective Nonprofit Organization

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Will Austin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Schools Fund, a nonprofit aimed at advancing educational equity. Will served as a math teacher at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School and was nominated for Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. At the test?

What You Need to Know About the Science Behind Your Baby’s Brain

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Your child’s DNA is not destiny; you are at the helm, guiding his course. The secure feeling that comes from strong bonding lowers anxiety, leading to a strong central core, the resource nec essary for emotional maturity—which is why your child will learn more at her mother’s knee than anywhere else. At no other point in your child’s life will your presence be such a viable and invaluable gift. . According to a 2001 study by Flinn et.