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HR, Training and the ‘Gig’ Economy


New survey data finds few organizations are investing in their employees’ training and development these days, and I’m beginning to think the “gig economy” may have something to do with it. For those companies that are providing training, only 35 percent are offering career development opportunities online. Far-flung business units were sold off. Houseman, a labor economist at the W.

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Are Managers Cutting It As Coaches?


My main objective there was to meet one-on-one with representatives from some of the 25 companies that were on hand to be recognized as one of Aon Hewitt’s “Top Companies for Leaders.”. based management training and consulting company Rainmaker Thinking Inc.,

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4 Traits That Fuel Success

Inpower Coaching

Most of the images we see of success involve some version of wealth and affluence—diamonds, yachts and private planes. What is often missing is the story behind the stuff—what was the path successful people followed to reach their dreams ? The U.S.

As Talent Shortage Grows, It’s Time to Look Within

Lee Hecht Harrison

If you are an HR leader, you are probably aware that the talent shortage is becoming acute. Everyone seems to be fighting to hire the same people with the same skill set. The result is a growing concern that the talent shortage could drastically impair global economic growth.

Fine-tune hiring with pre-hire assessments

HR Management

The science and art of hiring, retaining and properly matching people to positions and positions to organizational needs and culture is mission-critical. Many will have a structured approach to the type of candidates they are looking for, that is, in terms of qualifications, experience and availability. Some recruiters will have fit-for-the-role tests and even benchmarks. For example, revealing behaviors that could de-rail the organization during times of pressure.

What Reasons Are You Giving Your Employees To Stay?


In 2018, workers left their jobs at the highest rate since 2001 , a trend that is continuing in 2019. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that quit rates are fairly consistent at 2.3% (or 3.5 At the same time, new jobs are being added to the economy every month – 263,000 were recorded in April, exceeding all forecasts and making staff retention the focus for 2019. A different perspective on the skills gap.

Talent Acquisition Teams Plan to Increase Spend on These 6 Things in 2019

Linkedin Talent Blog

The report, which surveyed 350+ hiring professionals at companies of all sizes, provides an interesting peek into business priorities in 2019 and beyond. A strong employer brand helps attract great candidates, but you’ve got to put in the work before it will do the heavy lifting for you.

Connecting the Dots in Employee Engagement

Strategic HCM

I was delivering a training session on employee engagement today ( focusing on ‘total engagement management’ rather than ‘kaizengagement’ ) and then this evening, catching up on the HCI’s Engagement and Retention conference again.