Steve Boese: Coronavirus and the challenge to HR everywhere


11, 2001, and the subsequent fallout from those events have been the global crisis to which the current pandemic has most often been compared. 11, 2001. At the end of August 2001, just 11 days before the attacks, the unemployment rate in the US was 4.9%.

Is $100 Adequate Consideration for Noncompete?

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Monica Little began working for Employment Staffing Group (ESG) in September 2001. Compensation business ESG JD Monica LittleBy Richard L. Rainey, JD. In North Carolina, initial employment is sufficient consideration to support a noncompete agreement.

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HR, Training and the ‘Gig’ Economy


” However, a piece in today’s New York Times titled “Rising Economic Insecurity Tied to Decades-Long Trend in Employment Practices,” shows how the rise of the “gig economy” (think Uber or Lyft, for examples) is changing all sorts of expectations — including compensation and training — on both the employers’ and workers’ sides. All of these new staffing models mean shifting risk onto workers, making work less secure.”.

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“Why you should work together.” With Tyler Gallagher and Pam Wolf

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In 2001, Pam founded the NY Kids Club, a children’s private enrichment and preschool with almost 20 US locations and 110 in China. In 2001, I came up with the idea for the New York Kids Club, an enrichment center with a preschool and a variety of classes under one roof.

Are Employees Entitled to Leave During an Emergency or Natural Disaster?

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I think we tend to be reluctant to admit that our professional lives are anything other than Instagram-perfect, so it’s a rare occurrence for even close friends and family to come to me with questions about their employment and compensation rights. Paid Time Off and Compensation.

3 Reasons Conversational Technology Should Be on Your Radar


While there have been numerous advances in enterprise knowledge management since 2001 that make that 1.8 But these tools can support much more complex HR processes like promotions, transfers, compensation adjustments and more.