6M | Marketing Strategic Leadership Competency Models to Achieve Widespread Organizational Buy-In


As workforces continue to become more diverse and competitive, organizations must look inward to leverage and develop their existing talents, in order to tackle these challenges. How will we ensure understanding and commitment to our competency model from all levels of the organization? The whole point of developing a leadership competency model is to produce a tool that is useful and promotes intentional growth for employees and the organization. 2 (2001): 111-119. [2]

NAHR welcomes five new members


Bersin, an engineer by training, founded Bersin & Associates in 2001 to provide research and consulting on corporate learning. She has overseen the company’s culture through a period of rapid growth, helped drive innovation for the company’s HCM technology and focused on diversity and inclusion. As a senior business leader at several Fortune 500 companies, Spriggs spent his career working in human resources, diversity and other leadership roles.

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Don’t Get Trapped In The Loneliness Of Leadership

HR Management

From the complexity of the business itself to the diverse range of people to interact with, leaders need to have the ability to understand, manage, and leverage their own and others’ personality, motivations, behaviors and communication styles. This is especially true if you believe the promotion is challenging your level of competency and confidence. A “reformed CPA” and serial entrepreneur, Hugh has since 2001 focused on Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International.

Upile Chasowa: “Taking time to recharge”

Thrive Global

Diversity is and should not be used as a recognition framework ?—?I I find more companies using diversity and inclusion plans solely to get recognized on a top 100 diversity management list. Upile is originally from Malawi, and has been based in London since 2001. Can you share three reasons with our readers about why it’s really important for a business to have a diverse executive team? Move diversity out of the decision making processes ?—?especially

How HR can earn that elusive seat at the C-suite table

HR Morning

The core competencies required of HR leaders has transformed dramatically in recent years due to advances in technology, new economic realities, shifting demographics and generational differences in the workplace. With unemployment levels falling to 4.1%, HR leaders are experiencing the most significant talent shortage since 2001. It’s critical to build a deep, diverse bench in case an employee takes a new job or becomes ill.

Workplace Communications: The Power of Employee Ambassadors


I’ve been an IABC member, activist, agitator, board member, regional board member, and most recently, regional chair, off and on since 2001. There are immense diversity and cross-fertilization that happens at World Conferences that don’t happen, that doesn’t happen, at other conferences. We need to do something to get all of us into the same room, working together as well as competing.