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Finally, a Sympathetic Deconstruction of What HR is Doing Wrong!


This book is a contrarian’s largely sympathetic view of how many American corporations wrongly recruit, manage, measure, develop and lead their talent–what we’re now calling the “employee experience”–all executed by HR. Later that year, he keynoted the HR Technology Conference ®.

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Will Human Resources Become Robot Resources?


The latest Apple conference gave its smart home integration features a big push. Think HAL in 2001 or Skynet from the Terminator series. Racial, gender and class bias have been proven to be embedded in algorithms in use in recruiting, risk assessment and even dating programs.

RecruitCon 2018: What Does the 2025 Workplace Look Like (Part1)?

HR Daily Advisor

So, I was particularly eager to sit in on Susan Vitale’s RecruitCon 2018 session on the Outlook on the 2025 Workplace: How to Attract the Next Generation of Talent by Effectively Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z. Apparently, I’m an X-ennial. Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock / Getty.

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