Sarbanes-Oxley Whistle-Blower Provision May Extend to Privately Held Companies


The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 , also known called Sarbanes–Oxley, “Sarbox” or “SOX” , is a United States Federal Law that enhanced standards for all U.S. One portion of SOX is a whistle-blower section that provides protection against demotion, discharge or discrimination for employees who “blow the whistle” on conduct the employee reasonably believes constitutes mail, wire and bank fraud, securities fraud, or a violation of any SEC rules and regulations.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try again. Then, file an age discrimination lawsuit. Then try again.

The Employer Handbook

In 2002, with an eye toward teaching in the future, she went back to school and earned a degree in early childhood education. And in the Winter of 2014, the woman did land a job in the school district as a full-time substitute teacher.

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Ways to Improve Results of Workplace Diversity Initiatives

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If you’re consistently passing over women or minorities for promotions or upper management positions, you may be bordering on an employee discrimination lawsuit. An employee may believe you’re discriminating against them and attempt to sue you for unethical behavior.

Employer Breastfeeding Laws by State


Discrimination in Employment. The employer may not discriminate against an employee who chooses to express breast milk in the workplace. 181.939 (1998, 2014) requires employers to provide daily, unpaid break time for a mother to express breast milk for her infant child.

11 Reasons You Should Work at Women-led Companies


However, gender discrimination still seems to seep into our lives. Perhaps most notably, an analysis from Quantopian, a Boston-based trading firm, found that between 2002 and 2014, companies with women in control saw returns that were 226% higher.

Common LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace (and How to Solve Them)


On July 21, 2014, President Barack Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees and job applicants based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. “In 3 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity. Workplace discrimination and harassment come in different forms. 4 – Employees Don’t Report Acts of Discrimination or Harassment.