How to Empower Leaders to Become Engagement Champions


Creating an engaged workforce is critical to business success. Engaged employees positively impact retention, absenteeism, productivity, customer ratings, profitability, and many other business outcomes – as outlined by Gallup. By: Mike Vickers.

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Understanding Change and Its Impact on Engagement


Whether we call it “transformation,” “growth,” or just the natural evolution of the business – companies must continue to evolve in order to stay competitive and relevant, to employees and customers alike. Employees begin to feel as though they don’t have a voice or a sense of control.

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Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction


We recently conducted a study that focused on uncovering the key factors that impact two healthcare metrics – employee turnover and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). If you still need an impetus to pay attention, take a look at the scary stats below that underscore the importance of healthcare facilities taking strategic aim at reduc­ing employee turnover, as well as providing an employee experience that links to improving the patient experience and HCAHPS scores. 2014).

Swimming Lessons: 5 Gold-Medal Tips to Get Peak Performance from Top Talent

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This is what Russell confronted when he joined USA Swimming in 2002 as a 22-year-old with a freshly minted degree in aerospace engineering and a background as a competitive collegiate swimmer. Employee Engagement

When Your Last Job/Company Was So Terrible You Can't Get Hired Again.

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Even decent folks working at the Weinstein Company (true company, 150 employees, I'm sure not everyone there is answering the door at their office or hotel in an open bathrobe) will eventually be forgiving for working at a place where bad stuff happened.

Ways to Improve Results of Workplace Diversity Initiatives

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When your employees come from different backgrounds, they can each bring something unique to the table. To see diverse employees move forward in their careers, you may need to implement different diversity initiatives to help stimulate the movement.