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5 Best Compensation Planning and Analysis Tools in 2021

HR Lineup

Compensation in HRM, especially planning and analysis, is a crucial procedure that should be handled effectively to determine every employee’s compensation. As a result, your employees will stay motivated hence improve retention. Compensation Planning

Top HR Influencers you must follow now!


The job market has picked up again which makes hr influencers really important folks. This is where hr influencers come in as they give relevant information and tips on finding the right job, acing the interview, and doing superb work to grow quickly. Why Follow HR Influencers?


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19 Recruiting Metrics You Should Know About

Analytics in HR

Recruiting metrics are an essential part of a data-driven hiring and recruitment analytics. This image (from Greenhouse ) shows the employee’s lifetime value as the sum of all the HR decisions made about that employee. It’s a great metric for business planning and offers a realistic view for the manager to assess the time it will take to attract a replacement for a departed employee. Time to hire by industry benchmark. HR Metrics

Top Employee Engagement Tools (Detailed Comparison)

Vantage Circle

Through effective lines of communication, it is very crucial for employers to make sure that employee feedback is taken seriously and identify the necessary action plans. Benchmarking. Content performance analytics. Content analytics.