Top Employee Engagement Tools (Detailed Comparison)

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Employee engagement tool helps measure or boost employee engagement that in turn will improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees and reduce staff turnover. Features of Employee Engagement Tools. Benchmarking. 10 Benefits of an Employee Engagement Tools.

Skills Quotient: The Solution to the CEO’s Biggest Problem


Mr. Reichheld shared this quote in a 2003 H arvard Business Review article that introduced Net Promoter Score. Fifteen years later, the most successful CEOs know their company’s NPS, because NPS gives CEOs a single metric, a universal way to benchmark and judge practices for their impact. For the first time, we are able to benchmark in a meaningful way, and breakdown differences using a codified, single C-level metric.


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Our Shaky Millennial Education Foundation

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It’s the definition of a counter-intuitive statement: the Millennial generation has attained the highest levels of education of any previous American generation, yet on average demonstrates weak skills in literacy, numeracy, and problem solving in technology-rich environments compared to their international peers. ETS’s report uses data from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) to explore this topic.

Performance Management Not Meeting Expectations? Remember the Goal.


Moreover, this translates into 51% stronger performance than competitors on financial measures such as profit and stock price (Bernthal, Rogers, & Smith, 2003). Unfortunately, many performance management systems are poorly designed and/or administered. 2003).

A Full Guide to Job Evaluation for HR

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According to a report on this topic by the European Commission , the relative worth of a job is assessed irrespective of the qualities of the specific job holder. Next, benchmark jobs are identified, data collection is planned, and a communication plan is created.

The Complete Guide on Presenteeism (w. Example Intervention)

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To assess the impact of presenteeism, tools like the Stanford Presenteeism Scale can be used. 2003 ). Benchmark scores on the scale can be compared to the means and standard deviations provided in the referenced articles. can be used to assess productivity loss.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance”, Dr. Jason Hamed and Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

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I wrote my mission statement in 2003, long before I was married, had any kids, owned my own business, or had achieved any level of financial success. Once I establish my yearly targets, I break them down into 90-day benchmarks because I want to focus on smaller chunks versus the whole year.