You Can't Automate Your Way Out of Training


Information Week, Jan 6 issue, had a newsbyte on a CRM system that said the following: "Three-year old Experion offers hosted software that provides real-time customer data and analysis to let call center reps and bank tellers offer quick answers and sales pitches. Unclear on the Training Concept.

HR Data Quality

HR Examiner

Neil McCormick and Dr. Chris Andrews discuss the need for a globally recognized, structured approach, to managing and maintaining the overall workforce data quality in organizations. HR Data Quality. His statement that ‘ Data depreciates.

Data 96

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A Moneyball Pioneer On Why Baseball Data Has Feelings


In this new profile series, we sit down with interesting people and ask them to share the various ways their data-driven approach has served them in their life and career. This led to an early fascination with data science. Tech Insights data-driven leader profile

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EEOC data show Title VII retaliation cases rising

HR Morning

One of the stats that stands out from the 2019 EEOC retaliation data is the continued rise in the number of LGBT-based sex discrimination charges and monetary payouts despite a lack of clear guidance from the nation’s highest court.

How to Update Aging Salary Data for Your Organization’s Jobs

HR Daily Advisor

If you work in HR then you’re always busy and, as a result, your job grade data might be a smidge past its shelf life. But, sooner or later, everything needs attention, including rate range data that hasn’t been updated since 2003. Your data sheet should now look like this ….

A Moneyball Pioneer On Why Baseball Data Has Feelings


In this new profile series, we sit down with interesting people and ask them to share the various ways their data-driven approach has served them in their life and career. This led to an early fascination with data science. Tech Insights data-driven leader profile

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6 Ways to Establish Trust in Data


Despite all the conversation about measurement, metrics, and analytics, many human resources and learning professionals are still skittish when it comes to trusting data. Their lack of trust is not unwarranted; while, on one hand, it’s hard to dispute quantitative data, on the other hand, quantitative data do not infer we throw caution to the wind. companies has climbed 22% since 2003. Trusting data takes effort. Embrace imperfection in data.

Data Reveals How the Percentage of Women in Leadership has Changed Over the Past 15 Years

Linkedin Talent Blog

Using LinkedIn’s profile data, we analyzed the gender gaps across industries in the US. Data sampled across 53M+ LinkedIn profiles worldwide. Data sampled across 33M+ LinkedIn profiles worldwide. In light of that data, we had to wonder: are things getting better?

5 Most Important Data Questions You Probably Didn’t Know To Ask

SAP Innovation

When it comes to data volume, it seems like every business is touting big numbers that dwarf the largest library in the world, America’s Library of Congress. petabytes of data. All of these examples tell the same story: The world is awash with data.

Workday Podcast: Why the Spotlight Is on People Analytics


Using data to make better decisions about people and in what circumstances they can best perform isn’t new. Hollywood might not be making movies about the world of HR, but data is having an equally big impact on the HR function, in organizations of all sizes.

TalentBall: A Home Run for HR

Ultimate Software

One such lesson is the strategic use of data and analytics to evaluate past results and predict future performance. This practice is the primary focus of Michael Lewis’s 2003 bestselling book, Moneyball , and a 2011 film of the same name starring Brad Pitt.

2020 Temporary Total Disability Rates Announced


1, 2003 who are receiving life pensions (LP) or permanent total disability (PTD) benefits are also entitled to have their weekly LP or PDT rate adjusted based on the SAWW. Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance Data Base. Temporary Total Disability Rates increase January 1, 2020.

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Top 8 HR Analytics Tools

Analytics in HR

R is great for statistical analysis and visualization and is well-suited to explore massive data sets. It enables you to analyze and clean data sets with millions of rows of data. It also lets you visualize your data and analysis, like what you see below.

Perceptyx's Rapid Growth Fueled by Innovation and Strong Client Retention


17, 2019 ( GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) -- Perceptyx, the employee survey and people analytics platform transforming the way companies leverage their people data, is proud to report today record growth indicators for the sixth consecutive year.

Our Shaky Millennial Education Foundation

China Gorman

ETS’s report uses data from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) to explore this topic. ETS’s report disaggregates the PIAAC data for Millennials (young adults born after 1980 who were 16–34 years of age at the time of the assessment).

For A Virus With No Cure—What Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Bring To The Table?

Thrive Global

However, as a medical anthropologist, Dr. Karchmer’s data gathered from senior doctors of Chinese medicine who practiced in the 1930s continues to advocate the strength of TCM and its possibilities for helping manage chronic symptoms today.

Mimecast Recruits Human Resources Business Partner


Mimecast (NASDAQ: MIME) makes business email and data safer for thousands of customers and their millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, the company’s next-generation cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email and deliver comprehensive email risk management. Mimecast Recruits Human Resources Business Partner GattiHR Assists Mimecast in Recruiting Key Member of Their Leadership Team.

Learning from Practice: Utility Analysis for Training

Analytics in HR

For Human Resource Management, utility analysis refers to a specific tool designed to estimate the institutional gain or loss anticipated to a company from various HR interventions designed to enhance the value of the workforce (Sturman, 2003). Arthur et al, 2003) about effect size.

How PACER Would Help Employers with Faster & More Accurate Background Checks


They are also regulated extensively by state and local rules pertaining to data security and privacy laws. PBSA supports a federal approach to data privacy and security legislation that would establish a clear regulatory approach to protecting consumer data.

Pitfalls of Working Sick and How It Affects the Workplace


Data from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) suggests around 42 percent of sick workers fear that calling in sick will cause them to miss deadlines. Data from the report also showed that employees with sufficient amounts of paid sick-leave days were less prone to calling in sick.

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Competency analytics

Analytics in HR

The level of detail needed is for the organisation to choose; enough to define the new role; not so many as to weigh down the data capture process. Challenge 2: Data Collection. Once the organisation has defined what competencies are important, gathering data becomes the challenge.

Screen Time Trends and What You Can Do


In 2016, the Brookings Institute conducted a study about screen time and found that the average American screen time increased from 21 to 24 hours per week from 2003 to 2016. Screen Time Trends and What You Can Do. By: Emily Gumm , Search Coordinator, GattiHR. Screen Time During Quarantine.

How to Reach Your Greatest Potential at Work


On a project Mary was able to summarize the data needed to present, while Jim nailed the presentation. What the Data Tells Us. 2003). The last few months, I have been itching to discover a new way of approaching work – how to think and feel about work as an entity — similar to the moment at university when a professor alters the way you see the world. Luckily, I had a shift in my perspective and I have Shawn Achor to thank for that.

ATS 118

What Your Company’s Response to the Coronavirus Says About its Culture (i4cp login required)


In 2003 it was the Avian influenza (commonly referred to as “bird flu”) that spread to 15 countries in Asia and the Middle East. According to the latest data from the U.S.

PlanSource Welcomes Dave Osborne as Chief Revenue Officer 


He then worked at several startups running sales and business development before joining SAP in 2003. Early in 2019, PlanSource was acquired by Vista Equity Partners, a leading investment firm focused on enterprise software, data and technology-enabled businesses. “I

Best Predictors of Higher Income Attainment in 12 Year Old Kids? Rule Breaking/Defiance of Parental Authority Of Course.

The HR Capitalist

Given the nature of our archival data, the possible explanations are rather ad hoc and our exploratory results need to be replicated. … Ready for some science today? Of course you are.

Course 123

WHAT IS SCORM LMS? Get some insights about the format that changed the way to learn!


SCORM was also introduced as a specialized program in 2003 initiated by the office of United States Secretary of Defense. What is SCORM? It is basically a set of technical standards developed for e-learning software products. SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”.

St. Louis Rams – Doing Football Like You Do Employee Engagement

What is Paul Thinking

I’ll let the story speak for itself in the following quote: The Rams have not had a winning season since 2003 after finishing this past season with a 7-9 record. Is it on surveys and quant jocks to “interpret” the data?

The Complete Guide on Presenteeism (w. Example Intervention)

Digital HR Tech

2003 ). The best way to identify this group will depend on your organization, available data, and local privacy regulation. If data on medical conditions are known by the employer (e.g., However, this kind of data brings along ethical issues and is often protected.

“The human race is the most resilient species in the history of our world.” With Dr. Ely Weinschneider & Josh Berman

Thrive Global

A co-founder of, Josh held the position of Chief Operating Officer from 2003 until the company was sold to News Corp, at which time he transitioned to manage Slingshot Labs, an internet incubator dedicated to building and developing new web ventures for News Corp.

Measuring the Customer Experience of HR (Why and How)

Digital HR Tech

Qualitative data will add the context and explanation needed to make tangible improvements at the touchpoint and journey levels. There will be more to come on secondary data in our next measurement article.

South Korean Hospital Taps Technology To Treat Elderly

SAP Innovation

Understanding the need to save its elderly, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), one of four hospitals affiliated with Seoul National University Medical School, opened an innovative new medical center for the elderly in 2003.

How Can HR Combat Workplace Bullying?

HR Daily Advisor

The Workplace Bullying Institute’s 2003 survey shows the top five health-related issues that targets experience as a result of being bullied are: Anxiety, stress, excessive worry. Evaluating data (e.g.,

Farmworkers average 15 overtime hours per week, study shows


Yet agriculture employees are still exempt from FLSA protections. In a recent industry overtime study published by TSheets by QuickBooks, we learned that many workers around the country are putting in long days. In the last year, 28% of events managers recorded an average of 52.7

Study 81

Health savings accounts: Not your parents’ retirement plan

HR Morning

In fact, a census data report in 2014 showed 66 percent of millennials have absolutely nothing saved for retirement ( CNN Money ) , and this doesn’t include many more who may be saving but are far behind in their retirement goals.