3 Ways Leaders Create Change Resistance


As a result, they don’t see a setback as a personal failure or a hit to the ego, but more something to learn from and manage around. ” As you kick off your next change or wave, remember that what works beautifully in managing a process or your ongoing work may create hard resistance.

Can HR Really Be a “Stand Alone” Discipline?

Cielo HR Leader

In this issue, we talk to Chandana Wijayanama, Regional HR Director for the Swiss, multi-national company, Franke, about coming to HR later in his career, and how he is addressing the challenges surrounding talent management in the APAC region. I then worked in a number of IT and systems roles up until 2004 when my CEO at the time asked me to take on a project in the HR department to help inject a bit more systems discipline into the function.

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Big Leap Forward. Working Globally.

New to HR

My first role was as a Departmental Manager at Marks and Spencer and for three years I gained great commercial and management experience. In addition from an HR perspective Panasonic started shared services operations and the start of taking a Pan-European approach to talent management.

Meet 5 HR Pros Who Became CEOs

Cornerstone On Demand

Gone are the days of interchangeable workers turning out widgets; the modern workplace is built on innovation and creativity, and getting the best ideas requires understanding how to attract, keep and work with the best talent. Talent Management Talent Management Human Resources CEOs

5 Financial Services Companies With the Best Internal Mobility Strategies

Paddle HR

For a variety of strategic and logistical reasons, banks are heavily investing in internal mobility as a talent strategy. In 2014 the program reduced attrition by 1% and moved 300 employees (many of whom might otherwise have left) into new positions.