The Aftermath of Political Debates in the Office


A wise person once said that political and religious debates in the workplace don''t mix well. This year''s presidential election stirred up much emotion and ignited fierce debates in offices and workplaces nationwide. Like political advertising these debates (between colleagues, supervisors and subordinates) often took a nasty turn. Now as the season begins to wind down, companies need to take a

Teenagers: Our Future Workforce


The young man that called -- well actually I think I''ll call him the "youth" instead of young man -- was frighteningly unprofessional. I got a call today from a college campus political group. Here''s how the conversation went: Youth: Hey, Beth, This is X from Campus Political Party. How''s it going over there in Kaylooooooeee. How do you pronounce that? Beth: Kailua. Youth: Yah, how''s it going


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A Global Wellness Conversation with Belgin Aksoy, Founder of Global Wellness Day On ‘The Road to Recovery.’

Thrive Global

Taking us deeper into the conversation from Istanbul is wellness pioneer Belgin Aksoy. Belgin is the Founder of Global Wellness Day and shares her insights, experience and story as we talk along the boundary of — the road to recovery. I was eating well and doing regular exercise.

3 Nonprofits That Serve Veterans Well

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HFOT began in 2004 and spends about 90 cents of every dollar raised to fund its mission. #2. The AWCF, also known as the Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund, operates with the help of private and corporate donations, as well as funding from the United Way.

Saving our Nation’s Healthcare System by Protecting Team Member Safety and Well-being

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ii] The number of Black men applying to medical school dropped by 73 from 1978 to 2004. Frontline team members must be part of shaping the solutions for their safety and well-being Creating a campaign to raise awareness in systems and communities across the country. We learn faster when we learn together – and there’s no competing on safety and well-being. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have lauded healthcare team members as heroes.

Studies Suggest Cooling Interest in HDHPs, Wellness Programs

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Looking at surveys conducted by five different organizations, EBRI found agreement that HDHP enrollment grew substantially after HSAs were established in 2004 but very little from 2014 to 2017. Employer adoption of HDHPs is flattening out and wellness incentives are declining outright as employers diversify their approaches to containing health coverage costs, according to a separate study by DirectPath and Gartner. Benefits EBRI employer HDHP Wellness Programs

Study 42

Workplace Wellness Programs To Support Employees’ Mental Health and Prevent Burnout

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Employee well-being tops the list of smart organizations’ goals. While many companies have workplace wellness programs in place, it’s time to reevaluate these programs’ effectiveness and look to innovative wellness solutions. Workplace Wellness Programs.

Putting Mental Well-being in a Better Place


At the plenary session titled Behavioral Health and Its Impact on Productivity and the Workplace , Pacific Resources’ Vice President of Global Employer Solutions Patricia Purdy pointed out that employers still have a long way to go in their efforts to get their hands around the issue of mental well-being. When it comes to thinking about mental health and well-being, organizations are woefully behind,” Purdy said. Mental wellness? Mental well-being?

Women In Wellness: “Why You Should Have Kudos Folder” with Rebecca V. Nellis of Cancer and Careers

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As part of my series about health and wellness leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca V. Since 2004 she has helped evolve the organization from early concept to national prominence.

People with Secure High Self-Esteem Don’t Need or Seek External Validation

Workplace Psychology

Stephen Covey, in his classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (2004), talked about the Abundance Mentality vs. the Scarcity Mentality. They give their energies to possessing things or other people in order to increase their sense of worth” (Covey, 2004, p. 2004).

Politics and Work: Participation - Voting, 401(k)s and Wellness

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The word “Voted” appears by names of registered voters in the household who actually voted in the 2004 primary election and the 2004 general election, and a blank space appears if they did not vote. If social pressure can impact voting that significantly, could it also be applied to 401(k) participation or wellness programs? Yesterday''s post dealt with the issue of why we vote on Tuesday and its impact on the workplace.

Culture Scout: A perfect week to de-stress with 4 articles and a viral Tiktok


Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac. Culture Culture Management Office Life Wellness De-stress Fleetwood Mac meditation Ocean Spray remote workers return to work Tiktok vibes viral videoIf ever there was a week to just to sit, meditate and take a moment (OK maybe lots of moments) it was this politically and pandemically charged one. So Culture Scout devoted itself to finding calming content that focuses on helping employees take it easier.

Study 100

Women In Wellness: “It’s not what you eat, it’s how you think” with Carroll Lee

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Of course, eating nutritious food is a key foundational tool to feeling well, but so much is in your attitude. I was working in luxury fashion, on the e-business side at Gucci Group as well as a couple of different branding agencies in SF and NYC, and was feeling unfulfilled. with an easier way to eat well and to fuel their best life. We’ve got some major partnerships with other wellness brands in the works, companies that I really respect because of our shared values.

Workplace Wellness. the indisputable, the debatable, & where we go from here


Every HR professional has a full plate of responsibilities – and workplace wellness has become a standard item on the menu. Especially in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, it is likely that workplace wellness is here to stay. Meanwhile, workplace wellness is a field that has more questions than answers, and HR professionals are often left trying to sort out the pieces. in absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on wellness.

AON 46

I Felt the Fear and Did It Anyway – The Risk I Took to Blossom

Workplace Psychology

Today — January 26, 2021 — is a day of personal celebration for me because 6210 days or 204 months or 17 years ago, exactly to the day, I took a job on a tiny island (I started on January 26, 2004) that forever changed my life, both professionally and personally.

The S.E.C. Makes History With a Major New Rule on Human Capital

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we have a chance not just to elevate employee well-being, but to continue widening our idea of what sustainable growth means. The concept comes out of a 2004 initiative by former U.N. The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to employee well-being and mental health.

Vulnerability not only connects us as humans, it makes us better leaders

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When I was 16, working in my local public library as an AV Helper (assisting patrons to use Microsoft Word and something called the Internet) back in 2004, I dealt with a lot of personal stress.

What Burnout Is and Why It Isn’t Confined To The Occupational Sphere

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Issues outside of work as well as personal vulnerability may facilitate the onset of burnout. Leiter and Maslach (2004) proposed that six areas of job-person mismatch are the critical sources of burnout. 2004). Research in occupational stress and well-being: Vol.

Why I Will Never Lose Hope, Even After My Brother’s Tragedy

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I felt as though I not only lost my little brother, but that my mother was gone as well. September 2004. Emotional Well-being Well-Being Book Excerpt hope Mental Health Mental Illness Suicide

The Longterm Impact of Burnout on Company Success (for employers)


As the study’s authors conclude, “Burnout prevention programs may be more effective by not only focusing on employer-initiated actions in the workplace but including employee-initiated actions and factors outside the work domain as well.”.

Blacks Must “Own Our Health”

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There are other factors as well. After all, any meaningful improvement in black wellness will require major change — from both institutions AND individuals. Black health and wellness already gaining traction.

Employee Recognition: Five Ways to Show Worker Appreciation During COVID-19

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In 2004 , Gallup’s polls showed 65% of employees received no recognition. Twelve years later , they found that only one in three workers feel they’ve received recognition or praise for a job well done – which translates to 67% who don’t feel that way.

This Is How To Be Resilient: 4 Secrets To Grit When Life Gets Hard

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The effect is significantly greater than the effects of job satisfaction or emotional intelligence (Bond and Bunce 2003; Donaldson and Bond 2004). While well-meaning, these goals are lame. “I quit” is rarely said flatly. Whether it’s said to yourself or others, it’s usually “I QUIT!”

Study 56

Employers: Help Your Employees Avoid HSA Challenges

Corporate Synergies

The minimum insurance deductible for an HDHP with HSA in 2004 was $1,000 for an individual and $2,000 for a family. In order to have more of an opportunity to save in an HSA, I also believe that health & wellness and consumerism need to be a focus of every employer. Put programs into place that move the wellness needle and provide employees with education and resources to make better decisions about their healthcare.

Eleven Years and Strong: Finding Conference Value Year After Year

Great Place to Work

Building Relationships and Sharing Wisdom with Fellow Great Workplaces As an eleven-time Best Small Workplace, we have been deeply engrained in the Best Companies world since the 50 Best Small and Medium Workplaces list began in 2004. We have attended every Great Place to Work® Annual Conference as well as every Small & Medium Workplace Conference for the past eleven years, plus a handful of Executive Strategy Network meetings.

PEO Solutions at Genesis HR

Genesis HR Solutions

We provide our partners with the following technology tools and training they need to make sure their entire team is connected and culture is well established: Employee self-service. Do PEOs really make a difference for startups and small to midsize businesses?

Mindfulness Is Your Company's Employee Engagement Secret

Cornerstone On Demand

Defined by a 2004 Clinical Psychology study as "paying attention to one's present experience in a non-judgmental, non-evaluative way, mindfulness is shown to be achieved through a variety of practices, such as relaxation, meditation and yoga. Here are four reasons mindfulness should be part of your organization's wellness program. A 2017 American Psychological Association study on stress found that Americans are more stressed out now than they have been in the last decade.

New California Employment Laws Expand Harassment Rules, Require Women On Boards

TLNT: The Business of HR

Seyfarth Synopsis: California Legislators sent Governor Jerry Brown 1,217 bills to consider in his final bill-signing period as Governor—more than any California governor has seen since 2004. The final tally : 1016 signed, 201 vetoed. Below is our full, final roundup of new laws that employers must comply with and the bills that fell to the Governor’s veto pen.

Holding Fear In Its Proper Place

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Brett lost his battle to brain cancer in 2004. If I collected a dollar for every fearful thought I’ve had over the years, I’d never lack for funds. Imagine the good in the world I could do. Fear was once my regular companion.

Dr. William Haseltine’s Magical Story Of COVID, Through A Children’s Literary Eyes!

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There are those living in these current times, who understand all too well, what it means to persevere through such times. I can recall my feelings during that time as well. Clark: What challenges have you experienced in securing your own mental wellness, during this quarantine era?

Compassion For Self – Part 6

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An exceptionally well and persuasively written clarion call to personal and collective action, “The Great Healing – Five Compassions That Can Save Our World” is unreservedly and urgently recommended.” — Midwest Book Review. __. The core ingredients in the vast majority of products on supermarket shelves, as well as in the meals you order in restaurants, have changed. Community Compassion Diabetes diabetes control Health Health and Wellness Wellness

Tips for Returning to Work After Cancer

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This may come out via well-meaning but not helpful comments. Since 2004 she has helped evolve the organization from early concept to national prominence. Well-Being Cancer syndicatedOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. . Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in the midst of treatment or have recently completed treatment, returning to work can be a daunting experience.

Did COVID-19 Make Us Forget How We Handled Past Virus Outbreaks?

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We survived Sars in 2004, Avian in 2008, Swine Flu in 2010, Mers in 2012, and Ebola in 2014. Community clearcommunication COVID-19 Government Shutdown Health and Wellness quarantine small business coach

Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Change: What #HR Needs to Know

HR Bartender

Although the proposed increase itself is quite substantial, to be fair, the reality is that the minimum salary from 2004 is extremely low relative to today’s labor market. When some employees were reclassified in 2004, the last time the regulations were modified, we saw this phenomenon take place in many workplaces. Well, I hate to sound like a lawyer, but ‘it depends.’ On July 6, 2015, the U.S.

Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 4

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Financial Wellness. Today, in part three of our series we’ll look at the types of assessment, trends and observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers. Assessing Values in Online Technology. Ten Things We Learned. Part Four.