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How To Prepare For A Manufacturing Labor Shortage


There has been a consistent high demand for personnel—the number of employed engineers increased from 815,000 in 2005 to more than one million in 2014. This could lead to wage inflation and an unhealthy war for talent, which could in turn adversely affect the overall productivity and profitability of the entire industry. Automate end-to-end data handling and providing better decision support to increase productivity and available capacity by 20%–30%.

The S.E.C. Makes History With a Major New Rule on Human Capital

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And according to the rule this should include any measures that address three areas: “attraction, development, and retention of personnel.”. was coined — in a landmark 2005 study called “ Who Cares Wins ,” put out by the U.N. Thanks to a groundbreaking new rule from the S.E.C.,


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Why Companies Are Hiring a Head of Remote Work (and Why You Should, Too)


As more employees choose to work from home, companies will need to streamline communication and project management to prevent delays, lost productivity, fatigue , and employee isolation. The role will closely follow the prior trajectory of the Chief Diversity Officer.

Looking Ahead: The Biggest HR Trends in 2020

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Access to the best talent is essential, and if that means managing a diverse team stationed across the world for a lean and mean organization, then so be it. The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. Retention and engagement.

Extrinsic Motivation: All You Need To Know

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According to a survey cited by Springworks , 46% of HR leaders consider employee retention to be their biggest concern. It has not just impacted productivity but also the mental health of employees. Chapter 13: Extrinsic Motivation and Employee Retention. Increase Productivity.

Are Your Management Styles Killing Your Business or Increasing Performance?

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higher employee retention. greater productivity. A top-down management style generates increased turnover, lower efforts, and increased efforts focused on bad behaviors, such as stealing and engaging in personal activities at work. Up to 75% of new products fail.