Zachary Misko: A rare blend of competence and courtesy in the HR industry


This was the mission of the original media group founded in 2006 by Elliot Clark. The Association has helped me to steer new content for both the magazine and well as for our events." By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis I do not attend too many tradeshows and conferences per year.

should you list a fun but fake fact on your resume to intrigue an employer?

Ask a Manager

One such suggestion was to list that you are Time Magazine’s “2006 Person of the Year.” Time Magazine listed “You, yes You!” ” as their person of the year in 2006, so technically everyone can say that. That’s the only path, at least if you’re screening for competent managers (and you should be).

Social Media for Better Leadership and Learning


I was fortunate that when I started leading teams in 2006, I started my blog to document my lessons and share them along. Social Mindset: A Key to Engaging People (my article for PeopleMatters magazine). 12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future.

How to Watch Out for Unconscious Bias in Hiring

Brazen HR

Diverse teams are essential to competing in today’s melting pot economy. Being with similar others leads us to think that we all hold the same information and share the same perspective,” Katherine Philips explained in a 2006 study. “First impressions are everything.”.

The Digital Crystal Ball That Improves Employee Retention

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

You can make a good case that Martin Scorsese’s 2006 movie The Departed is all about predictive analytics for HR. In addition, it was identified competency gaps and provided the necessary training to retain more employees.

Emerging Technologies Pave the Way for Profitable Journalism Through Personalization


What started as a student platform in 2003 soon became a cutting-edge emerging platform in 2006. To compete, three emerging technologies have the potential to help news providers put readers first for highly-personalized and immersive experiences.

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HR and IT Partnership: Observations from a Veteran CIO

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

By Rick O''Herron - Originally posted on NetSuite Magazine. With HR moving to the front office, how we communicate, collaborate, identify, recruit, and manage talent is becoming part of our core competencies. By Rick O''Herron - Originally posted on NetSuite Magazine.