Knowledge-at-work: Knowledge as ecology


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « KM failing? Main | KM, decisons and problem solving » February 26, 2006 Knowledge as ecology Reflecting on many years working, thinking and writing on KM, the strongest meme for me remains knowledge ecology. There is an autopoietic relationship between knower and the environment, each influencing the other. But, only after the public buys it.

ATS 40

Cycling to knowledge


Can we alter the rate, depth, relevance and utility of knowledge generation by enhancing the cycle visibility, being mindful of our place in the cycle, changing frequency and other properties? I guess the essential question is, will ideas (or memes) develop faster, be richer and go further, if we force the generations to turn over quicker? This assumes you buy into the notion of a thoughts or an idea birth, development (mutation?)


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Learning To Learn


American writer and futurist Alvin Toffler is usually credited with the quote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”. But Toffler was paraphrasing psychologist Herbert Gerjuoy, who wrote, “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the [wo]man who can’t read; he will be the [wo]man who has not learned how to learn.”. And the pace is accelerating.


True Faith HR

Like many, I was saddened to learn about the death of Junior Seau, who allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest at the age of 43. Much will be made about the possible connection between his death and the recent emphasis placed on the deleterious effects of the multitude of hits football players take, and, of particular concern, the rash of concussion-related impacts. Junior Seau isn''t the only one.

Knowledge-at-work: Capturing tacit knowledge


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « KM - a political movement ?? Main | KmWiki AAR » July 11, 2005 Capturing tacit knowledge How do you capture tacit knowledge through interviews prior to retirement?? In many respects conducting interviews to capture important knowledgejust prior to retirement may not be a good approach, why? About Recent Posts Informal learning - the root of KM?

“Focus less on your wealth and more on your income.” Ben Taatjes & Beau Henderson

Thrive Global

Wealth and growth of wealth is what we are accustomed to pre-retirement, but income and growing income is what we need to be ready for in retirement. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Taatjes. Taatjes believes in the concept of “True Wealth”.

Women In Wellness: “Why you should find a place to volunteer after you retire”, with Dr. Deanna Hope Berman and Beau Henderson

Thrive Global

I suggest people find a place to volunteer when they retire. Through becoming a master composter, you can help others learn about organic gardening and decreasing food waste. Or you can volunteer to walk dogs at the SPCA. As a part of my series about the “5 Things You Should Do to Optimize Your Wellness After Retirement” I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Deanna Hope Berman. She said that my limited diet was causing the problem.

Predicting Employee Turnover using R

Analytics in HR

Employee turnover is a major challenge for companies today, especially when the labor market is competitive and certain skills are in high demand. When an employee leaves, not only is the productivity of that person lost, but the productivity of many others is impacted. Finding replacements can take months of time and effort on the part of hiring managers and recruiting staff, who are then forced to take time away from the work they could be doing.

How a Real Estate Investment Company Benefits from Benefits Essentials


No one understands the value of a good investment more than Aaron Bellmore, founder of Fresh Coast Investments. . In 2006, Aaron began investing in real estate. It only took him a few years to generate a “a pretty healthy retirement setup”.

Why We Built the CARES Act 401(k) Calculator and Virtual Advisor


That has always meant providing more accessible retirement benefits far away from the Fortune 500. Participants in our 401(k) retirement plans are the backbone of America: people who work for smaller businesses, doing regular jobs. These are the people we’re here to help.

Sample Reward Programs for Long-Term Employees


These arrangements could include part-time employment, or flexible schedules with flextime which grants employees some control over the timing of the work day. Phased Retirement Options. Some long-term employees may be seeking a gradual phase into retirement. Many private employers are moving from traditional DB plans to defined contribution retirement or hybrid plans, such as cash balance plans, which do not discourage work past retirement age.

FMLA Training Scenario: Reduced Schedule Leave Request Vexes Employer

HR Daily Advisor

Here we present a leave-related workplace scenario—inspired by an actual court case—that’s intended to help HR professionals better understand an employer’s responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This scenario involves an employee who can no longer work overtime due to a medical condition—but the employer says that working overtime is an essential function of his job. The Facts. The Law. Avoiding the headaches.

Help Employees Understand the HSA Value Proposition

Corporate Synergies

High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are on the rise as a growing number of employers turn to consumer-directed health plans to try to curb costs—the portion of employees enrolled in HDHPs rose from 26.3% Employers that have gone the HDHP route typically offer a qualified plan that includes a health savings account to help pay for qualifying medical expenses tax-free. Treat the HSA More Like a 401(k) than an FSA. Using HSAs as an Investment Strategy for Retirement.

Analytics Can Play a Key Role In Career Planning Conversations

Analytics in HR

You’d start at the bottom and climb up the rungs of a clearly defined ladder until you retired, but the world of work has changed so much. Many organizations don’t have defined career tracks anymore, either because the ones they have are no longer relevant or because the next rung of the ladder is simply still undefined. Without this information, people leaders end up in a state of managing for the right now, not the future, and it’s dangerous.

What Is the Pension Protection Act?

HR Daily Advisor

Protecting retirement benefits is a hot-button issue, especially when the news cycle periodically tells us about the risks of a shortfall in the Social Security Administration’s ability to pay out benefits over the long term. These headlines serve to highlight the fact that employees and employers alike are faced with risks in where we put our retirement savings. In 2006, the Pension Protection Act (PPA) was signed into law.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule


In August 2015, the need for more workforce diversity was spotlighted in a big way when President Obama issued a call to action to technology companies, encouraging them to hire more women and minorities by implementing the Rooney Rule. During the White House’s first-ever Demo Day , over a dozen major technology companies committed to ensuring more diverse recruitment and hiring practices, including Facebook , Amazon, Microsoft and Box. What is the Rooney Rule?

Alissa Hsu Lynch: Full Circle—Ballet to Business and Back to Ballet

Thrive Global

Alissa Hsu Lynch is a senior healthcare executive and Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute. She left Johnson & Johnson in August after 20 years with the company and now works for Google leading MedTech Solutions for Google Cloud. You’re joining the board of ABT.

Talent Management Models for HR in 2020


Every CEO is on the lookout to acquire only the best talent for his organization. This gives rise to indefinite struggles within the organization pertaining to, talent management, operations, and output. This facet underlines the resurgence in talent management over the years. .

4 TED Talks That Anyone Focusing on Workforce Planning Should Watch


Since they became free and accessible online beginning in 2006, TED talks now number over 2,700 and cover a range of topics, from business to world culture, and many subjects in between. The delivery of insightful, inspiring ideas via short talks captured on video has garnered over 3 million views a day from around the world. Margaret Heffernan, “ Forget the Pecking Order at Work ”.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Recent events have called attention to the state of workplace diversity at organizations in all industries. As leaders search for ways to improve D&I across the employee lifecycle, the Rooney Rule is more important than ever. What is the Rooney Rule?

Fulfilling my mom’s last wish during the pandemic

Thrive Global

She organized the most incredible journeys to the most exotic places on the planet like hiking the path Stanley hiked to find Livingstone at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and many more. The phrase “there and back” has a very distinct meaning in our family.

The bold new world of talent: 10 predictions for 2016

HR Times

Entering 2016, we see dramatic changes in the world of HR, learning, talent, and HR technology. Our latest report, Bersin by Deloitte Predictions for 2016 , discusses 10 predictions for the year ahead. In this post, I will highlight the findings and encourage you to read the study and give us your thoughts. As a backdrop, let me note the headlines released at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Corporate learning will go through a revolution.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


To qualify for inclusion in the Performance Management category, a product must: Facilitate the employee performance review process. The HR TechStack for Performance Tracking Tools. There is a lot of software & cloud based apps for modern workforce, at WhoKnows we have handpicked 68 most popular, widely used & recognized vendors in the market. 15Five is a fundamentally new way for businesses to unlock the potential of their entire workforce.

“Keep hold of who you are and what your passions are.” With Beau Henderson & Craig Hudson

Thrive Global

When you align your personality traits to things outside of work, this is what I call “the new freedom,” your identity is not solely defined by your career, so you can be fulfilled when you stop working. Can you share with us the backstory about what brought you to your specific career path?

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


And now, once again using HRmarketer software, we analyzed the #SHRM18 conference website and tweets to come up with the following Conference Twitter Primer — all the information you need to socially prepare for the world’s largest HR conference! Bookmark this page and refer to it during the event if you need someone’s Twitter ID. The Basics. JohnnyCTaylorJr : CEO of @SHRM; Proud to serve on the boards of @Gallup, @univmiami.

” Does the advisor provide value at the first meeting?” with Randy Kurtz and Tyler Gallagher

Thrive Global

Does the advisor mention risk at all? But they cannot guarantee they’ll repeat their results.People facing retirement are more concerned about losing money than making a lot more money. If the advisor doesn’t center the conversation around risk, they probably don’t understand it.

10 Best HRMS Softwares in 2020: For Small & Medium Enterprises

Vantage Circle

The biggest asset for an organization is its employees. Achieving better business results, for an organization, is influenced by its ability to hire the top talents and manage them effectively. The Top 10 HRMS Softwares. Learning Management. The interface can be updated.

Six HR Leaders Inducted into NAHR


The National Academy of Human Resources inducted its 2015 class of Fellows at its annual dinner and installation ceremony Thursday night in New York. Six HR leaders were recognized by their peers in the academy for their level of achievement, including Mark Biegger, chief HR officer at Procter & Gamble Co.; Barclay, who retired from her post as senior vice president of human resources for The Kroger Co. He was also named HRE ’s HR Executive of the Year in 2010.

March Madness: Look Beyond “One Shining Moment” for Lasting Results


This is the time of year when sports fans pay attention to college basketball: The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament – a.k.a. March Madness” – officially kicks off with the “First Four” on March 15 and wraps up with the traditional playing of the song, “One Shining Moment,” at the end of the championship game on April 4. Not all programs go about team-building in the same manner. The 4.0

Cheryl L.M. Phillips-Thill: “No other disease or condition of companion animals takes as many lives as euthanasia. In fact, no other disease comes close”

Thrive Global

A resident had been searching for help to round-up and neuter the abandoned cats in the community. We have helped flea-infested cats and cats with severe dental issues needing tooth extractions, cats with serious medical problems, and some left lying on the street suffering until we rescued them. The felines do not fall from the sky; they are there due to irresponsible pet ownership. On a part-time basis, Cheryl has conducted management training and lectures.

“One Must Have The Courage To Take Chances And Make Big Moves” With Naima Spencer

Thrive Global

Patience with self and the journey. It’s about the journey, not the destination! One must have the courage to take chances and make big moves. No matter how the outcome was! Get the momentum going by taking small actions towards your goals.

Is Sexual Orientation Protected by Federal Law?

HR Daily Advisor

The U.S. The ruling, Franchina v. City of Providence , contributes to a widening division among federal courts about whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964—which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin—covers discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. She rose through the ranks quickly. Fran decision issued February 26, 2018, the 2nd Circuit ruled similarly in a case called Zarda v.

9th Circuit Faults Retiree Plan’s Disclosure of Lifetime Maximum

HR Daily Advisor

A federal appeals court recently confirmed that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) prohibition of lifetime benefits maximums does not apply to retiree-only group health plans. However, the court ruled, the plan had failed to disclose this adequately as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The case is King v. UPS issued a summary plan description (SPD) in 2006 that applies to both the active employee and retiree plans.

“5 Things You Should Do To Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry”, with Nate Martin, CEO of Puzzle Break

Thrive Global

Just because the execs at Company X did things a certain way and became a unicorn doesn’t mean that there aren’t dozens/hundreds/thousands of folks who did things the same way and failed. Nate is the Co-Founder and CEO of Puzzle Break, the first American escape room company.

“Put yourself out there and try new things, even if you are not sure where it leads”, With Douglas Brown and Dr. Amy Wang of Cogniac

Thrive Global

What I have learned is that we often take our own failures or stagnations very seriously and think the whole world views it the same way as we do. Before we dive in, our readers would love to learn a bit more about you. I feel the excitement. Hire the right people!