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Compensation Management in the Banking Sector


Compensation management in the banking sector is no different. Compensation managers for the banking sector must balance the needs of shareholders, investors, and customers when creating compensation plans. . What Is Banking Compensation Management? .

The (Surprising) Facts About Motivation


The default style management has used to motivate their employees is the stick and carrot incentive. For starters, if the incentive isn’t compelling it doesn’t work. What kinds of incentives might a company use to influence employee behavior? Besides compensation, what other rewards can I use to motivate people? Stick and carrot management work well if you want compliance. Adam Grant, “The Significance of Task Significance,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 2008.

Unemployment Is Down. Will Your Employees Jump Ship?

HR Daily Advisor

The Department of Labor (DOL) confirms this is already happening: In November 2014, the number of people who are voluntarily quitting reached its highest level since 2008 ii. Reassess compensation and benefit levels. Compensation is coming back up. Some want monetary recognition, such as bonuses or other incentive pay. This was the highest level of separations since October 2008.”. Leave Policy/Compliance benefits employee engagement feedback trends