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HR, Benefits, and Payroll Compliance Trends for 2021


To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up human resources, benefits, and payroll compliance trends to look out for in 2021. Examine: Discrimination risks, such as during hiring and performance management. Presently, Oregon is the only state that requires predictive scheduling.

Terminated Problem Employee Points to Discrimination, Retaliation as True Motives

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Alleged Discrimination and Retaliation. as a machinist in August 2008. Ted filed a lawsuit against Trane after the termination of his employment asserting claims of discriminatory discharge based on his disability under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD), retaliation for making a workers’ compensation claim, and retaliation for requesting medical leave in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The U.S.


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Disability Discrimination: Terminated Cancer Survivor’s ADA Claim Fails, Part 1

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) recently affirmed a district court’s ruling that an employee failed to establish a case of disability discrimination and retaliation. From roughly 2005 to 2008, she often took medical leave for medical appointments. In April 2008, Willow wanted to apply for a promotion to operations lead. By Steve Jones. The U.S.

ADA: Court Rules that Deceased Employee’s Estate May Sue for Compensatory Damages

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota—recently reversed an Arkansas district court’s dismissal of a discrimination claim brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by a deceased employee’s estate. in 2008. Guenther filed a timely charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The U.S.

3 Steps to Protect Information While Leveraging Social Media

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The number of companies maintaining a corporate presence on social media rose from 34% in 2008 to 77% in 2013 according to SHRM Survey Findings: Social Networking Website and Recruiting/Selection. Garrison, who presented a session at BLR’s 2017 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS) titled #Protecting Information Systems , noted that social media is a powerful marketing and public relations tool for companies.

ADA and FMLA Best Practices Pay Off for Cash-Handling Company

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Melissa” began working as an armored truck driver and guard for Loomis Armored US, LLC, in 2008. Melissa claimed that in late 2008, she suffered a seizure or fainting spell while she was driving an armored truck. Ten months later, Melissa filed a lawsuit alleging Loomis had discriminated against her because of her disability or because it regarded her as disabled, failed to provide her a reasonable accommodation, and interfered with her FMLA rights. by Martin J. Regimbal.

Mental Health in the Workplace: 5 Ways Employers Can Make a Difference


And while bosses may want to be supportive, often it may feel safer to ignore the topic rather than risk uncomfortable conversations or—worse—compliance issues. Avoid Discriminating Against Mentally Ill Employees. Here are five ways to help ensure that your company doesn’t discriminate against those with mental illness, encourages better mental health for everybody and helps employees reach their full potential.

Interactive Process Requires More Than Just Lip Service, But When is Enough Enough?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state laws prohibit discriminating against a qualified employee or job applicant on the basis of an actual or perceived disability. Before 2008, Northern’s safety policy required employees facing certain hazardous work conditions to wear “safety-toe footwear” that met the requirements of the American National Standards Institute’s standard Z41.

Why I’m a management-side lawyer

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Today, I look all the way back to April 15, 2008, for one of these reruns, to answer the question—. In a perfect world, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment wouldn’t exist. I say that mistakes can be legal or interpersonal because lawsuits don’t necessarily happen because an employee was discriminated against. Every now and again it’s worth pulling a post out of the archives for a rerun.

8th Circuit: ‘Economic Conditions’ Did Not Allow Unequal Pay

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) recently affirmed a jury’s decision that a furniture manufacturer was liable for sex-based wage discrimination under the Equal Pay Act (EPA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. All three women filed claims of sex-based wage discrimination under the EPA, and Stella and Margot also filed sex-based wage discrimination claims under Title VII.

Paycheck Fairness Act Back in Congress, Seeks to Ban Salary History


The measure would hold employers accountable for discriminatory practices , end the practice of pay secrecy, ease workers’ ability to individually or jointly challenge pay discrimination, strengthen remedies for wronged employees and prohibit employers from seeking the salary history of prospective employees. Presently there are 13 statewide bans and 11 local bans on the books. Compliance HR Tips & Trends