My Dream Job: Doing TV Weather #CSODConf17

Laurie Ruettimann

I never did make it onto The Weather Channel , but I once turned down doing a segment on Fox & Friends back in 2010 because I didn’t want any part of that show. I will host a Facebook Live event for Cornerstone OnDemand. ” What’s Cornerstone OnDemand? When I was a kid, I wanted to do TV weather. I would’ve been really good at it, too, except I don’t know science. Or how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Women in Technology – What Can You Do To Move the Needle? #HRTechConf

Women of HR

In the “Women Leaders in HR Technology” breakout session, we heard from leaders in the HR technology space from companies like Cornerstone OnDemand, Oracle, Ultimate Software, and Infor. Make it happen. – Kirsten Helvey, Cornerstone OnDemand. At that point Trish mentioned Women of HR, the blog that we founded with a few other women in 2010 and have collaborated on together since then.

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Hiring on all Cylinders: Live at HR Tech 2017


Matt began his career as a corporate recruiter for such companies as Walt Disney and Warner Bros before moving into marketing leadership roles at a variety of HR Technology companies, including Monster, Cornerstone OnDemand and Talemetry. Prior to Namely, Matt was co-founder of Pictela, an ad tech company he sold to AOL in 2010, and a long-time media and advertising executive. Jason Corsello | SVP of strategy, Cornerstone OnDemand.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


Established in 2010, Grovo helps hundreds of forward-thinking organizations like PepsiCo, InterContinental Hotels Group, Magellan Health, and the NBA give their employees the skills to perform their best. PiiQ by Cornerstone, formerly Cornerstone Growth Edition, is a cloud-based employee performance and learning management system that helps businesses to streamline their employee performance review process and prioritize learning for employees. Cornerstone OnDemand.