Conference Attendance 301

China Gorman

In 2010 I wrote Conference Attendance 101 , a post on my blog, Data Point Tuesday. Attending HR conferences successfully – getting the most out of the experience – really has taken careful planning and tons of time management.

Conference Attendance 101

China Gorman

This was originally published on August 31, 2010 — it’s still valid today. You took advice from my last blog post and decided which conference to attend. But now you want to be sure that you leverage your investment by making the most of your attendance. The speakers are typically big names in the industry who speak on universal topics relevant to the conference theme or they are big celebrity names meant to draw your attendance to the conference.


True Faith HR

Prologue The primary reasons HR professionals attend chapter meetings are networking and earning recertification credits toward their PHR or SPHR. Yet, it is the quality of the session/topic being offered that is the primary driver of attendance.

I'm Clearly the Best Candidate--So Why Am I Not Getting the Job?

Evil HR Lady

Friday, October 15, 2010 Im Clearly the Best Candidate--So Why Am I Not Getting the Job? Dear Evil HR Lady, I heard that 85% of the time it’s not the most qualified candidate that gets the job. I’ve been a finalist a few times now but not gotten the job.

Vanishing Point

True Faith HR

I will be attending the SHRM Annual Conference for the tenth time in a few days. Presumably given out by vendors to not only promote their product, but to help the attendee carry away the pens, t-shirts, squeezeballs and other geegaws he or she has picked up along the way, the roller bag seems like a great prize. The roller bag is always underfoot - I can''t tell you how many times I have, or have seen others, nearly tripped over these menaces while navigating the conference.

FMLA: California Employer Put Up with Performance, Attendance Issues Long Enough

HR Daily Advisor

In addition to her attendance issues, she was frequently tardy and became a poor performer. AT&T warned her several times that she would be suspended if her attendance and performance didn’t improve. By Joel Van Parys, Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP.

ProQuest Case Study: Using the Oscillation Principle for Software Development

Conversation Matters

The company began in Michigan with the invention of microfilm in the 1930s and over time its role has become essential to libraries, universities, research centers and other organizations whose mission depends on the delivery of complete, trustworthy information. Social Time.

Melcrum Summit: Re-engineering Internal Communication for Agility.

Strategic HCM

Melcrum Summit: Re-engineering Internal Communication for Agility, Productivity and Impact. ► 2010. I’ve written about employee value propositions (EVPs) a couple of times before , and I mentioned it again, using the same model, in conn.

Innovation vs efficiency ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

Strategic HCM

I try to post on most of the conference I attend, but sometimes struggle to get as much time as Id like. Competing in a global economy in difficult times requires new ways of thinking and doing. ► 2010. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact. Consulting.

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5 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Motivated and Engaged


At the same time, individual workers save between $2,000 and $7,000 annually. Many companies already realize the cost effectiveness of remote work options, since 37 percent of American workers report telecommuting at least some of the time.

St. Louis Rams – Doing Football Like You Do Employee Engagement

What is Paul Thinking

One of the things I’ve been working on for 2016 (all five days of it) is to try to have a more structured schedule, and that means taking time for breakfast and not spending that time in front of the computer. Louis Rams approach to creating a viable product in the St.

How to Study for the SPHR Exam


I’ve attended school for many years and was expecting to be tested on text from the study manuals, similar to the practice tests you had provided, but that’s not what it looked like to me. I took the PHR exam in 2010 and failed. I hope to get a better test this time.

Study 208

Mindfulness on the Job


In these shifting times that encompass the new Aquarian Age , more and more people are drawing inward and committing to practices such as meditation and yoga to help them find greater fulfillment in this lifetime. Realize that change and culture shifts take time.

#LT13UK Gerd Leonhard on information, technology, learning and.

Strategic HCM

I’m still having a rubbish start to the year for blogging but with the start of the conference season I should be back to normal productivity again soon. ► 2010. I don't get to spend anything like as much time as I would like to read other peoples' blogs.

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Preventing Workplace Shootings by Employees

HSD Metrics

Union officials at the time stated there was a massive increase in pressure on employees, even reaching levels of harassment, to increase their productivity, which is thought to have influenced the intense reaction of the shooter.

Looking to Celebrate Equal Pay Day? Check Back in 100 Years.


Since then: In 1963, women who were employed full-time earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. In 2010, women earned 77 cents to men's dollar. Join the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) in New York City May 17, when we will co-host a CHO Group meeting along with The Ayers Group — a conversation about pay equity. It’s that bad.

Presenteeism in the workplace: how can you address it?


It’s important for organisations to tackle presenteeism to encourage productivity and help staff avoid the physical and mental effects of not taking sick days when they need them. This is despite longer hours leading to tiredness and less productivity.

Vanishing Point (revisited) - Rollerbags:Scourage of the #shrm12 Expo Hall

True Faith HR

With the SHRM Annual Conference mere days away, we revisit this post from June 22, 2010 Let me channel my inner Andy Rooney (or Harlan Ellison if you will) for a moment. I will be attending the SHRM Annual Conference for the tenth time in a few days.

True Faith #HR Revisited - 1963 (Vendors and #SHRM16)

True Faith HR

With the SHRM Annual Conference less than 2 weeks away, I thought the timing was perfect to revisit this post from 2011 about the requests of vendors to meet. In my previous 15 years of attending the conference, I have yet to have my name drawn as the winner of a booth's grand prize.

Trends, Tools and Techniques Impacting Compensation Management [WEBCAST]


Here are a couple reasons to attend that will have a real impact on your business: Companies are changing the way they develop employees. Spreadsheets and standalone Compensation Management systems require companies to compile data from a wide array of sources, resulting in a process that is time consuming and error-prone. Compensation and performance trends over time. John Whyte – Senior Manager, Dayforce Talent Management, Ceridian.

The 6 Secrets of High Performing Leaders

Business2Community Leadership

Business is becoming more and more complex with times. The high tech dynamic socioeconomics of the current world demands leaders who have mastered leadership skills in order to remain relevant and productive. The end product of good leadership in a business is success.

The 14 Silicon Valley HR Execs You Should Follow on Social Media


Thought-provoking, actionable insights await when you set aside time to read anything the 14 Silicon Valley CHROs below write. He built and led the HR division of Google for 10 years, during which time Google was named the best companies to work for more than 30 times and was recognized as an employer of choice more than 100 times. If you feel that women are better at childcare, spend some time with a stay-at-home dad to see how great they can be.


1963 (Revisited): Vendors and #SHRM12

True Faith HR

With the SHRM Annual Conference less than 2 weeks away, and sparked by this tweet from Ben Eubanks, I thought the timing was perfect to revisit this post from last year about the requests of vendors to meet.

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems


This freemium product allows unlimited users, but caps off data storage for free accounts at 500MB (vs. Being organized as a suite of cloud-based “apps” rather than a single software product gives Apptivo a lot of flexibility, and allows users to mix and match for the functionality they need.

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Experiences, Not Things: How You Can Improve Employees’ Quality of Life When Increasing Pay Isn’t an Option


Millennials have absorbed this lesson more than older generations, perhaps due to the economic times in which they entered the workforce. There are also seasonal opportunities to spend time with co-workers while feeling a sense of purpose in the community. Not all experiences are good ones, but those times still shape our views moving forward. In that time my leadership never hesitated to grant the time I needed to attend anything from surgeries to specialist visits.

Design Talk: Evangelize Outcome, Not Design [VIDEO]


Since his company was acquired by IBM in 2010, Gilbert has been executing on his plan to redefine how Big Blue, the inventor of commercial computing, develops its products and services. And indeed, they have it back big time.

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9 Reasons your Employer Brand is Failing and 10 Reasons why it Matters


Are your products or services leading the field? If you're seeing improvements to your business as a result of a worker's efforts, then they must be rewarded accordingly or you risk a reduction in their productivity or, worse still, risk them looking elsewhere for a more appreciative employer.

Why Uber, Google, and Other Companies Failed to Address Workplace Harassment

Rallyware for Human Resources

Particularly, many companies haven’t yet provided effective workplace harassment training, preventing their employees from fully comprehending this issue with must-attend annual seminars. 80% of employees’ poor productivity is related to a toxic work environment. Since 2010, companies have paid out a whopping $698.7 Despite this, even large, international companies are still hesitant to take action to timely address or prevent harassment issues.

When the Social Collaboration Magic Happens


I used it when journaling to family and friends during travel with my wife, collaboratively communicating with colleagues and peers on projects, and communicating real-time with whomever included all of the above. Blogging was my second social activity of choice at the time.


True Faith HR

One of the rites of passage associated with registering and attending the conference is the bevy of mail you receive from vendors hoping to lure you to their booth to discuss the latest in HR technology, drug testing, relocation, etc.

Is GPS Tracking of Employees an Ethical Business Practice


For the most part, employee tracking using GPS is used to ensure that employees are tracking their time appropriately on time sheets and not stealing company money. It is understandable for people to waste time while at work by talking with co-workers, taking a personal call or browsing the internet. This is why some companies monitor what their employees do while on the clock, especially if they have employees who routinely waste a large amount of time.

The Pitfalls of Telecommuting

Workplace Psychology

The reality, however, is that it requires a great deal of structure, time management and commitment, as well as an understanding of telecommuting’s disadvantages on the part of the person telecommuting so that s/he can get work done. 2010).

HRE Column: Wrapping up HR Tech, and Looking Forward to 2018

Steve Boese

In the piece, take a look at some of the more interesting trends and themes in HR tech that we have been hearing about for some time now, and some newer ideas that have emerged in the last year or so. Wellness, Experience, Productivity.

Voice, Value, Feedback – The “Must Try” Communication Tool Driving Employee Engagement


Leaders don’t enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them. It is critical that leaders are fearlessly proactive in the difficult conversations that are required in order to keep their direct reports engaged and at their most productive.

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12 Minority Celebrities With #STEM Degrees (part 1)


The aspiring chess master, published mathematician, and offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens attended Penn State where he earned his undergraduate degree in math, graduating in just three years.

Collective intelligence: Improving top team effectiveness

HR Times

3 Individuals who think of problems in terms of the other four dimensions—people, process, risks, and evidence—report that much less time and attention is given to their views. 686–688, 2010. Posted by Juliet Bourke on February 15, 2017.

Can A Startup Ever Have Too Many Investors?

SAP Innovation

In those days, angel investors were the earliest-stage investors who typically would provide you with seed money to get your product ready to go to market and through proof of concept with a few customers. It’s easy to imagine the CEO spending all his or her time managing investors.