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Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: May/June 2011

Future of Work

This is the May/June 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link. You’d think taking a couple of weeks off to join my wife in a visit with our daughter who lives and works in London, being a genuine tourist for once, and soaking up history, both in London and in Edinburgh, would mean I wouldn’t have much to report on this month. The Future of Technology.

Why I’m attending #HREvolution

Strategic HCM

I’m off to Atlanta on Friday to attend the US HR community’s HRevolution unconference. I may not have succeeded in moving out of the UK as yet but I really don’t want to be around for the royal wedding next Friday. Half-way over the Atlantic seems as good as place as anywhere to ensure I don’t accidentally catch any of it. I’ve never been to Atlanta and was disappointed to miss the HCI conference there recently – here’s another chance to visit.

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Guidelines for Leveraging Collective Knowledge and Insight

Conversation Matters

Knowledge workers in any organization have a wealth of insights that are available to their organization to address the difficult issues the organization is facing. Drawing out those insights requires bringing knowledge workers together in meetings that are expressly designed to take advantage of collective knowledge. The principles have been assembled from the work of many researchers and thought leaders. Where possible I have identified the sources.

How to Impress a Powerful Person

45 Things

In my early days at USA Today, I was looking up some obscure information in the newspaper's library (this was before online) on election night when I had quite the shock. We were standing around gabbing about nothing in the library when I felt someone come up beside me.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

HR tech conferences are always a great occasion to speak with industry experts in person, to see some of the coolest HR tech startups pitch their business, and to find out more about the companies behind the technology we write about here on Digital HR Tech. The only thing left for you to do really is picking the one(s) that seem most interesting to you, register, and go! The objective is to discover and discuss new ways to meet the new employees of the future.

If a document falls in Sharepoint.

Transparent Office

That play on the old tree/forest cliche popped into my head this week while some Socialtext colleagues and I were meeting with senior IT staff of a Fortune 100 manufacturing customer of ours. They're a big Sharepoint shop, and mid-way through the meeting we had a revealing exchange: IT Executive: We're a heavy Sharepoint shop Us: Cool. Executive: Someone would have to email you the link. I've had this conversation several times now, almost verbatim.

Adobe 58

How Job Seekers Can Project a More Confident Image

45 Things

Even the most confident job seeker has a niggle of doubt every now and again. Even if it's only a twinge that wakes you up in the middle of the night, it's there. But there are ways to become more confident about yourself and what you bring to the table. Here's a story I did for Gannett/ If you’ve been out of work for a long time, self-doubt can begin to set in. The doubts linger as you attend another networking event.

How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

45 Things

Lots of people get the Sunday night blues, even if they love their jobs. There's just something about the thought of getting up early on Monday, facing traffic, dealing with a blizzard of e-mails and attending yet another meeting that can turn even the best weekend a little blue. But I happened upon something I think can help, and all it takes is two minutes of your time on Sunday night. And doesn't that banish the Sunday night blues just a bit?

Is It a Curse -- or Blessing -- To be a Remote Worker?

45 Things

Most of the people I know who are remote workers say just like any work situation, there's both good and bad aspects. But the downside for many is that they often feel left out of the loop and find it difficult to communicate effectively with the boss. Share the love.

Meet the New Ceridian!


Many, too many, years ago, my strongest impression of Ceridian was the nonsensical names it once gave its products: Symphony, Series 500, Quartet, etc. After emerging out of the Control Data Corp. Since launching in 2014, he now has 3,300 customers on the suite called Dayforce HCM.

Getting Away With It

True Faith HR

I would love to attend the 2011 Illinois HR Conference on August 22-24 and/or the 2011 Ohio SHRM State Conference on September 21-23. Check out the agenda for Illinois here Check out the agenda for Ohio here The quality of line-ups alone justifies attending. Add the networking, entertainment, and food, and it a must-see event. One of my best friends says I am one of the luckiest people in the world.

7 Cool Ways to Inspire Your Staff


But the trick is to give them what they want, not what you think is cool. Here are some ideas managers and HR experts have seen get results in the trenches. Instead of the crack-the-whip type management, employees see that management does care.” Another simple idea from Jennings is to just post a note on the employee’s desk while he or she isn’t there. Employees can contribute up to $50 per paycheck toward the trip of their dreams.

Work / Life Balance, Graphic Design, Blogging and HR. Oh, My!

Working Girl

Is work balance all about “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan?” My work-life balance is heavily reliant on time management and support from my husband. We are well matched with complimentary competencies, the numbers/MBA guy and the creative/marketing gal. I''m trained as a graphic designer but Human Resources responsibilities fall on me as well as understanding the industry we sell in. When I make mistakes I own them and learn from them.

The Process for Performance-Based Termination


Firing employees due to their lack of performance should never be done on the fly. In addition to training and current and clear job descriptions, there is a prudent process for termination. Moreover, you want to give employees plenty of time to improve, and give them the tools needed to get there. Documentation is key, even in the case of informal conversations written in a notebook. In the end, there should be no surprises when you have the final conversation.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

HR tech conferences are always a great occasion to speak with industry experts in person, to see some of the coolest HR tech startups pitch their business, and to find out more about the companies behind the technology we write about here on Digital HR Tech. The only thing left for you to do really is picking the one(s) that seem most interesting to you, register, and go! The objective is to discover and discuss new ways to meet the new employees of the future.

Best global HR conferences

Strategic HCM

My favourite post last week was Informa Group HR Director Alison Chisnell’s report on the HR Forum in Lisbon which made me think this was one event I should try to get to (ie present at) one year. As it so happens, I have recently provided one of my contacts with a list of what I consider to be the best HR conferences (core HR vs recruitment, L&D etc) around the world, and should probably add the HR Forum to that. Don’t miss the tweet-up!

#HRTechConf – minus three thumbs

Strategic HCM

that I thought there had been a bit too much agreement on things during the conference (particularly in Jason Averbook’s and Naomi Bloom’s love-in), and said that I’d try to be clear about what I did, and didn’t agree with (since doing this would help people decide whether to support my model of HR 2.0). And I did refer to some of these disagreements during my presentation (where they linked to my inputs), but ran out of time to do all. the new social media word) with.

“Use it or lose it” vacation: how to do it right


How much can unused vacation time possibly cost an employer? The City of Jacksonville recently learned the hard way, when an executive staffer—who hadn’t taken a vacation in five years—announced his retirement and sought payment for unused vacation days. If he gets the cash-out, he will receive $521,798 in unused vacation since 2011. The post “Use it or lose it” vacation: how to do it right appeared first on Replicon.

Get the Message

True Faith HR

This weekend, I am heading to San Antonio for the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting/Conference. Over 6,000 academicians and scholars will be coming together to discuss the latest advances in management thought in some 25 subfields (HR, Technology & Innovation Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior.the list goes on). Put together all those Ph.Ds, the Riverwalk, and 105 degree weather, and I know you are guaranteed a good time.

Dan Pink on Drive at the HCI Summit

Strategic HCM

I accept most of Paul Herbert’s case (which I still think are the best constructed arguments) against Pink’s thinking. But I also still think it’s the nearest thing like a hand grenade lobbed into the middle of the HR community that there’s been. The basic argument is that incentives don’t work for doing complicated and creative things - creating rather than adding to existing categories. And focus on recognition after the fact rather than just incentives.

#HREvolution, Nobscot and Exit Interviews

Strategic HCM

I’ve posted several times here that, even though I strongly support their use, engagement surveys should only ever be seen as part of the picture. Firstly, engagement is only one part of the broader contribution of human and social capital that employees can tell their employer about. Employees often have a hard time saying that their boss is a jerk, or something of that nature, but they will share this when put in front of a computer.

The Winning Entry: Christine Kelly / HR Challenges at Brady Corporation

Strategic HCM

I promised that I’d award a ticket for the Economist’s Talent Management Summit to one of the people responding to my recent survey on HR’s challenges and I’m delighted to announce that the winner of this ticket is Christine Kelly from Brady Corporation. I managed to catch up with Christine last week and asked her about the responses to her survey. We started, as did the survey, with Brady’s business challenges.

Welcome Aboard.Sucker


So you finally filled that leadership vacancy and the new person''s start date has arrived. They dutifully attended your fabulous new employee orientation and met with their supervisor to get a sense of the "hot issues" that need to be reacted to over the first few months on the job. But time and time again orientation efforts are put into front line staff, while leaders are expected to find their way alone.

Ask the Expert: Is Employee Owed 2 Hours of Reporting Time Pay for 45-Minute Meeting?

HR Daily Advisor

Question: We had a store meeting. One employee was off and only came in for the 45 minute meeting. Do I owe her for 2 hours or just the 45 minutes. ” Answer: Occasionally, employees are called to work on a day they are not otherwise scheduled to “work” to attend a mandatory meeting. The employee needs to be paid only for the time worked ( Price v. App.4th 1136 (2011)).

Getting Virtual Teams Right

Conversation Matters

Here are some examples of what we've learned: Have an initial face-to-face kick-off meeting. There is strong evidence* to show that a team that initially meets in-person functions more effectively. o At that first meeting, take time for the team members to get to know each other in terms of their work experience and their areas of expertise. The ideal size for a team is five. However, meetings need not be lengthy.

“Take the time to take care of ourselves” with Candice Georgiadis, Sonia Khemiri and Sylvie Giret

Thrive Global

As a part of our series about how technology will be changing the beauty industry over the next five years,I had the pleasure of interviewing Beautyque NYC Co-Founders Sonia Khemiri and Sylvie Giret. Before we dive in, our readers would love to learn a bit more about you.

Promotion to Management Takes Planning and Training!

HR Topics

You have a great salesperson – so let’s make her the sales manager and she can train the others how to generate sales. Your top engineer comes to you and indicates he needs to grow – so you make him the engineering leader allowing him to sign off on plans for junior engineers. However, businesses have the responsibility to make sure the organization has a need for the new position and the team member is trained to handle their new responsibility.

The Keys to Effective Customer Service Training

Effortless HR

Regardless of the nature of your business, exception customer relationships are critical to long term success. Many consumers take not of along-termer their experiences with your customer service team far more than the product or service that they purchased from you. On the flip side, research in 2011 found that 78% of consumers have walked away from a purchase or not made an intended purchase because of a poor customer service experience. Train the right people.

“How Extremely Busy Executives Make Time To Be Great Parents”, With Dr. Ely Weinschneider & Eric Fontanot

Thrive Global

The most important job I have is being a good husband and good father. It is important to spend as much intentional time as possible nurturing, teaching, discipling and most importantly loving my daughter. This also means being an example, walking the talk so to speak, because children will mimic you long before they listen to you. As a part of my series about “ How extremely busy executives make time to be great parents ” I had the pleasure to interview Eric Fontanot.

It’s Time to Tidy Up – Get Organized, Reflect & Restore this Fall


While I never miss a spring-cleaning, during fall, I find it increasingly difficult to carve out time for cleaning, personal development, goal-setting, or creativity. Here are the items I plan to tackle; want to join me? 2011).

It’s Time to Tidy Up – Get Organized, Reflect & Restore this Fall


While I never miss a spring-cleaning, during fall, I find it increasingly difficult to carve out time for cleaning, personal development, goal-setting, or creativity. I recently realized I should be more attuned to the natural signals of fall, as the transitions of this season can prompt reflection, getting organized, and clearing out unnecessary clutter in work and personal lives. Here are the items I plan to tackle; want to join me? 2011).

SHRM13 Why Your Talent aren't Talent - Jon Ingham's Strategic HCM

Strategic HCM

23 HR Most Influential UK Thinker 2011. It’s not outrageous to imagine him as the next Ulrich.". #1 1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Stop Checking the Box. The HR Capitalist. 5 Things Every HR Pro Can Learn From Riley Cooper and the Eagles. The New (Social) HR. Gamification - thats the name of the game HR. I was in Chicago last week presenting on The New HR at SHRMs Annual Conference in Chicago.

iCIMS 59

Videoconferencing security and best practices

Business Management Daily

With so many businesses requiring employees to work from home and schools forced to implement distance-learning alternatives to entire student bodies that are under stay-at-home orders, videoconferencing has exploded. But, is that the right move? Hitting the brakes.

Retaliation—The Marcia Brady Of Employment Law

HR Daily Advisor

If middle child Jan Brady from the TV show the Brady Bunch were an HR manager, she’d scream “Retaliation, Retaliation, Retaliation!” Everywhere employers turn, there’s another retaliation claim being made against them under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or another state or federal statute. The day she returned from leave in 2012, she was given a letter from “Cindy,” the presiding judge of Sangamon County.

Community Colleges Respond to Adult Student Needs


revealed that adult students listed balancing work and school, paying expenses and meeting demands of family responsibility were their top three challenges. In the fall of 2017, 5.8 million people enrolled at community colleges, most of them as part-time students. In some states the rate is even higher; for example in Texas, last year three out of four bachelor degree graduates had previously attended community college. Life gets in the way,” he said.

I Made the Biggest Mistake of My Life, and I Couldn’t Be Happier

Thrive Global

Established in 2011, the Fat Bean Coffeehouse provided its customers with a warm welcome, delicious latte, and a cozy environment that felt like a home away from home. The bustling drive through offered a friendly convenience for nine-to-five commuters in search of a fresh brew.

Kevin Schmiegel and Paul Cucinotta: “Remain focused on the mission”

Thrive Global

Kevin and Paul served together as the Executive Officer and Operations Officer in a Marine Corps Artillery Battalion from 2001 to 2003, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. this time by an invisible enemy. What “take away” did you learn from that story?

CLO Joe Ilvento is unlocking potential at Commvault

CLO Magazine

As a freshman biology major at Syracuse University, he took a summer sales job and outsold colleagues who had been on the job for 30 years. As a prize, he got to attend a sales seminar with Tom Hopkins, the international sales guru and author of “How to Master the Art of Selling.”. I sat in the front row of 2,000 people and realized I don’t want to be a doctor, I want to make money,” he said. That’s when his career shifted to the learning and development field.

How Margo Benge Has Shaken Up How People Look At The Lymphatic System

Thrive Global

I may recognize a path is not worth my time and energy to pursue, and change — but obstacles sit in my mind like a pinball machine, and I am constantly bombarding for solutions to achieve my goals. I also recognize that possible doesn’t mean intended, and believe that my path is under control for the greater good, especially when it isn’t clear to me why it’s blocked! Interestingly enough, I was also educated in classic lymphatic drainage at the same time (Vodder).

How e180 relies on digital efficiency to manage HR and nurture human potential


Founded in Montreal in 2011, e180 is the company behind the Braindate app: a platform that has reinvented professional and event networking into relevant, enriching and instructive opportunities. . Sylvain Leclair, Chief Operating Officer at e180, is extremely passionate about the Braindate app. When you attend conferences,” he tells us, “the speakers don’t always seem relevant to you. Answering the needs of the business to gain efficiency.