Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: April 2011

Future of Work

This is the April 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. Google does a data search (surprise!) And even in 2011 it’s clear from recent study published by WorldatWork that flexible work programs (and the culture that accompanies them) are essential if you want to attract and retain good talent. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link.

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Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: July/August 2011

Future of Work

This is the July/August 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. And then a truly mind-blowing demonstration of what the future of collaboration could be like: a technology-enabled way for a group of people to manipulate data and brainstorm without touching anything. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link.

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Small Silver Lining in August Jobs Data

Josh Bersin

After looking at the data in historic perspective, I want. This labor day weekend we learned that the US economy created no new jobs in August, resulting in a 2.2% drop in the stock market on Friday. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Business Trends Human Resources

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The Six 21st Century Skills You REALLY Need

The Bamboo Project Blog

While working with big data , operating in virtual teams and"cognitive load management"all sound great, I think there are far more fundamental skills we should be developing first. . Given the work that I do, I'm a sucker for skill lists.

Moneyball comes to Human Resources: Data Science Matters

Josh Bersin

Billy Beane learned that by using data shrewdly he could build a high-performing. While you may not be a baseball fan, you have to admit that this movie (and book) is really all about Human Resources. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Business Trends Human Resources Measurement Talent Management

Future Skills 2020 and the Implications for Professional Development

The Bamboo Project Blog

Computational World --a massive increase in sensors and processing power that turns just about anything into a programmable system, requiring us to see patterns and use data in ways we never have before. .

Reality Check: Companies Aren't Developing Their Workers

The Bamboo Project Blog

Data are hard to come by, but we know that apprenticeship programs have largely disappeared, along with management-training programs. An interesting article in last week's Wall Street Journal by Peter Cappelli from the Wharton School on why companies can't find the employees they need: .

Put Your Performance Data To Work


Having a manual or quasi-automated review system can be a barrier to being able to easily mine those data to assess what is happening in key areas of performance. Creating training and development plans at various levels based on accumulated data and not intuition or limited data.

Are You Prepared for the "Internet of Things"?

The Bamboo Project Blog

It's possible because RFID, bar codes and other technologies now allow us to tag and uniquely identify real-world objects so that they can feed all kinds of data into networked systems.

Four Strategies for Combating Career Tunnel Vision

The Bamboo Project Blog

Some ideas: What changes are happening in the larger world around technology, people, networks and data? One of the things I've observed repeatedly is how stunned people are when they lose their jobs.

HR Data Quality

HR Examiner

Neil McCormick and Dr. Chris Andrews discuss the need for a globally recognized, structured approach, to managing and maintaining the overall workforce data quality in organizations. HR Data Quality. His statement that ‘ Data depreciates.

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A Model Lessons Learned System – The US Army

Conversation Matters

There are five strategic elements in a robust and effective lessons learned system; Collection, Repository, Transfer Process, Implementation, and Analysis and Data Mining. Two hundred employees work in the CALL center checking documents for classification, adding metadata and archiving data.

8 Google Rules: Improving Management and Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Google Oxygen inspires 8 data driven management practices in a quest to build a better boss. The NY Times printed a long article on Google’s OXYGEN project to look at the top data driven principles of management within Google.

Talent Acquisition in Turmoil: The Facts and Figures

Josh Bersin

Today we released our first ever Talent Acquisition Factbook®, a comprehensive study of trends, benchmarks, and spending data in the US (and UK) recruiting market. It points out the tectonic shifts. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Business Trends Sourcing and Recruiting

L&D Professionals: Look Who's Hiring

Bersin with Deloitte

Get the latest training spending and staffing data in our annual report, The Corporate Learning Factbook 2011 Training professionals have had a tough time during the recession, facing budget cuts, layoffs, salary freezes, furloughs, and more. But there are signs that the worst may be over. The most positive sign of a turnaround is that many training groups began to hire again in 2010. Staffing increased 6%, on average, within U.S.

Employee Morale Eroding Like the Grand Canyon


Much like some soil erodes over time, the morale of some employees erodes over time. Chipping away at an employee''s morale can happen in a lot of ways. Each of your employees will respond to situations and communication differently.

Building Expertise through Continuous Training

Bersin with Deloitte

For more examples of how companies are improving their L&D initiatives, as well as training benchmarking data, see our report, The Corporate Learning Factbook 2011. With slightly more L&D resources this year, organizations are increasing their training offerings. This is generally good news for employees and employers, as effective development programs enable employees to enhance their skills and help their organizations meet their goals.

Why a Data Warehouse is Not the Analytics Cure-All


Data warehousing has existed since the mid-1990s, and by 2011, Gartner made the (not-so-surprising) prediction that it would reach its inflection point that same year. “As Understanding these data warehousing pitfalls is more important now than ever.

A Moneyball Pioneer On Why Baseball Data Has Feelings


In this new profile series, we sit down with interesting people and ask them to share the various ways their data-driven approach has served them in their life and career. This led to an early fascination with data science. Tech Insights data-driven leader profile

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Good Management: How Do You Measure Up?

Working Girl

Provide managers with better management tools and access to relevant business data. The importance of good management for engagement, retention and overall company performance has been a central theme of the blog from the very beginning.

4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

45 Things

Census data show that more employers are letting workers set up home offices to get work done with 61 percent more workers considering home their primary workplace in 2009 compared with 2005. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it.

Increase in Learning Tech Spending

Bersin with Deloitte

For more data and trends on training spending, read our Corporate Learning Factbook report. 2010 was a turnaround year for many U.S training organizations. After double-digit spending cuts in each of the prior two years, training budgets began to stabilize - and even increase within many organizations. Overall, companies spent 2% more on training in 2010 than in 2009. With budgets loosening up, many L&D organizations initiated learning infrastructure projects in 2010.

5 Compelling Invitations to Achieve Employee Engagement in Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability

David Zinger

Make the important urgent through data and story. Make the importance of sustainability more urgent with sound data and compelling stories that encourage responses and actions rather than only ringing alarm bells that promote fear and paralyze initiative.

How to Get the Boss to Listen to You

45 Things

But don't start talking a lot of data. I'd like to say that because I've been in the communications business for a long time, I'm an expert communicator. But then, that wouldn't explain the responses I've gotten to some of my e-mails that state, "What are you talking about?"

Employee Engagement: What’s Your Bid?

David Zinger

I have followed the work of Dr. Gottman over the past 15 years years and I have been impressed with his data and analysis about communication and relationships. Bid 2011. I encourage you to make bidding your priority in 2011. How do you build relationships at work that work?

Innovative HR in 2012

Strategic HCM

I presented a session on the future of strategic HRM yesterday.

Need Flexibility In Your Reports?


You likely want the ability to pull the exact data and statistics that are useful to you and your organization. Data points can be added or removed to create just the right report. Every company out there wants the same statistics on their performance reviews , right?

Why SaaS is Greener

Working Girl

According McKinsey research paper '' Data Centers: How to Cut Carbon Emissions and Costs ,'' the world''s 44 million servers consumed.5% of all electricity in 2008, with data center emissions approaching those of small countries and projected to quadruple by 2020.

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#HRTechEurope Integrated Talent Management Technology

Strategic HCM

Eg there was some suggestion that the key need is data integration, not technology integration, which I think reflects this more transactional focus.

#HRTechEurope – iTalent competition (and congratulations to MIIAtech)

Strategic HCM

The winner of the competition was MIIAtech with their natural language CV search technology, Goldfish, which closes the gap between structured and unstructured data.

#HRTechEurope – emcee summary

Strategic HCM

I’ve just got back from a great two days at HR Technology Europe in Amsterdam this week. But since I was busy working as Master of Ceremonies, I’m going to struggle for time to get much out on my blog.

With Globoforce on Social Recognition

Strategic HCM

Organisations are increasingly interrogating social recognition data, overlaying this on performance and compensation systems and identifying the correlations, providing a sort of multi-person review. (I

#HRTechEurope Human-Centric HR Technology

Strategic HCM

This type of technology gives HR robust and accurate data about the people the organisation employees and means that HR can start to take more sensible decisions about the workforce.

#HRTechEurope – CedarCrestone survey

Strategic HCM

Just in time, Lexy Martin at CedarCrestone have provided a summary of the European data for their global HR Systems Survey I encouraged you to enter earlier this year. It’s the HR Technology Europe conference in Amsterdam today where I’ll be acting as emcee.

Stop the Search: 8 Google Rules for Good Bosses

David Zinger

It is a familiar looking list of management behaviors but what makes it more intriguing is that it was based on data collection and the behaviors are ranked in order of importance. Be the Boss – Achieve Employee Engagement Through Good Management. Google’s own research into bosses.