How to Hold a Retreat or Meeting Where New Thinking Emerges

Conversation Matters

I attended a meeting a number of years ago that has remained in my mind as the ideal meeting where new thinking can emerge. I want to describe that meeting and then tease out the design characteristics that led to such memorable results.

October 2012: What’s Happened/Happening

Future of Work

Fall in North America is always an incredibly busy time. Here are several very brief notes about the major events that we are involved in or attending. Please come to the CREC business meeting at World Workplace in San Antonio (Wednesday morning, October 31), and attend our other professional events at the conference. Jim Ware will be attending the fall Corenet Summit in Orlando – primarily as a press representative.

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January 2012: What’s Happened/Happening?

Future of Work

We were very grateful that our long-time friend and client Diane Coles , Director of Workplace Solutions at SCAN Health, hosted the event at SCAN’s award-winning Long Beach headquarters facility. Facilities Forum 2012. He will be attending the association's winter conference in Plano, Texas, February 3-5. If you will be there, or in the area, contact Jim to arrange a private meeting or share a glass of wine. Facilities Fusion 2012. Recent Activity.

The Power of Action Learning: A Process for Building a Collaborative Culture

Conversation Matters

A system for learning reflectively – sets, which are small groups that meet regularly over several months. Typically, sets hold a day long meeting every two weeks over a period of four to six months. • During set meetings each member has an hour to focus on his/her problem/opportunity.

How to Choose Professional Organizations to Join

Effortless HR

In these challenging times when every dollar spent must be a wise investment, one of those decisions is where you should spend both time and money in terms of business development. Have a plan when you attend the various events on who you want to meet.

HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2012 - Ask the Expert - The Cure for HR Tech Angst


Dear HR Tech Conference Expert: My travel reservations are confirmed, and I can’t wait to visit the Windy City for the 2012 HR Technology Conference & Exposition ! My problem is, I’ve never attended an industry trade show of this size. Bringing automation to your people processes will save your organization time and money, and performance management is a great place to introduce a more streamlined and efficient process.

A Knowledge Management Strategy for Non-Profits Working in Developing Countries

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Among the eleven organizations interviewed four had no KM staff, five had assigned KM responsibility as an additional duty to an existing role, one had a full time KM staff member, and one had eight KM staff members. One of the organizations interviewed had a full time person in a KM role.

Challenges & Opportunities for Talent Managers 7: The Talent.

Strategic HCM

Thursday, 3 May 2012. Right, to finish this little mini-series of posts on talent management, here is further advance warning of the Economist’s 2012 Talent Management Summit, www.­thetalentmanagem­entsummit.­com. ▼ 2012. Making meetings more exciting?

Inspire engagement: Tips to plan effective meetings


I recently heard a friend say, “I’d rather stab my eye with a pencil than attend this meeting.”. While extreme, her opinion of meetings is not uncommon among employees. If employees spend their time dreading meetings and misunderstanding important objectives, then they are less likely to drive results that contribute to the organization’s success. According to Meetings Suck? What do you dislike about meetings?

Employee Engagement: Achieve Strong Results

David Zinger

Results: Strengthen the Pyramid of Employee Engagement One Block at a Time. Spend more time thinking about results and applying a variety of tools to create fresh or new thinking. Plan to attend the London UK Strength and Engagement Workshop Wednesday November 28 from 13:00 to 18:00.

5 Etiquette Lessons for the Workplace

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If you're attending a conference where you're expected to tweet updates, the speaker usually understands that. It's like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off." Again, if you're texting during a meeting or a conversation, you're showing disrespect to others.

Network Like It's 1959

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You're not likely to see anyone on Mad Men use online social networking to forge a relationship although they do put the "social" in networking with their lunch meetings and after-hour soirees. Join an airline club so you have time to mingle with others in an airport lounge.

Fire Up Summertime Performance — Reinforce Development-driven Learning During the Lazy Days of Summer


The temperatures are soaring, the birds are singing, and your employees’ thoughts are drifting toward summer vacations and leisure time in the great outdoors. You’ve got a business to run and customers to wow, so how do you keep everyone happy this time of year? May 2012.

Socialtext and Peoplefluent at the Enterprise 2.0 Show: the Excitement is Just Beginning


Wednesday, June 27, 2012 :00am. show in Boston, MA , Peoplefluent joined the Socialtext team to meet with clients and prospects in attendance and share perspectives. Socialtext and Peoplefluent at the Enterprise 2.0 Show: the Excitement is Just Beginning By Jim Bowley.

How DreamWorks Teaches All Employees to Flex Their Creativity Muscle

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He knows he's organized and good with numbers, and can meet tax deadlines with ease. The company is trying to maximize its creative collaborations through cloud computing technology but also through some very nontechnical face-to-face meetings.

Brute Force Leadership


The only way I can ensure things get done the right way is if I attend the meeting." Whether it''s an idea, strategy, meeting commitment or other area of the work I''m responsible for, I fall into the trap of convincing myself that I have to be involved in everything.

Why Spiked Eggnog May Be Just What Your Career Needs

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It’s not unusual for many of your thoughts this time of year to be about the holidays and the millions of things you have to do before Santa miraculously stuffs himself down the chimney. You may think all these things are time-wasters, and you’re only going to get further behind in your job.

How to Develop Your Charisma

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Before going to an event, think about which meetings or activities you will be attending. During this time, try to avoid difficult conversations and focus on pleasant or fun interactions.

1963 (Revisited): Vendors and #SHRM12

True Faith HR

With the SHRM Annual Conference less than 2 weeks away, and sparked by this tweet from Ben Eubanks, I thought the timing was perfect to revisit this post from last year about the requests of vendors to meet. There are only slight modifications to reflect that its 2012.

Conversational Patterns That Support Telling Truth to Power

Conversation Matters

Each team member also received individual coaching between group meetings. During that time team members wrote hundreds of conversational cases. To assist the team, early in their time together, the Knowledge Lab provided the Critical Discourse intervention described above. For some time the team had been struggling with how to organize themselves to deal with the central issue of their analysis. The rationale being that there is not enough time to rehash decisions.

How to enhance employee engagement with team bonding


If an organization takes the time to tailor team bonding to personal interests, then there is a greater chance of success and enhanced employee engagement. A visual representation of events occurring by month will allow employees to plan in advance and shows that their time is respected.

More on Social Media in HR Summit ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012. And I hope I’ll also get to meet you there too? If you’d like to attend the event you can book at [link]. ▼ 2012. London 2012 – taking a sickie / playing the game. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact.

iCIMS 70

Employee Engagement Dialogue on Change Resistance with Rick Maurer and David Zinger

David Zinger

Here are two snippet from there dialogue, followed by a recording with slides and a transcript that offers you time stamps to find specific sections that may interest you. I said you know when we have this planning meeting you can jump right in.

Come Down: A Wish List for @SHRMTara

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It happened several times during the HRGames and were corrected. With 4-5 rounds, teams get to meet a multitude of people from other institutions. While there are common meals, the four hour prep time means interaction is minimized.

Challenges and Opportunities for Talent Managers / 2 - Strategic HCM

Strategic HCM

Friday, 20 April 2012. A Chinese automaker attends job fairs in Germany, even though China produces large numbers of graduate engineers each year. ▼ 2012. I don't get to spend anything like as much time as I would like to read other peoples' blogs.

Unconferencing at the HR Directors Business Summit

Strategic HCM

This is an (updated) article I wrote to support the HR Director’s Business Summit next week: The next HR Directors Business Summit taking place in January 2012 will, for the first time, feature an unconference.

The unanswered question regarding pay equity

True Faith HR

Attend any SHRM chapter meeting, and it is more than likely that there will be twice as many women in the audience than men. At the same time, efforts at the State level make this more difficult - in Wisconsin, for example, Governor Scott Walker repealed the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act, arguing that lawyers were clogging up the legal system. Its no secret that HR is a female-dominated occupation.

Study 64

The Employee Engagement Wholehearted Dialogue: Denise Bissonnette and David Zinger

David Zinger

You can watch the entire recording or scan the time stamped transcript to go to a section that interest you. I love the story of the priest who meets a soldier on the road in pre-revolutionary Russia. Dialogue with Denise Bissonnette on Wholehearted Engagement.

On @lruettimann's endorsement of the #8manrotation for the 2013 #SHRM Board

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I can''t speak for the rest of my 8 Man Rotation brethren, and I am not sure I will have the time in 2013 to attend the SHRM Board meetings, along with the concomitant requirements of serving, but, if elected: 1. I''ll settle for an exit row along with frequent delivery of Diet Coke to my seat from a flight attendant.

#transformHR - Early afternoon with Kim Roden and Tim Sackett

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If you are not in attendance, you may follow the conference on Twitter at #TransformHR or follow it live where it is streaming at [link]. The afternoon session of Transform HR kicked off with Tim Sackett discussing "What You Wished HR Would Do." Sackett first highlights his several trips flying on a corporate jet with his CEO; it gave him a new way of thing about things.

In Praise of Comprehension and Meaning


I remember having attended a strategy meeting where head of the department (call him boss) was explaining a new strategy that none of us had heard about before. How many times do we end up doing this? In fact, the more time we spend in fully understanding our approaches, the lesser time it takes in executing it. We live in an “instant” world. People want to do everything instantly, including understanding, comprehension and making sense of something.

Ask the Expert: Is Employee Owed 2 Hours of Reporting Time Pay for 45-Minute Meeting?

HR Daily Advisor

Question: We had a store meeting. One employee was off and only came in for the 45 minute meeting. ” Answer: Occasionally, employees are called to work on a day they are not otherwise scheduled to “work” to attend a mandatory meeting.

3 Reasons Physical Offices & Face-to-Face Meetings Are Not Going Away

Workplace Psychology

The traditional, physical office is not going away any time soon despite advances in technology allowing people to work remotely , either at a home office, coworking space, virtual office, or another remote location (such as a coffee shop, library, or bookstore). 2012).

Come Fly with Me: The FMLA and A Grounded Flight Attendant

HR Daily Advisor

There was a time in the middle of the last century when the lure of the skies drew young women to the “glamorous” job of being a flight attendant. Times have changed.

THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR PROS: Meet Mary Faulkner, Head of Talent at Denver Water.

The HR Capitalist

9 times out of 10, people who are well-branded get their start by being pushed or inspired by others to share their ideas. Branding is an outcome of sharing in a consistent fashion across time. . Launched in 2012, the blog does what it promises to do - help you survive leadership.