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Concerned about Retention? The Potential for a Resume Tsunami

Bersin with Deloitte

I’m so excited about a report we published today: Calculating the True Cost of Voluntary Turnover: The Surprising ROI of Retention. I’ve been wanting to write this report since I joined Bersin in 2013, but my study of retention began many years before then. Engagement HR Strategy & Benchmarking Sourcing & Recruiting Talent Strategy Workforce Planning

What Is Employee Turnover (and Why It Matters)


At some point, if your business is more than one person, you’re likely to deal with employee turnover. Analysts estimate backfilling roles costs employers roughly 20% of that position’s salary in hiring, recruiting, and onboarding costs. What Is Employee Turnover?

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How Scarcity and Attrition Might Ruin Recruitment Planning

HR Daily Advisor

Recruiting is a challenge for 2015. Learn what’s happening in the real world with our new research report, Recruiting Best Practices: Finding and Attracting Talent in 2015’s Challenging Business Climate. Also, when you are dealing with a short supply, it may drive the organization to do more retention and more development. What do benchmark data reveal about industry and occupation trends? Turnover rate. Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace.

11 of the Most Enlightening Employee Engagement Statistics


More often than not, poor customer experiences make us want to write off the entire company—so almost 20% of workers being disengaged could spell trouble for customer retention, client retention, and employee morale overall. Companies with highly engaged employees see 59% less turnover.

KPIs Alone Will Not Fix The Diversity Problem


My personal feelings aside, recruitment, advancement, and leadership KPIs have long been touted as the best way to measure diversity, and companies blindly follow these arbitrary targets as barometers of success: 12 women in our team – tick.

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire ~ HR.

Strategic HCM

That’s great to see - it’s something recruiters should be focusing on much more than they do (rather than just recruitment time and cost). Perhaps less intuitively, iCIMS are also seeing positive impacts on their client’s engagement scores and retention rates as well.

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#Employee Feedback Is The Killer App #HR


As the economy grows and the job market gets hotter, employee engagement and retention have become a top priority. Why is there such a wide variation in employee engagement and retention? A new market has emerged: Employee feedback apps for the corporate marketplace.

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