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Collective Sensemaking: How One Organization uses the Oscillation Principle

Conversation Matters

The consultants work on client projects in small ad hoc groups formed around topics of joint interest, for example, knowledge productivity or sustainable business. Insure cognitive diversity ( Page). He goes on to explain, “ We have a value that urges no hierarchy; everyone is equal.

Career Resilience for Entrepreneurs

The Bamboo Project Blog

Clearly the Connecting pattern is critical to small business owners--this is how we find our customers and connecting to others to market our products and services is like breathing for most successful entrepreneurs. Connections from diverse industries and occupations are also important.

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The Economist's Talent Management Summit and the new rules of.

Strategic HCM

Wednesday, 10 April 2013. Prioritising engagement - understanding that its important, and will continue to increase in importance, as more and more organisations compete on their culture / organisational capability and which needs to include at least an element of engagement.

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Women And Men Working Together = More Sustainable & Successful Work Environments

Inpower Coaching

The demand is right around the corner and the Millennials will expect it for young men are used to working with women as equals. Finally, research has shown that teams that are compromised of equal numbers of men and women are most successful. Feedback is the lifeblood of productive teamwork. These diverse teams also have significantly higher returns for stakeholders. Want to sustain outstanding results in business?

Melcrum Summit: Re-engineering Internal Communication for Agility.

Strategic HCM

Melcrum Summit: Re-engineering Internal Communication for Agility, Productivity and Impact. ► 2013. (44). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact. Consulting. Speaking. Writing. About-HCM. Welcome. Welcome height=200 id=Image1_img src=[link] width=220/>. Connect with me.

60+ Top Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2019

Digital HR Tech

Hayal has extensive experience on topics including (among others) the evolution of the gig & on-demand economies, global talent strategy, workforce flexibility, and diversity. Think of courses about the art of giving feedback, how to become agile, aiming for diversity and many, many more.

10 Tips for Fostering Team Success


In a 2013 survey of more than 23,000 workers, two-thirds of employees reported that their work required increased collaboration over the past three years. Embrace diversity. Diversity is a meaningful competitive advantage for any team.

A Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

Analytics in HR

At the same time, the aging workforce is a more expensive one – but not necessarily a more productive one. The revenue produced by products that are less than a few years old has increased tremendously in the last few decades. Let’s take an example of a company with three product lines.

Be careful! These books can change your career: People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list

Littal Shemer

The book covers the full People Analytics scope (Benefits, Compensation, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Leadership, Learning & Development, Personality Traits, Performance Management, Recruitment, Sales Incentives) with numerous real-world examples, and shows how R can help”.

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire ~ HR.

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The first thing is that quality isn’t just about the skills / competencies / capabilities that someone is selected with. And one very good example of effective onboarding / induction technology is the product provided by this blog’s sponsor, iCIMS. ► 2013. (44).

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Innovation vs efficiency ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

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Competing in a global economy in difficult times requires new ways of thinking and doing. It’s easy to think of innovation as invention, challenging product development and refinement. ► 2013. (44). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact. Consulting. Speaking.

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What should be the CIPD's new strategy? ~ HR to HR 2.0 and.

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A professional institute needs to reflect the complexity and diversity which exists. Besides this, once the CIPD has managed to get closer to its members, it will be able to achieve the same results – and more – by partnering with member consultants, not competing with them!