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Talent Management & Development Journey to Japan

China Gorman

Imagine that you’re the Global Head of Talent at an employer with a significant number of employees in Japan. And then understand that in 2014, 26% of Japan’s population was estimated to be 65 years or older, and the Health and Welfare Ministry has estimated that over-65s will account for 40% of the population by 2060. Want to learn about them in person in Japan with some really smart Talent Management professionals as your learning/traveling companions?

HCM Software Marketplace – A Look Back at 2016 and a Look Forward to 2017


Innovations in Employee Engagement (Live H2H, Highground), Assessment (Pinsight, Pymetrics), and Recruitment CRM / Marketing (Yello,, were most notable to me. What to expect in 2017? Thus, 2017 could be the year of “compliance reversal.” The need for managing contingent labor will grow significantly in the new year, and HCM software vendors will provide better ways to manage this workforce. Written by: Jacqueline Kuhn.

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5 Tips to Tackle Compliance in 2017


Rules and regulations are constantly changing for federal contractors and subcontractors and that’s not something that’s going to change immediately in 2017. In 2014 the construction industry accounted for 20% of all private industry fatalities according to Bureau of Labor.

How Employers Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work


The most obvious example of this was when I was a Promotions Manager for a radio station where, at age 25, I had responsibility for a small team and a sizeable budget. The post How Employers Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work appeared first on Human Capital Management Blog.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

attract, engage, and retain top talent should. talent with technology. Talent as core to HR. with a leader—from recruitment to retirement— plays a role in connecting employees to purpose, accomplishment, and one another. management. performance management.

5 Reasons Why Recruits Secretly Hate Their Hiring Managers


What do you wish hiring managers knew? So why do your recruits hate you? Unempathetic hiring managers. Testing, both for aptitude and for personality, is getting big in the recruiting industry. Hiring managers are busy people, but that’s just rude.

RedBranchWeekly: Action-Packed Recruitment Tips & Management Ideas

marenated HR

Hello, Friday and hello recruiting and management tips! This week our partners at ClearCompany, WCN, Talent Tech Labs and iRevü shared some amazing nuggets of advice. If you work in HR and recruiting, you may want to listen up. By: Marissa Litty.

Employers, It's Time to Let Go of the Unemployment Stigma

Cornerstone On Demand

Sometimes, companies even prefer to recruit passive candidates that haven't applied for a job in the hope of attracting them. What's more, even if we do show unemployed candidates' resumes to hiring managers, how many of us actually try to justify why great candidates find themselves out of a job? For one, hiring managers have noted that this cohort had higher rates of retention than those who hadn't experienced the hardship of being out of a job, and Deloitte's guide confirms this.

Growing Without Leaving: Integrating “New” Employees with Successful Transboarding


By Celine DuPuis, Product Marketing Manager, Ceridian. years in 2014 to 4.2 My conversations indicate that managers should put the same effort into creating the role and its description as they would for requesting an open headcount where new hires are brought in.

Is There Really a Skills Gap?


There are also problems with basic skills, with the survey showing almost a third of businesses had concerns about the literacy and numeracy levels of their new recruits. The Association of Colleges recruit for lecturers and support staff in FE colleges up and down the UK.

What to Do When They Play Hard to Get: Using the Right Approach When Recruiting Passive Candidates


What to Do When They Play Hard to Get: Using the Right Approach When Recruiting Passive Candidates. May 23, 2017. You have to be willing to change your recruitment strategy if you’re going to be successful in attracting passive candidates. Don’t Undervalue In-Person Recruitment.

The Digitalization Of HR And Its Implications For Workforce Analytics


They also suggest that the deepening reliance on enterprise data will incent talent analytics teams to create an ecosystem of partners outside of HR, whose data will enable these teams to provide holistic guidance to the business.

The Foundation of Successful Employees

ATD Human Capital

Having a strong onboarding program is one way to retain key talent. In 2014, Claudette Nunez, director of employee development and training at New York Community Bank (NYBC), and her team decided to focus on improving onboarding.

Using people analytics to improve health care performance

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Brian Augustian on August 18, 2017. percent in 2015 (slightly below 2014), 2 bedside registered nurse (RN) turnover increased from 16.4 percent in 2014 to 17.2 5 Nursing shortage fact sheet, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014, [link] nursing-shortage.

Becoming Simply Irresistible: Meaningful work

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Josh Bersin and Burt Rea on November 10, 2017. This whole principle of “autonomy” is a major practice of effective leadership, and many new managers struggle to “let people figure things out on their own.”

Study 88

Using people analytics to improve health care performance

HR Times

Posted by Brian Augustian on August 18, 2017. percent in 2015 (slightly below 2014), 2 bedside registered nurse (RN) turnover increased from 16.4 percent in 2014 to 17.2

Becoming Simply Irresistible: Meaningful work

HR Times

Posted by Josh Bersin and Burt Rea on November 8, 2017. This whole principle of “autonomy” is a major practice of effective leadership, and many new managers struggle to “let people figure things out on their own.”

Study 74

5 Tips to Help Develop Great Leaders

HR Daily Advisor

All too often, managers are hired based on previous success, experience, and technical skills over harder-to-quantify leadership potential. Provide Early Manager Development. by Anita Bowness, global practice leader, Business Consulting, Halogen Software.

3 Tips to Help Employees Prepare for Conversations About Their Performance

HR Daily Advisor

As an HR professional, you know that a conversation about performance provides an equal opportunity for managers and employees to talk about what’s going well, what needs to improve, and how things are going in general. Communication 360-degree feedback employees learning managers

How to Hire Qualified RNs, CNAs and LVNs at Your Home Health Agency


In 2014 alone, there were 12,400 home health agencies operating in the U.S. To simplify this process, an integrated hiring and talent management platform can aid home health agencies fil critical roles and maintain an advantage over the competition.

eBook 56

Why succession planning matters (and why so many companies get it wrong)


There’s little point investing time and money in securing employees through recruitment, only to neglect them further through the process before they have risen in the company and before they have realised their true potential for the business. Know Your Talent Pool.

Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters


In 2014, the nearly 12 million disabled people in the UK were estimated to have a combined disposable income of around £80 billion. Yet 2017 figures suggest that only 3.4 Nearly half (49%) of employers surveyed for LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 said they focus on diversity to better represent their customers. Cognitively diverse teams solve problems faster than teams of cognitively similar people, according to 2017 research published in Harvard Business Review.

Which Employees Do We Need In The Future? Not Only The Masterminds


This holds true for the so-called early talents as well as for high-ranked leaders. So, of course, these do matter, but mainly as a “threshold” as entry-level requirements for management positions. Daniel Goleman incorporates almost three decades of research in his latest books and names four facets of EI to be highly relevant for the business world: Self-awareness, Self-management/-regulation, Empathy, and Social skill. Cherry , 2017).

Unconscious Bias Training Helps Fuel Diversity Efforts at Industrial Gas Company

HR Daily Advisor

This global industrial gas company worked with a third-party training vendor in Fall 2014 to create content for “Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion”, a half-day training program offered to all Praxair leaders, says Vanessa Abrahams-John, chief diversity office for Praxair. “We

5 Things Keeping Financial Services HR Teams Up at Night

Cornerstone On Demand

Accenture found that the average cost of cybercrime for the industry has grown by 40 percent over the past three years, from $13 million per firm in 2014 to $18 million in 2017—that includes regulatory fines, legal expenses, restoration of customer losses and other costs.

Four Reasons Private Equity Firms Are Rethinking Their Workforce Investments


Most methods used by private equity (PE) firms for enhancing business value, beyond pure financial engineering, involve optimizing people management in some way, such as restructuring teams, bringing in new talent, refreshing training programs, or modifying incentive structures.

Solving the Talent Crunch

HR Daily Advisor

The HR Daily Advisor recently sat down with Zoe Harte, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Talent Innovation at Upwork to discuss the current hiring crisis and what can be done about it. The good news is that HR is seeing the benefits of reframing its talent needs this way.

Carnival of HR – Happy 13th Anniversary Edition!

Robin Schooling

In 2017, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the carnival, I wrote The Unofficial (and totally non-scientific) History of HR Blogging to document, as best we could, the evolution of HR blogging. 2014.

Cornerstone: Does It Still Matter?


With the Talent Management Suite Wars long over — after starting 15 years ago — does one of the two winners left standing, Cornerstone OnDemand, still matter, especially when the other one is SAP SuccessFactors? That continued in 2015 and got worse in 2016 and 2017.

#HotInHR: Congress Can Kill Overtime Rule, But Court Might Revive It


Every Monday we send a summary of the previous week’s funding announcements, mergers, acquisitions, and partnership news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Why Nearly Half Of Workers Globally Could Leave Their Jobs In 2017 – Fast Company. Managers can help retain their staff by applying these five strategies. Growth in “Gig Economy” Workers Peaked in 2014 – Fortune.

A Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

Analytics in HR

According to Evers (2014), strategic workforce planning is becoming increasingly important for a number of reasons. Talent management: Talented employees form a competitive advantage for the company. Overhead and management are of secondary concern.

Instant Talent Assessment Appeals. But does it work?

HR Examiner

Instant Talent Analytics is a new technique that can provide an assessment of an individual without requiring the individual to take a test. Instant Talent Assessment Appeals. Sometimes, it’s all about making quick, accurate talent decisions vs. getting off to a great first impression.

Culture-Change Agents


but in between sessions don't forget to check out Human Resource Executive magazine's cover story Culture-Change Agents (by Jack Robinson), featuring Microsoft CHRO and i4cp 2017 Conference speaker Kathleen Hogan. Soon after succeeding Steve Ballmer in early 2014, he asked Hogan to become executive vice president of human resources -- and to help him foster a new corporate culture. He oversees talent management and other key functions.


HR Tech Weekly: Episode #245: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. Paycom Announces Further Enhancements to Learning Management Software Link ». Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology.