Pump Up Your Change Management Competencies

China Gorman

IBM recently released an executive report: “Making change work… while the work keeps changing – How change architects lead and manage organizational change.” The report, based on data from their latest “Making Change Work Study” seems a very pertinent one for the times.

Competency analytics

Analytics in HR

Who wouldn’t want all the competencies in the world? Some competencies are so important it is worth seeking them out and treasuring them. What challenges will you face for competency analytics to be both practical and worthwhile? Can competencies be defined at all?

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HR Lessons from the Guys with No HR

Cornerstone On Demand

Some call in consultants for the trickier stuff, some do it all themselves. Many of the things the HR department is called on to oversee are the things that managers used to deal with before HR was invented. Manager sends him home and prepares the paperwork.

Top 10 List for TotalConnection 2014


It’s the final countdown! In less than two weeks TotalConnection descends upon the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. This year’s agenda is packed full of high-quality sessions, fantastic speakers, ample networking opportunities, and, of course, over-the-top customer appreciation events.

Quote of the Week: “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird…

Something Different

…it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. …Once such change is to a morning ritual I’ve had for over 600+ days now; every morning, I start every day learning something new about HR and people management. Quote of the Week C.

Quick Lessons Learned from the 2014 #NBASummerLeague

True Faith HR

I''m back from the now annual trip to the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with most of the 8 Man Rotation ( Steve Boese , Kris Dunn , Lance Haun ). Here''s mine: "You''ll be pleased" is the new "Fine." So, what did the group settle on as an authentic phrase of praise?

Social Recruiting: It’s All About the Mobile

China Gorman

The demand for highly skilled workers is on the rise, with no indication of plateauing anytime soon. With the fiercely competitive nature of talent acquisition, what can organizations do to make sure their recruiting and organizational talent management functions are up to speed?

ASHHRA 2014 - Empowering Women in Healthcare

Cielo HR Leader

After returning from the 2014 ASHHRA 50th Annual Conference & Expo , held in Chicago, I can’t help but reflect on the thought leadership and transformative ideas that were presented in an effort to support the ever-changing healthcare marketplace – specifically, empowering women in healthcare.

Succession Planning Success: The Golden Rules for Future-Proofing Your Business


Succession planning is about managing the risk associated with any type of critical skills gap. Consider the role of a senior nuclear engineer: This is not a job you can fill easily by posting on LinkedIn. Ask questions like: What is the cost of mistakes in this role?

Sunday Reading: Business Etiquette, Work Valuation, and Dual Career Ladders

Something Different

American Author and Business Executive Eden Collinsworth has a great piece up on Linkedin wherein she recounts a point in the mid-1980s that she had to navigate a very tricky interpersonal situation in a foreign country. Check the full piece out here. The lesson?

Leadership Development Carnival: June 2014 Edition


Welcome to the June 02nd 2014 Carnival of Leadership Development. In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment where technology is constantly changing how people collaborate and work, the paradigms of leadership are changing. Namaste!

Why the e-Learning Industry Will Double by 2015 and Why Your Company Needs It TODAY!


If your company hasn’t incorporated e-Learning yet, odds are you will very soon. Right now, the e-Learning industry is growing fast and is poised to erupt. Online learning , also known as e-learning, is booming. Your Competition Will Be Using e-Learning.

3 HR Trends in 2014

Dave's Weekly Thought

It's been an interesting year in the world of Human Resources: The certification debate rages on , talent management is evolving at whiplash pace, generational diversity has created a roller coaster of succession planning and the social space has never been more populated with educated HR advisors. In truth, HR remains the organizational pipeline to employees, managers and executives. Here come the apps. Game Mechanics Did somebody say the G word?

Supply Chain Management: Closing the Skills Gap

China Gorman

It’s an issue that organizations seem consistently faced with today: a lack of skilled workers that can further their growth, success, and ability to compete with competitors. This “skills gap” is explained by the U.S that are failing to keep pace with the changing needs of the economy.

Study 132

HP Adopts Social Learning—E-Learning Is a Thing of the Past

HR Daily Advisor

E-learning was very popular in the 90s, says River Software’s Randy Emelo. However, in the 21st century, the focus has shifted to bite-sized chunks of learning, the shorter the better—something we call micro-learning. Learn More.

Research Shows Crucial Skills Are Low Training Priorities


When it comes to employee training programs, most organizations are focusing on teaching communication skills. That’s the scoop from a recent American Management Association survey, which examined the training programs at more than 700 organizations.

3 Adult Learning Trends You Need to Know for 2015

True Faith HR

I''m up at the Talent Advisor Portal at CareerBuilder''s Hiring Site talking how adult learning will impact 2015. Learn how the problems of adult literacy, MOOCs, and the growth of online competency-based education will likely impact HR.

Rethinking talent management

HR Times

Part I: The rise of contingent talent. Gillen on December 3, 2014. HR’s identity is built around managing the people side of the business — recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining the workforce needed to keep the organization up and running.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to Attract Talent

Spark Hire

An increase in demand for skilled workers, especially in operations, engineering, IT, and sales has led to a completely different job market, where companies are forced to compete against each other to attract the talent they need.

Cyber Monday—Your Boss Is Too Busy Online Shopping to Notice You Are Too!

HR Daily Advisor

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to shop! If you answered C, you and your boss spent a fabulous day looking for the best deals, all on the company dime! However, the number of online shoppers is expected to be down this year.

Performance Management Should Begin Before We Hire Someone


When most of us hear the term “performance management,” we think of performance appraisals , mentoring, employee learning and development —all of the things that happen well after we hire people into our organizations. It starts with finding and recruiting the right people.

Promotions Are Rewards Too

Compensation Cafe

Psychic income, whether intrinsic or extrinsic in origin, should count as compensation, anyway, since it is part of the employee value proposition. And when a promotional increase accompanies hierarchical advancement, the positive consequences are even greater.

The 8 Primary Sales Competencies: Goal Achievement

DISC Assessments

This week on Platinum Rules for Success, sales expert Jim Cathcart pulls back the curtain to reveal today’s primary sales competencies and the reason WHY for each. The 8 Primary Sales Competencies: Goal Achievement.

Hire More Qualified Candidates by Stifling Snap Judgments


Making snap judgments during the hiring process can lead recruiters and hiring managers to erroneously eliminate quality candidates, while selecting applicants who simply aren’t the best fit for the job qualifications or the company culture.

A Possible Direction for 21st Century Rewards

Compensation Cafe

I don’t think there’s anyone left to argue that the Pay Transparency train isn’t leaving the station, so we need to start thinking and talking about what this will mean for those of us who have to live with the consequences.

5 reasons HR Analytics should not be located in HR

All about Human Capital

The obvious answer may at first be to put it in HR. But at second glance this may not be the right place. Maybe even the wrong place. The first is that I often see HR Analytics focus on improving HR processes only. The strategic mindset is often not present.

Speaking Finance 101

HR Daily Advisor

When HR professionals delve into the realm of finance, perceptions sometimes block understanding, says Clare Novak, president of Novak and Associates. But if you start with the basics, you’ll be able to pick it up. Some of the Basics. The ‘Plus’ Side of the Ledger.

ProQuest Case Study: Using the Oscillation Principle for Software Development

Conversation Matters

The company began in Michigan with the invention of microfilm in the 1930s and over time its role has become essential to libraries, universities, research centers and other organizations whose mission depends on the delivery of complete, trustworthy information.

New #SHRM Certification Raises More Questions Than It Answers (Update X 2)

True Faith HR

The big news from SHRM HQ on Monday was the announcement of the creation of a new certification program for HR professionals. While the SHRM online staff discuss the details of the competency program, it was unfortunately very short on details regarding a whole host of questions.

Reward by Showing Career Options

Compensation Cafe

With the basic principles of dual career ladders covered in an excellent recent post by a co-contributer, let’s expand on the topic. The idea is to offer more alternatives for work advancement than only one track -- into management. Or the opposite can happen.

#2014in5Words: Opportunities. Change. Learning. Serendipity. Love.


I came across the hash tag #2014in5Words on Twitter and that prompted me to write more about it. It is interesting how 5 discrete words can describe the core themes of a year gone by. Learning. 2014 was really a year of transition. Learning.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Reinvent Your Recruitment Process

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Looking at the new waves of change in the way people are approaching the job marketplace, let’s summarize here the reasons why you should re-consider your Recruitment process and make it evolve, using the new challenges as opportunities: 1) Top skilled talents are not looking for a job.

“Talent Management? Isn’t That for Hollywood?”

HR Daily Advisor

asks Josh Bersin, speaking at the HR Tech conference, held recently in Las Vegas. Bersin, a highly respected consultant who is Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting, offered his research and tips for succeeding with the new talent agenda. Learn More.

Part III - Where Should We Take Employee Rewards in the Future?

Compensation Cafe

Editor''s Note: W e are back with the final installment in our guest post series. 2014, The changing landscape of employee rewards: Observations and prescriptions. See the full article for a more detailed discussion and citations.

8 Actions You Can Take To Survive A Shift


When do you know a shift is occurring that will significantly alter the competitive landscape and terms of play? Steve Jobs engineered a series of discontinuities that not only changed the world of communication and social engagement, they also vaulted his company to another level.

5 reasons HR Analytics should not be located in HR

All about Human Capital

The obvious answer may at first be to put it in HR. But at second glance this may not be the right place. Maybe even the wrong place. The first is that I often see HR Analytics focus on improving HR processes only. The strategic mindset is often not present.

Encourage Employee Development Through HR Technology


The primary motivator for the emerging millennial workforce is the freedom and flexibility to not only develop their skills, but also their interests. Employers may not initially see the value in encouraging personal development in their employees. eLearning

Two Pressing Priorities for HR Executives: Social and Analytics

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Smart CHROs know that the social media phenomenon is not a trend that organizations other than their own have to contend with—it’s an essential business reality that permeates the entire business. These developments support a role for HR in architecting the future of how work gets done.

Old School Tools And Techniques Can't Win Today's Talent War

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Think about the talent contests that are so popular on TV these days. They’re entertaining, but they bear no resemblance to the way the world really works. In those shows, individuals vie for the privilege of winning over an elite panel of experts. Social is the new black.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Make HR A Real-Time Application

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

If a company’s survival hinges on the ability of its people to execute against a well-conceived strategy, then its fate depends to a huge extent on its ability to attract, retain, and motivate the best people for the job. The first is demographic: 43% of the U.S.

Oracle 101