Who Really Cares About Employer Branding?

China Gorman

In a recent report by Universum, a tactical view of how organizations are attracting talent and combating problems is given with some fresh insight. The report: State of Employer Branding is part one a four-part 2020 Outlook series, based on responses from 2338 interviews conducted in the winter of 2014 in 18 different countries. As Universum makes clear, we’ve known this for a while, so what are organizations doing to step up to issues relating to talent?

Evaluating Your Employer Brand

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Employer brand has grown into much more than how customers and employees view an organization; it has become a business imperative that directly impacts the bottom line. In fact, 83% of nearly 4,000 corporate HR leaders across the globe believe employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire quality talent. . In fact, research shows 72% of consumers would recommend or buy from a brand that supports a good cause over one that does not.

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How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Brand

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The “Employer Brand” is, to put it simply, an organization’s reputation as an employer. This brand is what people (employees, applicants, candidates, and the public) associate with the organization whether that be good, bad, or indifferent. It encompasses culture, history, traditions and all the various touch-points of the employment experience. For better or for worse, your brand includes it all.

How to Better Build a Better Employer Brand (Like Top Employers Do)

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According to a Jobvite survey conducted in November 2014, job seekers are finding jobs easier, and more professionals are looking. In sales especially, job seekers have an upper hand when choosing employers. Job Forecast , conducted from November to December 2014, found that 36 percent of employers who plan to add full-time staff this year are looking for sales talent, representing the top industry adding new employees.

Update on SuccessFactors, Achievers, and Glassdoor

Josh Bersin

This week I attended three client conferences – SuccessFactors Successconnect, the Achievers Customer Experience, and the Glassdoor Employment Brand Summit. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Employee Engagement Enterprise Learning Human Resources Sourcing and Recruiting achivers employment brand engagement glassdoor SAP successfactors

“Talent Management? Isn’t That for Hollywood?”

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Talent management? Bersin, a highly respected consultant who is Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting, offered his research and tips for succeeding with the new talent agenda. Most of HR is designed for long-term employment, he says, but the recession, coupled with the ages of employees, leads to a much more mobile workforce, and that’s a really critical issue for 2015. Talent Acquisition & Access. Talent & HR Analytics.

The Role of Communication in Employee Experience and Employer Branding


A recent study by AON Hewitt on global employee engagement trends shows a -26 percent downward slope in overall work experience between 2013 and 2014. In 2014, CareerBuilder reported that 59 percent of workers surveyed expressed general dissatisfaction with their jobs. As an enterprise working on your employer brand, you know how important employees are to attracting top talent. Improve Employee Experience and Drive Employer Brand .

Social Recruiting: It’s All About the Mobile

China Gorman

With the fiercely competitive nature of talent acquisition, what can organizations do to make sure their recruiting and organizational talent management functions are up to speed? JobVite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey highlights trends, tools, and practices that are making a splash in recruiting effectiveness right now. Rather, successful recruiting efforts will involve showcasing the employer brand and engaging with candidates across multiple platforms.

Eight Employer Brand Essentials To Spice Up Candidate Experience


We’re finding scopey, tastier, far more effective strategies for recruiting tech talent and engaging our candidates. . Here are the top eight ingredients: Start With Fresh Talent. More arenas acknowledge that talent is the basic commodity in tech recruiting, and considering individual talent as the basic goal of recruiting, and not just filling spaces, is what’s going to set companies up for successful hiring. Your Employer Brand Matters.

9 Reasons your Employer Brand is Failing and 10 Reasons why it Matters


Employer branding isn't a new concept. If, as a business leader, you're still not making efforts to maintain a strong employer brand, then you're damaging your business. Take a quick look online, are your brand stories being shared by your employees on social media? Is your brand just a shadow of what it could be? If any of the following sound familiar, then it's likely that your employer branding could (and should) be improved.

2014 HRPS Global Conference: Empower Your Talent with Purpose

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The changing economy is rapidly altering how organizations view talent. Challenges such as the impending retirement cliff, an increasing skills gap and talent shortages, as well as the persistent difficulty of retaining top employees—who are creating havoc across all companies and industries. These challenges demand the status quo for talent acquisition and talent management strategies be modernized, updated and transformed in an effort for to stay competitive.

3 tips for effective onboarding of ‘boomerang employees’


Written by Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media, Ceridian. Recruitment & Talent Management boomerang employees hiring recruiting talent retention I am always excited about the start of the new NBA season! This year even more so, my home town team captured the imagination of a nation and I’m equally fascinated by the return of LeBron James to Cleveland! Not just as a sports […].

Talent Acquisition 2014: A Look Back and Ahead

Brandon Hall

Talent acquisition is the most complex area of human capital management, yet many companies lack the necessary resources, tools and capabilities to build a results-driven program. In fact, only 8% of companies have an optimized talent acquisition strategy. As the workforce changes, talent acquisition needs to keep pace and recruiting leaders must rethink their approach to finding talent and focus on the candidate experience.

How to Audit Your Employer Brand in One Day and Improve Talent Attraction

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Employer branding is having its 15 minutes of fame right now, but every sensible employer knows there’s more to it than just the buzzword. With the right employer brand, your candidates should be lining up to apply like a southern gal at a Lilly Pulitzer for Target premiere. Your employer brand is your talent attraction strategy and should display exactly who you are as an employer to talent worldwide.

Case Study: Using Hackathons to Attract, Develop, and Engage Talent


Leaders stay out of hackathon management and leave it to the engineering staff.”. By 2014, the hackathon events were a standard practice within the company. On the intangible side, one of the key benefits is allowing participants to leverage skills and strengths they might not use in their daily workflow, such as project management skills or more specific technical skills related to a task or process. My manager and I have these kinds of discussions regularly.”

Are We Ready For Social Talent?


In addition to this large event, a lot of smaller ones have been happening for four years, with hot topics such as employer branding, employee advocacy, digital HR, digital transformation and robotization (just to list a few). After all these tweets, quotables and brilliant posts, there’s this recurring theme: social talent. Social Talent Is Different. We’re at the opposite of traditional employment, though social talent could be complementary as well.

Dos & Don’ts of Screening Your Candidates Online


Should employers use social media to screen candidates? A good question without a right answer; it’s a gray area both in the law and company policies, especially because many employers don’t even have a social media policy. However, there are pros and cons to utilizing social media and search engines in the hiring process, and hiring managers want to know— to snoop or not to snoop? A significant portion of employers do use social media but not for screening job candidates.

What’s a Talent Community?


Talent pool, talent network or talent community—semantics shemantics. Part of the problem with understanding talent communities, lies in our attempts to define it. While we could sit around and debate the meaning of specific words, concepts and ideas, a simple definition just doesn’t capture the essence of what a talent community really is at its core. Instead, what if we equate the core purpose of a talent community to the practice of relationship building?

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

If you’re an HR, talent acquisition or learning and development professional, you should definitely make plans to attend #shrm15. The sheer size (12,000 – 15,000 attendees) typically means there are numerous networking opportunities, the chance to visit and connect with vendors who provide every conceivable product or service in the industry, and a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from compliance issues, to talent management, to personal growth, and strategic leadership.

7 Trends to Expect in 2015

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As recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and leaders in HR, the importance of employee engagement, culture, job satisfaction and retention is often discussed. According to the research, others include the continued, unprecedented rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), the harmonizing of recruitment and marketing, as well as the changing demands of today’s talent. . The top-2 responses: 1.) Investing in their employer brand. 1 in 2014.

Humanizing HR Technology


Solutions that potentially solve virtually every conceivable problem within the broad spectrum of Human Resources—recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, employee engagement, recognition, talent management—the list goes on. Organizations are made up of people who require an emotional connection to each other, the workplace, and the brand. Guest post by Jeff Waldman, Founder & Social HR Strategist of Stratify and SocialHRCamp.

“I know the perfect person…”

HR Times

Posted by Robin Erickson on October 21, 2014. Talent is universal. How you brand the effort can keep it from becoming just another business process, and making it fun and compelling will drive engagement and usage. This is a great chance to reinforce your employer brand and really articulate what it means to be part of your organization, its differentiators, and the value of working there from the employee perspective. 3 The Talent Acquisition Factbook® 2011.

FAQ: How to Avoid Negative Social Media during a Reduction in Force, Part 2


FAQ: How to Avoid Negative Social Media during a Reduction in Force, Part 2 kprins Monday, December 15, 2014. Whether you focus on talent acquisition or on talent management, you have an important stake in creating and maintaining your employer brand. This raises several important questions, including: who has the right to talk about your brand? Your company brand and your employment brand are very closely linked.

HCMx Radio Episode 3: Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas

Brandon Hall

Tune in for episode 3 of Brandon Hall Group’s HCMx Radio, Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas. In this show, my guest is Kyle Lagunas , Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. Kyle has been busy working on a number of studies related to best practices in Talent Acquisition. We also touch on the state of social when it comes to employer branding.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

If you’re an HR, talent acquisition or learning and development professional, you should definitely make plans to attend #shrm15. The sheer size (12,000 – 15,000 attendees) typically means there are numerous networking opportunities, the chance to visit and connect with vendors who provide every conceivable product or service in the industry, and a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from compliance issues, to talent management, to personal growth, and strategic leadership.

Give the People What They Want!

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In turn, job seekers, employees and customers have mind-numbing transparency into company culture, brand and quality of products/services. Poor customer service not only harms brand and reputation, therefore limiting ability to recruit top talent, but unhappy customers can diminish market share in rapid, potentially irreparable fashion. 64% indicate that their companies are not “forward-looking” with respect to customer experience management.

Fleming Europe - Gamification in HR

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So next week I''m off to Paris for Fleming Europe''s Gamification in HR 2014 Summit. Consulting - Research - Speaking - Training - Writing Strategy - Talent - Engagement - Change and OD Contact me to create more value for your business jon [dot] ingham [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com Most of us want to earn points, gain badges and move up levels. - HCM technology HR transformation Innovation People management strategy

FAQ: How to Avoid Negative Social Media during a Reduction in Force, Part 1


FAQ: How to Avoid Negative Social Media during a Reduction in Force, Part 1 kprins Wednesday, December 3, 2014. Whether you focus on talent acquisition or on talent management, you have an important stake in creating and maintaining your employer brand. This raises several important questions, including: who has the right to talk about your brand? Can you “curate” brand ambassadors—as in, select and train specific people for that role?

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to At #HRTechEurope

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Cielo (check out our complementary Talent Activation Index ) is one of the sponsors of HR Tech Europe , which takes place in Amsterdam on October 23-24. The convergence of consumer and employer brands, business and talent analytics, as well as Cloud and mobile has changed the playing field. At the same time, the lens on HR and talent functions has never been so intense. How will we harness and decipher Big Data and let predictive talent analytics flourish?

How Recruiters Find Talent

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Strategic sourcing is a vital component of effective talent acquisition. Recruiters need to locate quality candidates, often with unique, niche experience and qualifications; strategic sourcing is the first step in finding (and eventually engaging) this talent. This week’s edition of Talent Acquisition Fast Facts touches on the topic of sourcing, and how the best candidates are being found across the world today.

What Does Talent Want? A Strong Brand and a Great Place to Work

TLNT: The Business of HR

A look at LinkedIn’s recently released Talent Trends 2014 report provides some interesting data about what’s on the minds of today’s professional workforce. As the study confirms, we live in an age of unprecedented transparency: “ More job opportunities are viewable online, and the available context – information on the company, its culture, and the team including the hiring manager – has never been richer. ” (more…).

Study 63

Building an Effective In-House Recruitment Team

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Thought Leadership Discussion: James Ryding, International Talent Acquisition Director, NBC Universal. In this issue we talk to James Ryding, International Talent Acquisition Director at the entertainment giant, NBC Universal, about why he thinks the in-house option is the future for talent sourcing. Then, through a friend, I was approached about becoming the first Head of Talent Acquisition at NBC Universal.

3 tips for recruiting recent college grads


By Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media at Ceridian. As the generations making up the majority of today’s workforce begin to shift, so must the recruiting strategies of employers. And today more than ever, it’s so important that organizations are able to effectively tap into the talent pool of recent college graduates. Below are some tips employers should use based on the research findings.

Making a Connection: Correlation Between Recruitment Efficiency and Organizational Growth


We’re clearly seeing an uptick in employment. In October 2014, 214,000 jobs were created and unemployment edged down to 5.8%, reported the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1 while 69% of recruiters expect competition to increase in 2015. 2 “Demand for workers is increasing and we’re seeing HR professionals pivot from talent engagement to talent acquisition,” states Ben Goldberg, President of Aurico Reports, Inc. Hiring Pre-Employment Services

Quality of Hire Means Something, Here’s Why


Back then, we all decided collectively, that recruiting was responsible for bringing the people to the party but it was up to hiring managers, HR professionals and line managers to keep people dancing. About four in 10 of nearly 4,000 corporate talent acquisition managers from 40 countries agreed that quality of hire is the most valuable metric for performance, although that is a dip from the 44% who said so in 2014. Build your brand.

#TChat Preview: We’re Going To Recruit Like It’s 1999


Consider this: more jobs were created in 2014 than in any other year since 1999. According to a recent New York Times article, employers have hired more than one million people since November 1, 2014. The talent acquisition teams that get this will facilitate winning. Q2: How does company culture differentiate employment brands? Q3: What relationship-marketing activities should employers engage in?

Innovative HR and Why Technology Innovators Can’t Survive Without It


Editor’s note: This popular post has been updated with new data and information to ensure you’re ready for the talent demands of today and the future. When it comes to engineers and developers, the competition for talent is truly global, and getting more fierce by the minute.

Top 4 Reasons Talent Pipelines are A No-Brainer


million people were employed on a full-time basis , and let’s assume every one of them is up for grabs. So, my math tells me that there are quite a few people out there who may one day be on your radar for employment. The candidate journey is a whole ball of wax, but I highly encourage you to think of a talent pipeline as a warm, nurturing, holding space for people who may be your next employee. They use Talent Pipelines as major time-s avers.

eBook 43

The Top 7 HR Podcasts


Instead you can spend it learning about the latest talent management news, the hottest recruiting developments, and the most advanced applicant tracking best practices. Episodes come out 2-3 times a month, and focus on human resources, management and leadership, and workforce technology. Another long-running podcast with over 270 episodes, HCI’s shows cover a wide range of workforce management topics. What makes a boring commute bearable?

Retail talent in the spotlight

HR Times

It’s also when many of the talent challenges pervasive in the retail industry come to a head. As part of studying retail disruptions, Deloitte examined the talent practices of a wide range of retailers in our recent publication, Retail Talent Disrupted. Talent Strategies. Aligning talent practices with the company’s value proposition. Agile ways of working also enable retailers to integrate new talent models into their business strategy.