Managing A Global Workforce with Localization


By David Ludlow, Group Vice President, Line of Business Solutions – HR at SuccessFactors (Originally posted in SAP Community Network) The cost of noncompliance with employment laws go beyond paying fines and penalties to government agencies. This means that employers can end up […]. Thought Leadership David Ludlow localization Talent Management

Go Long with Your Candidate Experience, Kids


However, imagine the go-long metaphor in the world of work and what it takes to be competitive with talent acquisition today. Many companies still can’t stomach throwing the long ball, especially when you add in a complex global talent market mired in employment law and regulatory mud.

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FAQs About California’s Required Paid Sick Leave


California recently enacted AB 1522, called the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, which requires most California employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees effective July 1, 2015. California employers already face complex employment laws, which prove to be a challenge for most small businesses. This new bill will only add to the list of laws California business must be aware of to remain compliant.

Paid Sick Leave—More Recordkeeping on the Rise?

HR Daily Advisor

Kahf, who counsels employers of all sizes in all aspects of labor and employment law for the law firm of Fisher & Phillips LLP, provided these regulatory insights in a recent webinar presented by BLR® and HR Hero®. While there is currently no federal mandate regarding paid sick leave, many states are beginning to implement laws of their own, with several taking effect in 2015. New Laws for 2015. How will this law affect recordkeeping?