Reflektive Customer Series: Using Reflektive for Remote Talent Management at Enquero


Enquero is committed to continuous improvement — they do not take a “set it and forget it” approach to their performance programs. Enquero was founded in 2014, and we help organizations digitize information, skills, and experiences.

Avoid the Hidden Costs of Unused Paid Time Off


The accrued cost of time off carried forward from 2014 to 2015: $65.6 Use Analytics to Better Manage Employee Time Off and Costs. Workforce analytics enables you and your line managers to monitor and maintain the balance where your employees (especially your top performers) can always perform their best when they need to. The same concept can apply to your workers, especially senior leaders, top performers and high potential employees.

They like us. They really like us: SumTotal, Skillsoft and Customers Win!


At SumTotal, we work very hard to provide real, measurable business value to customers through our Talent Expansion® applications. As part of Skillsoft, we’ve been able to expand our shared vision to help customers cultivate high-performance cultures and meet the demands of the Learning Age. SumTotal was given an Award of Excellence for Best Learning Management System (LMS) for both SumTotal Maestro (cloud) and SumTotal Learn (enterprise).