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5 Talent Acquisition Trends You Really Need to Watch

TLNT: The Business of HR

20 on this year’s Fortune 100 Best Companies to Wor k for list) just released a whitepaper that looks at Top 5 Talent Acquisition Trends in today’s market. As much data as we might see on talent acquisition, it’s a perpetually interesting topic to look at because (and Ultimate Software puts it well), “A company can have the right technology, the right infrastructure, the right products and services – yet still fall short of expectations without the right people.”

“Talent Management? Isn’t That for Hollywood?”

HR Daily Advisor

Talent management? Bersin, a highly respected consultant who is Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting, offered his research and tips for succeeding with the new talent agenda. Bersin’s research shows the following top talent priorities: Top Global Talent Priorities. Talent Acquisition & Access. Talent & HR Analytics. Globalized HR & Talent Management. Fix Performance Management.

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The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture Guest Posts for 2014


For a holiday treat, we’ve compiled a series of “top 10″ TalentCulture posts from 2014 for you to catch up on between now and the first #TChat Show of the New Year. The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture Guest Posts for 2014: How Great Companies Attract Top Talent. He’s also currently the Product Marketing Director for Total Talent Acquisition products at PeopleFluent.

Brave The Flaming Bullseye With Total Talent Acquisition


How are companies leveraging this underserved talent pool and candidates like him? The senior vice president of talent acquisition led the meeting and at one point he said something quite profound and refreshing, not something I’d heard of late: “We cannot allow compliance to manage us. Well, more jobs were created in 2014 than in any other year since 1999. The talent acquisition teams that get this will facilitate winning.

Piloting a New Era of Talent Acquisition at American Airlines


When Robert Daugherty joined American Airlines as its director of global talent acquisition in 2014, the giant airline was trying to put more than a decade of misery behind it. The state of the airline’s talent acquisition infrastructure was also in dire shape. about his mission to help American Airlines’ recruiters become talent advisors. “This required a mind-shift among recruiters and hiring managers,” he said.

The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture #TChat Shows for 2014


For a holiday treat, we’ve compiled a series of “top 10″ TalentCulture posts from 2014 for you to catch up on between now and the first #TChat Show of the New Year. The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture #TChat Shows for 2014: #TChat Preview: The Extraordinary Potential Of Values Based Leadership. TChat Preview: It’s All About The Talent Engagement Experience. TChat Preview: World Of Work Productivity And E-Mail Excellence.

Why your talent acquisition strategy should include veterans…and 5 ways to help make it happen

HR Times

Finally, the skilled veteran workforce has been found to be 4 percent more productive and 3 percent less likely to turn over than the overall civilian workforce. Transportation and supply chain management provider Ryder System, Inc., is the vice president for Talent Acquisition Research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. Follow Robin on Twitter @RAEricksonPhD and visit her blog, Talent Magnetism. Posted by Robin Erickson, Ph.D. on May 21, 2015.

Oracle HCM Cloud Set to Shine at OpenWorld 2014

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

At Oracle OpenWorld 2014 all things HCM will again be a dedicated “event within an event” called HCM Central @ OpenWorld. BioMarin Pharmaceutical—Talent Acquisition Cloud for Midsize Companies with Oracle E-Business Suite [ CON4527 ]. Chick-fil-A – Oracle HCM Cloud: Integration with Enterprise Identity Management [ CON5987 ]. Cox – Integrated Talent Management: Cox’s Journey to the Cloud [ CON7473 ]. By Mike Vilimek.

2014 HRPS Global Conference: Empower Your Talent with Purpose

Cielo HR Leader

The changing economy is rapidly altering how organizations view talent. Challenges such as the impending retirement cliff, an increasing skills gap and talent shortages, as well as the persistent difficulty of retaining top employees—who are creating havoc across all companies and industries. These challenges demand the status quo for talent acquisition and talent management strategies be modernized, updated and transformed in an effort for to stay competitive.

Aurico’s WebACE™ Platform Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Talent Management Cloud


Aurico, a Gold Level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of its background screening and drug testing platform, WebACE™ , with Oracle Talent Management Cloud. Both Aurico and Oracle are leaders in the talent acquisition industry, and this relationship brings the strength of Aurico’s products and services in alignment with Oracle Talent Management Cloud.

A New Focus on Team Development and Performance

Brandon Hall

If you have any interest in the Human Capital Management technology space, then you likely heard the news that HR and technology expert Jason Averbook, has joined The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) as CEO. The challenge is that few leaders understand what it takes to lead a highly productive and engaged team and few providers offer tools to support these initiatives. Madeline Laurano , Vice President and Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group.

Employee Recognition: Keep it Simple

Brandon Hall

That’s surprising because more than 80% of organizations that responded to Brandon Hall Group’s just-completed 2014 Employee Engagement Study cited recognition as a valuable tool for driving engagement. I work for a company where recognition flows freely from managers and peers. Recognition is acknowledging an employee’s contributions, talents, and skills on a consistent basis. Not only does it drive engagement but it helps organizations increase productivity and performance.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

If you’re an HR, talent acquisition or learning and development professional, you should definitely make plans to attend #shrm15. The sheer size (12,000 – 15,000 attendees) typically means there are numerous networking opportunities, the chance to visit and connect with vendors who provide every conceivable product or service in the industry, and a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from compliance issues, to talent management, to personal growth, and strategic leadership.

The Hot Potatoes Of Social Screening


I mean, where’s usually the first place most sourcers, recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers go today when screening a candidate? According to my friends from EmployeeScreenIQ and their The Unvarnished Truth: 2014 Top Trends in Employment Background Checks report (surveyed over 600 individuals representing a wide range of companies): A substantial portion of respondents (38 percent) search online media for information about their candidates as part of the hiring process.

Employee Engagement: An Action Plan

Brandon Hall

According to Brandon Hall Group’s just-completed 2014 Employee Engagement Study, 70% of companies state that engagement is a priority, yet over 60% of employees do not actively participate in these activities. Integrate with Talent Management : Employee engagement is at the heart of any integrated talent management strategy. Companies should consider their talent management strategies and also the technology they are leveraging.

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Winning the War for Talent in the Middle East


The war for talent is a challenge faced on both global and domestic levels. the disparity between the availability of talent and required skills) each geographic region or even country has to deal with additional issues, which can include differences in demographics, diversity, nationalisation, education, engagement and economic outlook. The Middle East is a prime example of how the war for talent is different at a geographical level. Recognise your true talent needs.

Oracle VP Jeff Kristick Sees Strong Uptake in Cloud-Based HCM Solutions

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

We spoke with Jeff Kristick, vice president of Oracle Human Capital Management, to find out how customers of HCM solutions are reacting to Oracle''s Customer 2 Cloud program and the impact of SaaS on their IT roadmaps. Now we''re seeing strong momentum in cloud-delivered Oracle applications, particularly for human capital management , customer experience , and marketing solutions. Learn more about Oracle''s Customer 2 Cloud program and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.

Give the People What They Want!

Cielo HR Leader

In turn, job seekers, employees and customers have mind-numbing transparency into company culture, brand and quality of products/services. Websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Yelp and pretty much any social media platform not only enable people to peer into the inner-workings of each company, but these engines have given us the opportunity to share what a company, product or service is really like.

RPO in Europe a “Very Big Deal”

Cielo HR Leader

This week’s Talent Acquisition Fast Facts explores the European talent market, RPO in Europe and why businesses across the continent are seeking strategic talent partnerships: According to SIA , the global RPO industry generated $3.45 However, according to ERE , Europe is “losing talent to the rest of the world.” At the current rate, by 2050 there will be a talent shortage (gap between talent supply and demand) of 60 million people within the European workforce.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

If you’re an HR, talent acquisition or learning and development professional, you should definitely make plans to attend #shrm15. The sheer size (12,000 – 15,000 attendees) typically means there are numerous networking opportunities, the chance to visit and connect with vendors who provide every conceivable product or service in the industry, and a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from compliance issues, to talent management, to personal growth, and strategic leadership.

Program Reality Check: The In-game Adjustment


A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 3. Your talent management team has searched for the right people and established processes which keep their key players moving forward, but what happens when the blueprint needs adjustments? The data analyst reviews adeptly and manages adjustments to become a game changer for even the most skilled teams. In 2014, the Blackhawks masterfully changed where it placed its data and money.

How Important Is Your Top Talent to You?

Cielo HR Leader

This guest post is provided by Aberdeen Group’s Human Capital Management Research Analyst, Zach Lahey. Zach produces data-driven research to reveal Best-in-Class strategies for learning, talent acquisition, wellness, and other employee-centric initiatives. In fact, per the Cielo Talent Activation Index (TAI) , consumer companies rate themselves as more effective than any other industry at balancing work-life strategies to empower individuals (91%).

Innovative HR and Why Technology Innovators Can’t Survive Without It


Editor’s note: This popular post has been updated with new data and information to ensure you’re ready for the talent demands of today and the future. When it comes to engineers and developers, the competition for talent is truly global, and getting more fierce by the minute.

HR 3.0 Puts the “Human” Back in “Human Resources”


We know when Product 2.0 gives way to Product 3.0, A previous SAP and Oxford Economics study in 2014 showed this type of support as a major factor for Millennials. Human Resources Culture development human resources learning recruiting talent acquisition talent managementWhen companies release the next major version of software, it’s easy to mark the transition. and how the new iteration changes the way we’ll interact with the software.

HR Technology’s Winning Formula: A Tool, Not A Crutch


Integrated into an organization properly, HR technology should and does enhance human relationships and the value of employees, from talent acquisition to onboarding and on through to retention, succession management and learning and development. The cost of poor retention, when fully itemized, often exceeds 50% of first-year compensation and can easily exceed 100% of compensation for critical managers and professionals ( ).

Tools 72

That Magical Mindful Presence of Candidate Service


After earlier conversations about how they’d been waiting for our latest talent acquisition product innovations that would eventually improve their speed and quality of hire over time, her and her colleagues were excited about the possibilities. This is why according to Yvette Cameron , HCM research director at global research firm Gartner who spoke at our WISDOM conference, companies spend over $41 billion on customer relationship management (CRM) technologies.

Quality of Hire Means Something, Here’s Why


Back then, we all decided collectively, that recruiting was responsible for bringing the people to the party but it was up to hiring managers, HR professionals and line managers to keep people dancing. About four in 10 of nearly 4,000 corporate talent acquisition managers from 40 countries agreed that quality of hire is the most valuable metric for performance, although that is a dip from the 44% who said so in 2014.

These Are The Moving Recruiting Money Shots


So there I was on stage with some of my esteemed colleagues in front of hundreds of customers – heads of HR and talent acquisition – plus partners and peers – delivering my lines like a seasoned actor. Can you set up one for our Store Manager position we’re always looking to fill?”. We’ve set the Store Manager search to include the important parameters you define and that are unique to the job, including keywords, tags and location…”.

Why I Have a Sweet Tooth for a Better Candidate Experience


We’d been talking recruiting shop, him a talent acquisition director at a large technology company and me an HR industry analyst, when I asked him what role his team had in retention. He went on to explain to me that his team managed hundreds of requisitions and with the volume of unqualified applicants they received, he stayed focused on putting smart butts in the right seats. What happened after that was on the hiring managers and leadership. “Who can take a sunrise.

HCM Technology: When Acquisitions Go Right

Brandon Hall

According to a study by Harvard Business Review several years ago, companies spend more than $2 trillion on acquisitions each year and close to 90% of them fail. As analysts, part of our job is to write about these acquisitions and analyze whether they make sense for both buyers and the overall market. But, it is important to also follow-up post-acquisition to see what went wrong and what went right. For SAP, this acquisition was strategic in building its cloud portfolio.

How one innovator took a ?step up? in employee recognition


Over the past six years, Andrew Saidy has been able to touch a range of HR processes and policies at Schneider Electric—a global energy management and industrial automation organization that supports roughly 135,000 employees in more than 100 countries, including 25,000 in the U.S.—as

11 Human Resources, Recruiting & Leadership Practitioner Speaker Recommendations

Unbridled Talent

Mary Faulkner – Director of Talent Management, ClearChoice Dental Implant Center. Mary is a leadership & talent professional who works within organizations to help build better companies. She’s excellent – both in knowledge of Leadership and Talent Management, as well as the process of building an effective and engaging presentation. Lars Schmidt – Senior Director Talent Acquisition & Innovation, NPR. Blog: Amplify Talent.

Transforming Onboarding to Help Maximize Success


That’s why after successfully attracting and recruiting talent into your organization, a positive onboarding experience is the next step to ensuring you retain them. Today’s workforce expects more and the talent you invite into your organization deserves a better experience. The less time spent on data entry and paperwork means more time for assimilation, network building, and productivity. Convert New Hires to Engaged, Productive Employees.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent Takes Mobile-enabled Sites and Consumer-Centric HCM Platforms


According to its 2014 Social Recruiting Survey , recruiting software platform specialist Jobvite found that mobile continues to be a burgeoning channel for candidate engagement and they caution that recruiters who don’t leverage mobile will risk losing talent to the competition. But, interestingly, the study also showed that despite 43% of job seekers using mobile in their job search, 59% of recruiters invested nothing in 2014 in mobile career sites. Talent Management

ADP 55

The Digitalization Of HR And Its Implications For Workforce Analytics


In a Q2 2017 article entitled “ Defining Digitalization: Creating a Common Vision, ” Katy Connealy Weber and Michael Hanrahan of CEB’s Corporate Leadership Council indicated that in response to the increasing digitization of products, channels, and operations, fully 68 percent of CHROs “plan to prioritize improving the organization’s talent analytics capabilities.”. So how to drive toward decision-making as the primary outcome of talent analytics?

This Workplace Merry-Go-Round Never Slows


That’s a 50 percent increase over what employers said at the beginning of 2014. Every startup founder to CEO to CHRO to board member knows (or better know) the right people can mean the difference between boom or bust (including themselves), which is why organizations are moving away from how they source and categorize their people and toward a unified workforce that’s managed for results regardless of employment status. For individuals, a cowbell is a talent or gift.


The 2015 Painful And Pleasurable Prediction


On December 31, 2014, I jokingly predicted on Facebook that the next day would become a new year, maybe even a happy one for many of us. Is “Corporate Talent Management” Dead? He’s also currently the Product Marketing Director for Total Talent Acquisition products at PeopleFluent. “We can go from boom to bust, From dreams to a bowl of dust…”. Neil Peart .

Instant Talent Assessment Appeals. But does it work?

HR Examiner

Instant Talent Analytics is a new technique that can provide an assessment of an individual without requiring the individual to take a test. Instant Talent Assessment Appeals. Instant Talent Analytics is a new technique that can provide an assessment of an individual without requiring the individual to take a test. This time, these correlations rested on a data set of 120 professionals, most from the talent management and recruiting professions.

Happiness vs. Engagement…What Should We REALLY Care About? #WorkHuman

Women of HR

I was part of a live, call-in episode of my favorite HR podcast, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane’s HR Happy Hour a while back, in December 2014, where we addressed just this issue. One point that was made on that show is that we don’t need to care about whether or not employees are happy, we just want them to be engaged and productive. And by extension, also creating a more productive and engaged employee.

Kellogg VP Priscilla Koranteng: “Why diversity and inclusion is an investment that leads to true competitive business advantages”

Thrive Global

Priscilla has been Vice President, Global Talent and Chief Diversity Officer, Kellogg Company, since August 2019. She is an accomplished human resources leader with more than 20 years of talent management and diversity and inclusion experience at large multinational organizations. Koranteng was Global Head of Talent Enablement and Chief Diversity Officer at DXC Technology (formerly Computer Sciences Corporation?—?CSC Rowe Price, a global asset management firm.