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Top 4 Reasons Talent Pipelines are A No-Brainer


According to Bersin by Deloite’s Benchmarking Talent Acquisition: Increasing Spend, Cost Per Hire, and Time to Fill report in April 2015, the cost per hire in 2014 was nearly $4,000. There will always be opportunities to utilize the recruitment function, but once a search is “complete” (that’s a subjective term), the remaining candidates need to be placed somewhere. According to SmashFly, make your career network accessible from as many ways as possible and keep it simple.

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The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


SmashFly. On the one side, you have Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites like Oracle, Workday, SAP and Ultimate Software — they provide ATS software as well as a suite of other HR software. I like the breakdown of these 3 key parts of recruiting as outlined by Elaine Orler: Recruitment Marketing — Talent first needs to be acquired and there’s plenty of recruitment marketing software to help you do that.