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How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

HR Bartender

The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. In the report Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015, you tell us that the number one talent issues are engagement, retention and culture.

Cost-per-hire metrics, demystified


Cost-per-hire (CPH) is one of the most intriguing recruiting metrics. Cost-per-hire calcuations don’t include any costs after employees are hired, e.g. training costs. SHRM and ANSI define this additional cost-per-hire metric. This metric can be more useful than CPH.

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Top 50 HR Twitterati – 2015


Learn more about the metrics and tools we used. Here’s a quick legend for the metrics we used: Number of Twitter followers. She features regularly on HR Top Lists and industry-leading blogs. Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure) May 22, 2015. Founder of Fistful of Talent and HRCapitalist blogs. Sage behind the friendly, approachable HRBartender blog. US-educated Dutch wanderer with blogging tendencies. Speaks, blogs and often goes off topic.

Sold Out: A Lesson on Event Content (and the Future of HR)


SOLD OUT – #707: HR Metrics that Matter: The Process of Developing a Business Scorecard It made me stop and think, especially in light of some of the conversations I had with others at the event about what sort of content was being offered.

Strategic HRM (HR Carnival)


For those of you that might be new, the HR Carnival is a series of links to blogs around the world that are gathered together for a single post. My friend and colleague Trish McFarlane posted on the Brandon Hall Group blog about her recent HCMx podcast with David Wentworth.

The HR Leadership Revolution — Will You Thrive?


A February 2015 study — conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Visier — surveyed 301 corporate executives at companies with revenue of $1 billion or more across America and asked about sought-after HR leadership skills.

CHRO 409

Fact or hype: Do predictive workforce analytics actually work?


A full accounting needs to extend beyond hiring and training to include separation, productivity, and lost knowledge. Consider a “crawl-walk-run” approach in your graduation from metrics to true Workforce Intelligence. This one is for you, Bill Kutik.

What Does “Strategic HR” Really Mean? (And are you doing it?)


appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR HR analytics business partner business strategy company strategies HR principles human resources metrics professional development strategic HR trainingHave you ever gone fishing? Some people love the relaxing rhythm of casting and reeling, while others are competitive about actually catching fish. People who fish to bring home dinner may become frustrated if the act of fishing doesn’t actually contribute to catching fish.

Culture Initiatives to Inspire Innovation at Work


This is the iterative process of proactively managing your company culture through ongoing employee feedback and monitoring culture metrics. Seize industry-related learning opportunities and trainings to help employees think outside of the box.

ATS 202

The Riveting Headcount Story That Can’t Be Ignored: Bringing HR Numbers to Life, Part 2


focus on training. Ultimately, telling the right story with data-driven visuals helps communicate the overall impact of key metrics within any critical part of a business.

4 Ways HR Can Impact Culture and Engagement Now 

HR Cloud

For the first time this year, culture and engagement was rated the most important issue overall in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report. Opportunities for career growth, coaching, and training are more important than starting salaries and signing bonuses.

How to Engage and Train Your Restaurant Workers Effectively

Rallyware for Human Resources

in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Two things that can improve employees’ morale and decrease the turnover rate are a healthy environment and effective ongoing training. Detoxify training. When your employees are stressed out about training, it can’t be effective. Your training should simplify work, not make it even harder. That’s why managers need to address mental health training to help their staff deal with ongoing challenges.

Company Culture Code, Mission Statement, Core Values: What’s the Difference?


Understand metrics, but make human decisions. Having a written culture code also comes in handy for training and recruiting. appeared first on CultureIQ Blog. © belchonock. Mission statement, core values, company culture code.

Implementing Your HR Solution Should Be a Positive Experience…Seriously!


Here are some things to consider: Have you established the key success factors / metrics for the implementation? Identification of training requirements. Blog ClearPath eHCM enterprise HR solution HCM HR hr solutions HR Technology HRIS HRMS PeopleStrategy

The HR Leadership Revolution — Will You Thrive?


A February 2015 study — conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Visier — surveyed 301 corporate executives at companies with revenue of $1 billion or more across America and asked about sought-after HR leadership skills.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Intern Program


The process should include assigning interns with a workspace, introductions to the team, and training. You need to understand metrics, such as how to measure engagement and conversion rates, so it isn’t something that can be easily tasked as a temporary project. Interns need mentors–not someone to hold their hand, but someone who can show them the ropes, help train them, and be there for support.

5 Must-Have Metrics for Recruitment Success


These metrics just won’t cut it in a place like Silicon Valley, where skills and expertise (quality) trumps fast and cheap. Remember: For all these metrics there is a spectrum in terms of success. Must-have recruitment metric #2: Offer acceptance rate.

Results from BLR’s 2015 Recruiting Survey

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday’s Advisor covered some of the results of our 2015 Recruiting Survey. Management Onboarding Training. of respondents said that their management team does not receive training on how to successfully onboard new employees, 40.6% said they do receive training, and 8.1%

The Ultimate Subjective Thought Leader List

marenated HR

I share their blog posts consistently and have certainly been open in my admiration of them on social media. Not to sell stuff or increase any metric that I’m aware of, but because that’s genuinely part of his personality.

5 Powerful Human Resource Trends in 2016


This blog is part of a 2016 Trends Series. In 2016, the biggest barrier to CIO success is the subject of talent and specifically, how we, as business leaders will hire, retain and train not just our future organizational leaders but the regular old Joe or June average employee.

Real-Time Performance Appraisal: 6 Free Tools to Gamify Your Performance Reviews


With gamification becoming a buzzword for every business department from training to project management , to the help desk , it should come as no surprise that performance management is also in the game designers’ sights.

Tools 101

BICCs And BI Metrics – Measuring What Matters

SAP Innovation

What metrics should you use measure your BI program? Related metrics could include end –user satisfaction ratings, number of self service workers and number of BI services available. The repository supports training, support and also efficiency gains. Other metrics.

Employee Training: HR Learns From Elementary School Educators

SAP Innovation

21 st Century learning metrics. Of course, corporate learning requires a different kind of metric than school-age curriculum. For more creative approaches to corporate training, see How To Impact Training The Right Way.

CoP Facilitator Tasks That Create a Sense of Community and an Environment that is Welcoming

Conversation Matters

either in a periodic community meeting or as part of another meeting or training session . Write blog posts about interesting ideas you’ve had or articles you’ve read and/or encourage other members to write when they tell you about an interesting perspective they have. Periodically review community metrics to see how the community is doing and where you need to focus your attention and energy. I have been implementing Communities of Practice (CoP) since around 2000.

Lessons from our research: Ways to build a diverse, inclusive organization

HR Times

Posted by Josh Bersin on December 17, 2015. Global Human Capital Trends 2015 Explore the trends. More than two-thirds of the companies we surveyed in the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 research told us they are redesigning their performance management process.

We’re Growing, We’re Hiring, And You May Be the One We Have Been Looking For!

The Perfect Hire

Business strategies, as well as their associated metrics. Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required. blog-posts

How to Implement Diversity & Inclusion Programs That Actually Work

Criteria Corp

Tools like diversity training, grievance procedures, and standardized assessments are all integral to a successful D&I program, but only when used correctly. . Here’s how you can use these tools effectively to promote diversity in the workplace: Diversity Training.

These 5 Tips Will Simplify Your Workplace

SAP Innovation

By designing work tools, communication, training, and development with simpler criteria, the entire workforce ultimately benefits. To discover how to measure your company’s simpler culture and the metrics that can help, download the e-book “.”. Everyone talks the talk. It’s easy.


HR Pros Predict 8 Future Trends


And it also means you can do more in less time: attract more candidates, give more assessments , check more references , train more hiring managers, and get more performance feedback on new hires. Which metrics will shape the way we measure talent? HR is moving fast.

The Ultimate Subjective Thought Leader List

marenated HR

I share their blog posts consistently and have certainly been open in my admiration of them on social media. Placement on a list on my little blog isn’t going to give them some high they haven’t already experienced from speaking to packed rooms, being quoted in magazines or having their byline on a book/event/training/etc. Not to sell stuff or increase any metric that I’m aware of, but because that’s genuinely part of his personality.

Building a Business Culture That Works for Everyone: An Interview with Diane K. Adams


At Qlik we regularly do full-blown culture assessments with the help of metrics and organizations like the Great Place to Work® Institute. Everyone gets together for lunch and a team member leads the training. Diane K.

Time and Attendance and Payroll at APA Fall Forum


With big data, you have the ability to slice and dice metrics that only a couple of years ago were only in your dreams. The costs of lapsed and expired training resulting in compliance and possible litigation issues can be significant.

Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow

Cielo HR Leader

Include “sticky,” engaging content, leveraging different mediums including videos, testimonials, podcasts, images and employee blogs to inform and engage targeted candidates. The firm offers a multifaceted onboarding process, including: Training to ensure the relevant stakeholders — HR, hiring managers and business leaders — all understand their role in the onboarding process.

Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [May 11, 2015]

SAP Innovation

On the Business Innovation site, we deliver the top blogs, news, and featured content for professionals looking to grow and gain a competitive business advantage. There was a time when formal classroom learning was just about the only option a company had for employee training.

Hidden Problems Behind Eliminating Employee Performance Review Ratings

SAP Innovation

This is the first of a few blogs exploring how to simplify the admittedly complicated process of getting the best out of employees based on my conversations with Hunt and Apony.

Better Business Through Workforce Analytics

SAP Innovation

How much more revenue could sales teams generate if they had the precise combination of training and compensation they need to do a better job? Don’t take metrics at face value. Metrics don’t segment or correlate the data.

5 Weeks To Davos: Equality And Empowerment For Women Around The Globe

SAP Innovation

17 blog posts exploring the UN’s vision for humankind. With 62 metric tons of shea butter sold in its first year, StarShea Ltd., To date, the programs in this series have reached over 5,000 female employees in 43 countries in 2015 alone. 17 weeks to Davos.

The Top 20 Most Popular Performance Appraisal Software Solutions [Infographic]


Talent management software focuses on the entire employee life cycle, and can include everything from recruiting and applicant tracking to training and goal-setting. It takes into account metrics of popularity and distribution, and does not rank vendors on functionality or fit.

4 Weeks To Davos: The Trillion-Dollar Cost Of Illiteracy

SAP Innovation

17 blog posts exploring the UN’s vision for humankind. However, nearly 35% of Africa’s youth lack the basic skills required to perform a job, and in particular, they lack technology training. Initiatives like Africa Code Week , which launched in the fall of 2015, are changing this.

How Companies Are Taming Complexity – And Why It’s Not Enough

SAP Innovation

However, for 40% of those surveyed, complexity’s impact goes much further – declining employee morale, inability to collaborate across the organizations, and difficulty training talent. Are you frustrated by complexity’s grip on your organization?