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How Your Brain Works During Training


One line in the latest hit me, and I thought it would be interesting to pull together some of the thoughts from a few to share. Here’s the tidbit (emphasis mine): What do [scientific] studies show, viewed as a whole? The Learning Impact What does this have to do with learning?

Workday Publishes its 2015 Global Impact Report


At Workday, we take great pride in providing our customers with enterprise applications that help them tackle some of today’s most complex business challenges. Our Global Impact Report details Workday’s sustainable business practices and the efforts we are taking to make a positive difference for our customers, employees, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. 2015). The full report and past reports can be viewed here.

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An Inside Look at Workday Learning: Reinventing How Employees Learn


Workday announced today its intent to build Workday Learning. Why build Workday Learning? Levensaler: Because today’s learning management systems are broken. The timing is perfect for Workday to meet this demand.

Workday Foundation Sharpens Focus on Workforce Development


When Workday established the Workday Foundation in 2013 with a stock gift, our early thinking about the Foundation’s mission centered on these intrinsic principles: Reflect the company’s founding values. Align with the company’s core competencies.

Corporate Culture: Small Changes Create Big Results – #RethinkTheDailyGrind

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They believe the workday can be much more than the daily grind. That’s why they’re 100% dedicated to the workplace. Learn more at Enjoy the post!). Mars , chairman of the board for Mars, Inc. This ties into the trust component.

Workday Rising Europe 2015: Growth is a Beautiful Thing


It’s been a fantastic week here in Dublin with more than 1,100 Workday customers, partners, and employees at Workday Rising Europe 2015. I’ve been learning more about our customers’ experiences, and sharing with them what’s coming next from Workday. Among the things I shared during the opening executive keynote yesterday were some of the data points around the incredible growth of our European community.

The Wonders of a 6-Hour Workday

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In yesterday’s Advisor we discussed the history of the 8-hour workday and some beliefs about how it might be modified with great success. Today we’ll look at the potential benefits of the 6-hour workday. Potential Benefits to a Shortened Workday.

Smackdown: Workday vs Successfactors


” Don’t you hate it when you’ve been staring at two extremely similar things for so long that you can’t tell the difference anymore? So what’s the real difference? Workday. Workday can claim a 99.9% uptime rate in the last two years.

Top 50 HR Twitterati – 2015


We’ve tuned out the HR noise to bring you the worthwhile voices on Twitter: the real thinkers, the content creators, the powerhouse recruiters, small business leaders, and entrepreneurs. To determine the size and level of engagement in each influencer’s audience, we used their Twitter follower count and two recognized social influence measuring tools, Klout and Kred. Learn more about the metrics and tools we used. The Generalists.

Workday’s Customer Satisfaction, and How We Measure It


The legacy software industry does not have a good reputation for customer satisfaction. So when we started from scratch with Workday, it wasn’t just to build better enterprise applications, it was to create a better customer experience. As Workday has grown into a global company, we’ve worked hard to maintain our passion for high customer satisfaction. Emphasizing customer satisfaction is a standard part of all training sessions, management meetings, and company gatherings.

The Business Case for Culture: Interview with Workday’s Ashley Goldsmith


Ashley Goldsmith is chief human resources officer (CHRO) at Workday, with global responsibility for all human resources functions, internal communications, and the Workday Foundation. Earlier this month, Goldsmith was named to the San Francisco Business Times’ list of “The Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business 2015.”. You’ve been at Workday for a little more than a year now. What drew you to the company? Culture is the new black!

Workday Community Voices: Moving Finance to the Cloud to Support Growth


As director of application development and architecture at Arbella Insurance Group , it’s Matthew Postulka’s job to deliver the application and architecture strategy that best supports his company’s continued market expansion. The cloud has also impacted application deployment.

Three Important Announcements at Workday Opportunity Onramps


Millions of active job seekers in the U.S. At Workday Opportunity Onramps yesterday, our inaugural workforce development conference, participants gathered to share ideas and solutions to this serious problem. “We We believe deeply that there is talent everywhere, but opportunity is not,” said Ashley Goldsmith, chief people officer at Workday, to an audience that included professionals in human resources, recruiting, diversity and inclusion, and corporate responsibility roles. “We

David Clarke: Driving Technology Development at Workday


If you’re in a technology strategy meeting with David Clarke, senior vice president of technology development at Workday, you may also get a brief lesson in history. Clarke has been known to present slides featuring authors, economists, and cartographers from other eras to support a point about what history has taught us, to better prepare for the future ahead. Yet he is also a scholar of the past. Most of his team works out of either the U.S. The Irish Way.

An Inside Look at the Life-Saving PulsePoint Mobile App


was sitting down to dinner on March 25, 2015, when he received an alert through his PulsePoint mobile application. At a school across the street from his home, someone was suffering a cardiac arrest. He’d heard the sirens coming like everyone else, but that’s all he knew.

ATS 79

Workday’s Talented Tenth: Celebrating and Encouraging Blacks in Tech


In 1903, the black scholar and activist W. Du Bois penned the essay “The Talented Tenth,” which argued that the top 10 percent of African Americans should be provided with a classical education so they could better lead and empower their communities.

Announcing the Workday Opportunity Onramps Conference: Connecting Driven Individuals with In-Demand Jobs


In fact, 40 percent of employers report talent shortages , with engineering, finance, office support, skilled trades, and IT among the hardest roles to fill. But that’s only one side of the story. There are many unemployed or underemployed people who are eager for work, but repeatedly turned away from jobs because something’s missing—a four-year degree, the right experience, or a solid corporate resume without any gaps.

Workday Community Voices: Louis Salamone, CFO at CityMD, on the Need for Speed


Louis Salamone is CFO at CityMD, a company that’s disrupting the urgent care business. For example, CityMD built a state-of-the-art referral system that connects patients with in-network physicians for follow-up care—all part of its mission of “serving kindness.” To support its rapid expansion and growth, CityMD chose Workday for its financial management, human capital management, and payroll needs. So Workday is helping you move quickly? Is that why you chose Workday?

Q & A with Dustin Cramer, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at AAA NCNU


In today’s Workday Community Voices we talk to Dustin Cramer, director of financial planning & analysis at AAA Northern California, Nevada, & Utah, which provides automotive, insurance, and travel services to more than 4 million members. Cramer shares his thoughts on the power of data for future planning, the importance of telling the story behind the numbers, and advice he’d give his young self. What are the three most important aspects of your job?

Does Managing the HR Function in California Require an SPHR?

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Ergo, this morning I started to do a little bit of research examining the differences between HR in California and HR everywhere else, assuming I’d find significant but not mind-blowing variations. of the California labor code here. 25% of the amount unlawfully withheld.

New Workday@College Program Brings Cloud to the Classroom


Workday recently launched Workday@College, a new Workday training and internship program for college students. Three colleges are participating for the first year of the program, with more slated to join next year. How does the program work?

Hiring Military Veterans: The Hidden Skills That Make Them Remarkable Employees


Much of the public pictures veterans in one-dimensional images: Someone in fatigues armed with a rifle and a grenade launcher. However, there’s much more to job candidates with military experience than the skills depicted in today’s Hollywood. The U.S.

Tech Updates: Smart Tools For Peer Feedback and Performance Management

TLNT: The Business of HR

In the old days, “reform” meant redesigning the appraisal form. There are two elements: One is a great deal of work on training and encouraging people to have effective conversations. The other is using a technology platform , 7Geese , to enable peer feedback.

Avoid These 3 Workplace Pitfalls That Can Hurt Productivity

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Maintaining productivity within the workplace is often difficult. Below are a few of the most common workplace productivity barriers and suggestions on how to work around them: Unscheduled meetings. Noise is often one of the biggest distractions.

Step it up! 5 ways to make healthy lifestyle part of your company culture


The workplace is too often an overlooked but important part of the employee well-being equation. It’s all about helping them by making small tweaks to the environment and culture so that healthy choices and changes are easier.”. The post Step it up!

Five Ways We’re Building Opportunity Onramps in the Workday Community


Since the day I joined Workday, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of talented people from all walks of life. People like Sean , who served four deployments and moved 13 times during his service with the U.S. At Workday, people are at the core of our business, and every product we design has people at the center. It’s our commitments to people and opportunity that served as the catalyst for the Opportunity Onramps™ movement.

8 Tips for Preparing Higher Education Employees to Move to the Cloud


More higher education institutions are moving to the cloud to adapt to changing needs and meet modern-day expectations of students and employees. Asking employees to change the way they do their jobs can be challenging. Train a small group of evangelists prior to full deployment.

4 Reasons Your Best IT Pros Are Leaving


Information technology skills are in high demand, and your IT team is on the lookout for new and better opportunities. percent of health information technology professionals said they were planning to look for another job within the next year. In the survey, 51.3

The Wage and Hour Pitfalls of Smartphones

HR Daily Advisor

Are your nonexempt employees sneaking a peek at work-related e-mail while off the clock? Ever suspect your employees’ bosses may be pressuring them to respond to calls and e-mails after the workday ends? Learn More. The world is so competitive.

Common Employee Complaints About Bad Bosses

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But for employers interested in improving employee morale and workplace culture, the idea of “bad” is too general. What exactly are the most common complaints about bad bosses? Here’s what the study found, ranked by frequency: Not recognizing employee achievements.

Six Leadership Tips for Thriving Wellness Programs


When corporate wellness works well, it starts from the top-down. Leadership buy-in of corporate wellness programming can make a big difference in the success of the program. Beat the boss. When leadership walks the walk, everyone benefits.


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USERRA is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. In short, it creates protections for uniformed servicemembers to keep their civilian jobs during a deployment or training period. Pension plans stay in place, including any seniority benefits related to the plan.

Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

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Telecommuting has made the news a lot in recent years. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of allowing employees to telecommute. From the employer’s perspective, there are many advantages to allowing employees to telecommute, even if it is only part-time.

Ask the Expert: How Does FLSA Apply to International Travel and Work?

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Travel time: Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight is designated as “travel away from home” by the Wage and Hour Division regulations (29 CFR 785.39). Travel away from home is paid work time when it “cuts across the employee’s workday.” The Virgin Islands.

Ask the Expert: What Are the Rules for Work Travel?

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Typically the travel time is one to two hours. Sometimes employees meet at the warehouse and ride in the company van. Do we pay for the time they spend traveling to and from the work site as well as the when they are doing their work on the site?