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Stop Wasting Time Measuring HR Data


You need to know ahead of time (or at least have a general idea) about how the information can help you. If you’re gathering data for the sake of gathering data, then you are wasting time and resources, and you’re probably harming your credibility as well. General Metrics

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How to Engage and Train Your Restaurant Workers Effectively

Rallyware for Human Resources

There are over one million restaurants in the US. It is forecasted that by 2026, there will be approximately 16 million people working in the restaurant industry, suggesting tougher competition in the future. Only with a strong and dedicated team of professionals and enthusiasts, is it possible to achieve success both in the quality of your service and the ability to stand out among your competitors. in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The Best Way to Prevent Bullying

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday’s Advisor explored the very real problem of bullying in the workplace. Waiting around for legislation to fix this very real problem in the workplace might not be your best bet. Follow and enforce the organization’s policy on workplace bullying. Learn More.

Preventing Workplace Shootings by Employees

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Workplace violence occurs in many different forms, but almost none have employees more on edge than the potential for a shooting. The San Bernardino shooting occurred during a holiday party for employees. The man was an environmental health specialist with the county for five years.

Embrace Your Inner Whistleblower! (And Fight Retaliation Claims)

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Bahm; but from the other perspective, it’s the ultimate betrayal by a divisive malcontent. The applicant or employee must have had a reasonable belief that conduct was unlawful when reported. In other words, says Cave, the complainer does not have to be right about complaint!