Human Resources: 2017 Changes for Form I-9

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I didn’t know this change was coming until I was in New Orleans at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference. We reported in a previous blog post that the new version of Form I-9 was planned to include changes to allow entrepreneurs seeking to enter the country under the ‘International Entrepreneur Rule’ (aka IE Rule) to present their foreign passport and I-94 as List A documents in Section 2. HR Law and Legislation Recruiting and Retention laws SHR

Human Resources Shouldn’t Be a “Go-To” Function

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I know when it comes to human resources, I’ve seen more than my fair share of the “I Hate HR” type articles. The conversation happening in human resources is one of many happening within businesses. One of the things that immediately caught my attention during SHRM Education’s Business Acumen: Integrating HR Across Operations was the definition that the facilitator used in describing human resources.


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What Are #HR Analysts and Why Should You Pay Attention To Them

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As a blogger, I’ve been fortunate to participate in events that I would not normally have attended when I was an HR Generalist. During those events, I learn about the companies, the products and services they provide, and how they meet the needs of human resources professionals. Since I’ve been attending user conferences, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet HR analysts from around the world. What is an HR analyst?

Background Screening Impacts the Candidate Experience

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Did you know that HireRight offers an extensive resource library with case studies and checklists? In HireRight’s 2015 Employment Screening Benchmark Report , 51 percent of organizations said that finding and retaining talent was their top business challenge. As human resources professionals, it’s important to stay on top of these trends. As HR pros, we’re going to need all the resources we can get.

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Director (HRD)


This is another installment in our “Day in the Life” series, this time focusing on the HR directors out there. In case you missed one of the previous pieces, here is the full list: The average HR manager’s day What it’s like to be a recruiter The life of an HR analyst Read on below to learn about what those HRD’s do all day, including some funny comments, in-depth descriptions, and other helpful details.

The 12 Key Functions of Human Resources

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HR has a number of important functions in the organization. In this article, we will explain the 12 key functions of HR. If we want to understand the functions of Human Resources, we need to understand what Human Resource Management (HRM) is. In this article, we will go over the 12 functions of Human Resources and explain how they help move the organization forward. These functions are: Human resource planning.

Required Reading for HR: Internet Trends 2015

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You may think from the title that Internet Trends 2015 is a report that has nothing to do with Human Resources. It’s ALL about HR. The report, prepared by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ Mary Meeker for this year’s Code Conference, presents the 2015 Internet Trends report, 20 years after the first The Internet Report was published in 1995. Y/Y = Year over Year (compares results from two consecutive years). Really. I’m not kidding.

Trends 145

Human Resources in the Zombie Apocalypse


But this is bad leadership, as anyone with a background in management or human resources should be able to quickly recognize, and zombies are no excuse. Those shambling horrors are certainly a threat, but one that can be assessed, planned for and contained — that is, if your group doesn’t fall apart around you. Well, that’s where human resources needs to step in. Plan to Survive. Moving past crisis is one part just hanging on, and one part planning.

Where Can HR Have the Biggest Business Impact in 2015?

Cornerstone On Demand

It’s March, but it’s never too late to be evaluating your 2015 goals as an HR leader. We are all bombarded through the trade press, solution provider marketing, The Tweets, and our professional associations with the latest-and-greatest in HR process and practice. The annual global CEO survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that only 34 percent of CEOs feel HR is well-prepared to capitalize on the latest wave of transformational talent trends.

Pass Go and Collect an Integrated, Workable Technology


The game teaches valuable lessons in planning and strategy, as each player tries to obtain various associated properties and create monopolies. Most of us would not play Monopoly without a plan or strategy. So, why do we think that it is OK to approach technology for Human Resources without the necessary planning and thought? This process requires a lot of planning and research. We can help you plan and execute your systems for success.

Social Recruiting – It’s Time to Get on Board

The People Equation

What does the rise of social recruiting mean for the future of HR? According to career site Glassdoor’s 2015 Statistical Reference Guide for Talent Acquisition Professionals, a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 companies’ career sites don’t have mobile-friendly designs. Regardless of the stats, one thing is clear: employers need to embrace social networking technology as part of their recruitment plan.

How Technology Is Changing Human Resources


Like so many other industries before it, human resources (HR) has been experiencing a period of rapid digital transformation over the last few years. Technological advancements are empowering HR departments to upgrade legacy systems, refresh outdated processes, and automate manual tasks that take time away from the more meaningful work. When human resources has access to the right technology, the entire team will likely be more engaged and more productive at work.

Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Changes: Primary Duty Test

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As you know, on July 6, 2015, the U.S. I know you’re planning to share with readers how they can get involved. This result becomes even more likely if the California approach is adopted. It is extremely difficult to plan when the DOL may have shared with us only part of what it is proposing to do. Here’s what #HR needs to know about the proposed 2015 overtime rule changes Click To Tweet.

What Human Resources Staff needs to know about new overtime rules

Unicorn HRO

In June of 2015, the Department of Labor released new rules relating to the salary threshold for overtime pay, which go into effect on December 1, 2016. This makes many more employees (including managers and professionals) eligible for overtime pay, and presents a major challenge for HR staff at the companies where these employees work. In doing so, Human Resources can see who is eligible for overtime and who is not.

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?


Human Resource is one of those industries which does not quite make its way into science fiction books, and no kid grows up thinking of revolutionizing the technology inside this particular market. Traditionally, HR was always viewed as a paper-intensive, non-innovative area, where salary decisions are made, people get hired or fired and where team building sessions are organized. These challenges have sparked innovation inside HR departments across the world.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

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Recently, one of my contacts who is planning her 2015 schedule sent me a question asking for my recommendations for the top 2 – 3 conferences to attend in the US for HR professionals. I am doing my planning for 2015 and wanted to reach out to you and get your thoughts on something if you don’t mind. Do you have any recommendations for the top 2-3 conferences in the US for HR professionals – other than the annual SHRM conference in Las Vegas?

Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Change: What #HR Needs to Know

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On July 6, 2015, the U.S. Jonathan] It is really hard for the employer community to plan until we know what the DOL will do with the primary duty test. If you’re interested in keeping up with this topic, be sure to follow him on Twitter @Jonathan_HR_Law or read his blog at Duane Morris. The post Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Change: What #HR Needs to Know appeared first on hr bartender.

Quick Shots for #HR and Business Pros – #SHRM15 Edition

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It’s hard to believe that the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference was almost a month ago. Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Change: What #HR Needs to Know. Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Changes: Primary Duty Test. It includes the latest White House Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities. A terrific resource to download and share. What’s in Store for the Job Market for the Second Half of 2015?

The Reluctant HR Champion? It’s About Leading the Workplace Orchestra

TLNT: The Business of HR

Editor’s Note: This is the 11th of 12 essays from the new book, The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain, and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute. Dave Ulrich’s 1997 book, Human Resource Champions , helped capture the role of HR professionals for the modern world. It shifted the view of HR as a compliance function to HR as strategically valuable.

4 tips for handling staffing needs during hectic spring and summer months


Uncategorized #CeridianINSIGHTS Ceridian Dayforce Dayforce HCM HCM HR human capital management Human resources James Arsenault labor planning payroll retail scheduling staffing vacation time WFM workforce managementBy James Arsenault, Director of Dayforce Product Marketing at Ceridian.

Every #HR Pro Should Own a Marketing Textbook

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The parallels between marketing and human resources are endless. As HR pros, we could really gain some creative inspiration from the principles of marketing. For instance, we can apply one of the most fundamental marketing models to our role in human resources. They can also be used to describe the concepts as they relate to human resources. Here’s my take on how the 4P’s aligns with HR. There. I said it.

Human Resources Pros: How Not to Get WalMarted out of a Job

Compensation Today

How Not to Get Your HR Job Outsourced to a Consultant. A top news headline this week that retail giant Walmart plans to cut hundreds of jobs before the end of January –many in HR–may well have human resources professionals thinking, “Well, ‘Happy New Year’ to you too.” The fact that the retail giant also just signed on with Workday, an HR automation system, also doesn’t bode well. Why are they reducing HR headcount in the first place?

Emerging HR Trends for 2015 – News You Can Use

The People Equation

Are you looking for emerging trends for the upcoming year from HR industry experts? I was doing some research for my HR Answers page and found these great articles. For those of you in HR, be on the lookout for these issues that will affect the way you do business. You will need to collaborate with your HR team to make the most of these opportunities and manage the challenges. From the HR Trend Institute – 9 Emerging HR Trends for 2015.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About SaaS

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In our continuing series on human resources and technology , I thought it would be good to cover a term that gets thrown around a lot – SaaS. Helene] Although people use the term differently, “the cloud” really only refers to computing resources – like data storage, virtual servers or networks that aren’t tied to a specific location. Many SaaS vendors offer a variety of plans, typically based upon sets of features or numbers of users, so you only pay for what you really need.

Our HR Tech Survey—How New Innovations Are Shaping Human Resources

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BLR’s HR Technology Survey, conducted in January and February 2015, sought to learn how tech is changing the face of human resources and how professionals in the field are adapting. And, very importantly, how far can tech really be trusted to make HR decisions? Highlights of the HR Technology Survey: A little over a quarter of participants (26.1%) find technology to be helpful in all HR arenas. Technology is redefining a great many HR tasks.

3 Human Resources Lessons From Star Wars (spoiler free!)


But maybe–just maybe–it’s actually the product of smart HR that allows scrappy heroes and heroines to make the most of limited resources. Perhaps poor HR is ultimately the downfall of the Empire and First Order, despite technological and military advantages. HR takeaways from the series. The goal is to not be seen as human. By not offering as kind of human face or aspect to the public, brands do this, too.

Notes and Closing Comments from #HRevolution 2015


I’m going to be running off the ten pounds I gained over the weekend. :-) Mary Faulkner got us all talking about whether or not HR is ready for feedback, how we might be perceived in the organization, and how to respond to data showing dismal approval ratings. Franny Oxford and Paul Hebert helped to dig into positive HR, how we can help our organizations be more positive, and how to specifically bring our own happiness into the workplace every day.

Company Promised a Second Interview – Ask #HR Bartender

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He emailed me later that “I will get another call (from HR) for a second interview with his manager.” I’m trying to call HR – she’s not responding to my calls or emails. I asked my interviewer and he said to let him follow it up with HR. Timing – In this situation, we don’t know when the email was sent, when the candidate tried to call HR , and how long the candidate has been waiting. Career Development Recruiting and Retention Strategy and Planning human resources

Better HR Communication for a Better 2015


I think every HR pro needs to have their own State of the Union address within their own company, department, or team (depending on the level of responsibility). This is strategic HR communication at its best, and it could become a valuable tool to allow leaders to peer into the inner workings of the HR strategy while allowing HR leaders to share key results areas as well. In effect, this is what’s happening with regard to our human capital investments.

Five Must-Attend #HRTechConf 2015 Sessions


HR Tech is closer to a marathon than a sprint,” notes the event’s Co-Chair Steve Boese ( @SteveBoese ) in his annual conference tips post. Here is a list of five must-attend HR Tech sessions for 2015 that promise to give you real, actionable tips you can use as a strategic HR professional: #1. CHRO Perspectives on HR Tech Monday, October 19th at 3:30 p.m. Awesome New Technologies for HR Tuesday, October 20th at 8:30 a.m.

Compliance Is a Part of Business – Friday Distraction

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As human resources professionals, we see our fair share of compliance and legal issues. It’s not just a human resources thing. Our goal as human resources professionals is to be compliant within our corporate culture. Tap into their resources and expertise. The post Compliance Is a Part of Business – Friday Distraction appeared first on hr bartender.

A Day in the Life of a Recruiter


This is the second in a series of posts on a day in the life of an HR pro. If you missed it, the first edition focused on the work of a human resources manager. The Life of a Recruiter Kyle Company/Industry: Telecommunications Years with Current Company: 7 months Years in HR: 10 Degree/Cert: N/A Average Day: I’ve always been one of many hats and my role continues to be that with my current employer. General Career Advice Day in the Life hr jobs

Ambitious But No Opportunities Available – Ask #HR Bartender

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I read your blog post about succession planning and I’m really interested in what advice you may have for me. I’ve wondered if it would be so terrible for me to just go speak with the HR manager and explain my thoughts and feelings. Going to HR is not a substitute for speaking to your manager. Yes, by all means you can go to human resources. As you can see, there are many things to consider before approaching HR or your manager about your career.

Aligning #HR Technology With Your Talent Decisions

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They have just launched a new online resource center to showcase research and analyst reports on HR technologies to help HR professionals leverage employee data in business decisions.). Who should we include in the succession plan? These questions aren’t just human resources questions. In many cases, department managers are looking to human resources to help answer these demands. You may have a full-suite of human resources technology.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

Recently, one of my contacts who is planning her 2015 schedule sent me a question asking for my recommendations for the top 2 – 3 conferences to attend in the US for HR professionals. I am doing my planning for 2015 and wanted to reach out to you and get your thoughts on something if you don’t mind. Do you have any recommendations for the top 2-3 conferences in the US for HR professionals – other than the annual SHRM conference in Las Vegas?

The 2015 WorkHuman Fellowship Essay Contest


or Canada who is passionate about HR, leadership, organizational psychology and creating a great place to work? We are excited to announce the WorkHuman 2015 Fellowship and Essay Contest. Three essay writers from North American universities will be chosen as our WorkHuman Fellows, and flown to WorkHuman 2015 to live-blog the event. ENTER TO WIN A WORKHUMAN 2015 FELLOWSHIP. Essay Contest Deadline: May 20, 2015. Win a trip to WorkHuman 2015!

4 Tips to Get Every New HR Professional Started


In the bustling work environment of an early-stage startup, HR is sometimes a bit of an ad hoc operation: finance covers payroll, operations stores employee data somewhere, and office managers—gotta love ‘em—handle the rest. But once staffing reaches a certain critical mass, a dedicated human resources professional isn''t just a want anymore. Maybe you''re an office manager tapped to take on an HR role, or an operations manager that needs to tune into talent full-time.

Developing HR Competencies – Ask #HR Bartender

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He is trying to obtain an entry level HR position. Could you please explain why this is common on most entry level HR positions? Think about all of the roles you’ve had and the experience you’ve gleaned as a result. Many very successful HR pros start their careers in other areas like finance, operations, and sales. If you have a background in another function, be prepared to talk about how that relates to the role you want in human resources.

At What Age Are Millennials Ready to Lead?

The People Equation

A whopping 75% of employers surveyed in 2015 believe that younger workers lack the “business and life experience required for leadership positions.” Still, if three-quarters of human resource executives are seeing a lack of leadership readiness in its younger workforce, clearly something is afoot. That means the talent management group (or HR department) must act more quickly to develop its workforce.

ATS 125

5 Must-Attend HR Industry Events in 2015


2015 is going to be a pivotal year for HR, in particular as debate heats up about splitting or not splitting HR (Dave Ulrich advocates for teaching HR professionals “what they can do to deliver value even in difficult circumstances”). While the year ahead may be tumultuous, it also presents an opportunity for HR to move from administrator to strategic leader. Here are 5 highlights from must-attend HR industry events in 2015 that will help make the transition: 1.