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CoP Facilitator Tasks That Create a Sense of Community and an Environment that is Welcoming

Conversation Matters

Schedule and hold in-person events for community members (story telling sessions, speed consulting, knowledge cafes, etc.) either in a periodic community meeting or as part of another meeting or training session . Provide success stories to the executive management committee. Periodically review community metrics to see how the community is doing and where you need to focus your attention and energy. Knowledge Management Strategies Change Management

BICCs And BI Metrics – Measuring What Matters

SAP Innovation

What metrics should you use measure your BI program? Internal customers: Two key strategies are increasing knowledge worker productivity and providing cost effective innovative BI solutions which both contribute to lowering TCO. Other metrics. How do you measure BI success?

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Leadership 2025 And The Complexity Conundrum: How Business Leaders Can Prepare The Workforce For A Culture Of Simplification

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Change, in summary, is about managing expectations and accountabilities and must be supported by top leadership in both words and action. In the Knowledge@Wharton/SAP white paper Business Simplification 2015: The Unmet Strategic Imperative , Daniel A.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate!

SAP Innovation

As part of all of the organizational functions such as governance, program management, training, support, etc. Developers have different interests than analysts or managers. Training and knowledge management.

35 IT Help Desk Statistics: How Does Your Team Stack Up?


The first is by monitoring metrics and tracking your progress toward KPIs. But once you know how your team is doing today compared to how it was performing in the past, the next step is to benchmark your metrics against those of other companies. The average starting salary for service desk managers is $79,250 ( SDI ). The most important skills for service desk managers include leadership, communication, and role-specific processes, procedures, and metrics ( SDI ).