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With the plethora of sub topics such as employee engagement , leadership, employer branding, diversity and talent attraction it's difficult to know where to start! HR Tech magazine Selection. The post 10 Great HR magazines on Flipboard appeared first on CIPHR.

Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 Tactics of Highly Diverse Companies


In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of diversity and inclusion, the relationship between diversity and business performance , and some best practices for implementing the two in your company. And while the evidence for diversity improving business performance is clear.

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Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

HR Digest

Diversity is an overused word, but at Chevron it’s a perfect description of its corporate culture. The company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how diversity and inclusion (D&I) feature so centrally in the company’s success story.

Retreat on Diversity? Sure!

Great Place to Work

As we wait to see what a new administration could mean for the country, employers and jobs, it might be tempting to pause or pull back from activities that promote diversity and inclusion. Year after year, study after study has shown diversity improves innovation, brand awareness and client retention, and results in higher revenue and gross profits. For three decades, many companies have been paying lip service to diversity. Making Diversity Work.

Is There Gender Bias in the Workplace?


Reflektive’s CEO Rajeev Behera shared his thoughts on gender bias and what can be done to reduce biases within tech companies with Forbes Magazine this week: Tech leaders are data-driven by nature, and data is helping the industry move towards a much more fair environment for workers. Workplace Diversity diversity gender gender bias gender diversity

i4cp Members Recognized by Working Mother Magazine


Booz Allen Hamilton Booz Allen Hamilton has been named to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list for 20 years running in addition to being recognized on the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index. Intel In addition to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list, Intel has been recognized on the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women, Best Companies for Multicultural Women lists and the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index.

Video: i4cp 2016 Conference | Next Practices in Total Rewards


Clements is responsible for outdoor retailer REI's long-term people strategy—including talent management and leadership development—and also serves as an executive sponsor for REI's diversity and inclusion initiative. REI is consistently ranked as one of FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For."

A Tribute to a Pioneer of Workplace Diversity


Written by Susan Magrino You likely know that one of the most important talent management practices you can focus on this year is creating a diverse workforce. In fact, sometimes the people who can add diversity to a work environment don’t even see themselves in that light.

3 Reasons to Prioritize Diversity in Your Company

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

is a complex and diverse blend of races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and generations. When your corporate culture embraces diversity, your company is in sync with your market and more likely to succeed. But beyond the next big thing, there are three other real-life benefits that accrue from workforce diversity. Improved bottom line Diversity drives bottom line results. Are you looking to prioritize diversity in your organization?

Filmmaker Keithian D. Sammons: “Not including diversity in Film and TV is like orphaning people from the world and their culture”

Thrive Global

I feel like not including diversity is like orphaning people from the world and their culture. In 2016, my father who worked in the industry for years, encouraged me to market my experience, brand myself, and open my own production company, WorKs Entertainment Group.

It’s “Like” Harnessing Analogies to Accelerate HR


They help to engage diverse “mental models” of constituents. Historically, agencies purchased advertising space for clients from direct sales forces of media outlets like magazines and newspapers.

Report 212

Rising Star Fancy Alexandersson: “Diversity in entertainment reminds us that that not only one kind of look is considered beautiful, and beauty is not only based on how one looks”

Thrive Global

In 2016 Fancy made a speech about networking and entrepreneurship at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. We are very interested in diversity in the entertainment industry. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Do you make these 7 common HR mistakes?


Workforce judges companies in seven categories including workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent management, human resources innovation, leadership development and talent acquisition.

How to Watch Out for Unconscious Bias in Hiring

Brazen HR

While overt bias is thankfully rare in today’s business environment, unconscious bias could be wreaking havoc on your genuine efforts to hire a diverse, effective team. Diverse teams are essential to competing in today’s melting pot economy. “First impressions are everything.”.

INTERVIEW: Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose Officer at PwC, on CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

HR Digest

Adaptability is one of the mainsprings of diversity. While much needs to be done to neutralize our biases and unleash untapped talent – Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose Officer of PwC, is already hard to work developing the one asset she feels will help ensure deep-level diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, Atlanta Summit The HR Digest: Can you point to any single defining moment in your career?

HR 3.0 Puts the “Human” Back in “Human Resources”


As told to HC magazine , Willyerd says that if HR 1.0 There’s a big emphasis on diversity. When companies release the next major version of software, it’s easy to mark the transition. We know when Product 2.0 gives way to Product 3.0,

Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [December 7, 2015]

SAP Innovation

On the Digitalist Magazine site, we deliver the top blogs, news, and featured content for professionals looking to grow and gain a competitive business advantage. Each week on the Digitalist Magazine site, we curate and publish the top ten posts of the week from across our content categories.

4 Trends Will Make 2016 A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs

SAP Innovation

In comparison to their male counterparts, women tend to have smaller companies with less revenue and fewer employees, as noted in Fast Company magazine recently. Will 2016 be the tipping point for women entrepreneurs? The show – part three of the series “Success Secrets of Entrepreneurial Women” – aired live on January 13, 2016. The panel identified four trends that are converging to produce a more favorable business environment for women entrepreneurs in 2016.

This Is Why Skill Set Isn’t Everything In The Hiring Game

Spark Hire

If you’ve worked in an office for long enough, you know that you’ll find a diverse blend of personality types who all have to coexist and share the same cafeteria. Someone who reads trade magazines and blogs pertaining to the field.

5 ways to improve employee engagement by showing your appreciation


magazine. It pays to have a diverse arsenal of appreciation strategies, since just one won’t do.

Hiring On All Cylinders is the Official Podcast of HR Tech


Matt's personal blog, Snark Attack, has been recognized by The Huffington Post, HRExaminer, HRO Today and HR Magazine as one of the top influencers in HR Technology. We’ll be broadcasting live as the official podcast of this year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo!

iCIMS 72

Let's stop the 'generation blah' blah

Strategic HCM

Once in response to a tweet about someone else's presentation and comment, and once a retweet of an HR magazine article about graduates. DiversityOne of my most fun pastimes on Twitter is tweeting about generations.

The Neo-Generalist


Reading diverse journeys of so many multi-disciplinarians was insightful and only added new dimensions to the topic. The Restless Multidisciplinarian – Interview of Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin by Patrick Tanguay at E-180 Magazine.

Rising Star Rebecca Stern: “Why it pays to always be empathetic”

Thrive Global

She was the associate producer of “the bomb,” an innovative installation and film which premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and the 2017 Berlinale Film Festival. We are very interested in diversity in the entertainment industry. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Ep 78 – What Gen Z Wants From Work #fivegenwork


Gen Z is the most diverse and multicultural of any generation in the U.S. Keep in mind that Snapchat now has 8 billion daily video views according to a March 2016 article from Fortune Magazine. Gen Z Most Diverse Workforce. Gen Z is the most diverse and multicultural of any generation in the U.S. Gen Z short for Zen range from ages 2 to 19, though the target range for marketers lies from ages 11 to 16.

“Give your team credit and recognition for everything, because they deserve it.” with Len Giancola & Karson Humiston

Thrive Global

Since launching in 2016, Vangst has connected more than 10,000 people with jobs at over 650 leading cannabis businesses around the US. In 2016, our second-ever hire, Amanda Guerrero and I, were in Los Angeles meeting with our first potential California client.

Facial Hair, Tattoos, and Scents: HR Issues You May Not Know You Need to Handle

Astron Solutions

This policy covered all scent based products such as candles, air fresheners, and even magazine samples. Two very popular past Astronology articles are 2008’s “Facial Hair in the Office?

Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 26, 2015]

SAP Innovation

On the Digitalist Magazine site, we deliver the top blogs, news, and featured content for professionals looking to grow and gain a competitive business advantage. Each week on the Digitalist Magazine site, we curate and publish the top ten posts of the week from across our content categories.

How the Biggest Trends of 2015 Have Impacted HR and Recruitment


Ok, so you’ve adjusted your HR and recruitment processes for 2016 or at least have some things to think about and experiment with. It’s safe to say that 2015 truly became “the year of digital technology.”

12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future


Leaders will have to pay equal attention to leveraging diversity and draw on multiple points of views and experiences. This article originally appeared in People Matters Magazine, Dec 2015 issue ). The rate of change in the business world today is greater than our ability to respond.

Rising Star Joe Logli: “If I could inspire a movement, that would help the greatest amount of people, it would be to promote clean energy, and discourage the use of fossil fuels, and other sources of energy that harm our environment”

Thrive Global

Since I got that message from Melissa in 2016, John has been freed from prison, after serving nearly 24 years, he has been fully exonerated, and has been awarded a certificate of innocence. We are very interested in diversity in the entertainment industry.

Cooking Up Change: Exploring The Taste Of Company Culture


Instead of a hand-to-mouth experience, cooking is now considered to be a full-fledged hobby and means of self-expression, as illustrated by the sheer number of food blogs, magazines, and TV shows. Diverse cooks flavor the broth.

7 ways to shrm: essential tips for making the most of shrm [infographic]

O.C. Tanner

Pro Tip: Make sure your team comes prepared with a must-see speaker list in tow and schedule diverse sessions for each team member. After which, check out ‘a’ Magazine or grab the SHRM Conference Daily for additional insights and recaps.

4 Tips for Building a Talent Mobility Culture


And talent mobility enables companies to remain resilient and adaptable for the long term, better positioned as employers of choice for growth-minded individuals, and able to establish deep and diverse talent pipelines to carry them into the future.

Study 50

WIRTW #441 (the “Burl Ives” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Boomer Bust — Ageism in the Workplace — via Workforce Magazine. Should Employers Ditch Diversity Training? — Christmas Carol and the Old 97’s are two things that make me very happy. Do you know what makes me happier? When the Old 97’s sing a Christmas carol.

Hot in #HR: 6 Millennial Secrets, Salary Lies


Magazine). Trending Topics (Diversity and the 2% Problem, Women Raise More Money). Week in Review – Popular Content. 6 Secret Habits of Highly Successful Millennials (#1: Nine hours of sleep per night.) (Inc. Why are Millennials more successful than older people? Let’s start with how much sleep they get. Nine hours of sleep per night. It sounds like a lot–like a dream, no pun intended. But according to the U.S.

“Never point fingers” with Fotis Georgiadis & Kunal Kohli

Thrive Global

Working under CEO Robert Jakobi, Kunal developed the US brand’s sales and marketing strategies, budgets, and product formulation until the company changed direction and was acquired by Snyder’s Lance (Kettle Chips) in 2016. Can you share three reasons with our readers about why it’s really important for a business to have a diverse executive team? Diverse leaders have a host of experiences under their belt and you can learn many things to do and not do from them.