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The 7 pillars of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is now a phenomenon that’s deeply implanted in the collective consciousness of progressive HR leaders. This is supported by the huge surge of content, conferences, awards, Internet chatter, and Facebook and LinkedIn social media groups solely focused on employee engagement. Large numbers of HR tech vendors and service providers roam the HR domain offering a smorgasbord of engagement-related products and services. Engagement

5 Ways Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement


Employee engagement can look like a random effort to keep workers happy. While general employee satisfaction is important, employee engagement is not about delivering a slew of eclectic activities. Stay connected to coach and guide employees along the way.

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Designing Effective Employee Engagement Activities

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Whether you’re the CEO of a small startup, or the leader of a large company, employee engagement should be one of your priorities. Before diving into the creation of an employee engagement plan, take a closer look at what engagement means to your company and how it manifests itself.

7 More Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends For 2017


It’s no surprise that employee engagement numbers have been abysmal for the last few years (and if that is a surprise, you need to read our blog more often.) According to Gallup, engaged employees comprise only around 30% of the workforce. So why the rise in engagement?

Q&A with Gustavo Franco: On Employee Engagement And Managing A Coworking Space

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Coworking has become a preferred way of working for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote employees. More than a share office in Barcelona, BCNewt in Poblenou wants to encourage a new lifestyle that encourages productivity and networking. Employee engagement HR Trends

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


More than ever before, leadership teams and human resources departments understand the important role company culture and employee engagement play in remaining competitive and innovative in the long-term. . Recommended Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard Metrics.

Can You Bring Your Mother To a Meeting With #HR – Ask HR Bartender

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Employees often get very nervous when asked to a private meeting with human resources or their supervisor. And the employee wants someone there for comfort…as evidenced by this reader note. Can you have someone sit in on a meeting between you and your supervisor?

Complain Your Way to Better Employee Engagement

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Businesses run the risk of hurting productivity and employee engagement by ignoring complaints or actively discouraging complaining. When we think about business, all this complaining would just lead to miserable employees that have close relationships with each other.

Employee Engagement: The Simply Irresistible Organization Model

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The customer may be king, but what if your employees don’t stick around long enough to crown him? Your organization has become a waypoint – somewhere to meet people and gain experience. Employee Engagement and Culture.

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now

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If I told you that two-thirds of your employees were disengaged at work, what would you say? Gallup has been tracking employee engagement since 2000 and the numbers haven’t changed much, even though more than 30 suppliers serve the $1.5 billion employee engagement market.

11 Small Business Tips for an Epic Annual Meeting

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One of my favorite instances of this benefit is the annual ExactHire company meeting. Having at least six of these yearly meetings under our belt now, I can say we’ve definitely improved our efficiency and meeting outcomes over the years.

Wellness & Wellness Programs for Employee Engagement


These wellness programs are something that some organisations overlook, because they believe satisfying their employee’s needs on a professional level with skill development is all that’s required from their end of the workplace. Because as simple as it is, your subconscious priority on your wellbeing is just as important as your employee sees theirs. Are those extra hours at work you’re putting in to meet deadlines turning your headache into a migraine? Culture Engagement

Tips for using continuous feedback to enhance employee engagement

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Enhancing employee engagement has always been a crucial element in any workplace, and that remains true today. An employee who remains engaged throughout the year will be better motivated, more productive, and more dedicated to their company than those employees who aren’t.

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Drive Employee Engagement


Research cited in the HBR article points out that a company’s emotional culture can have an effect on, “Employee satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism.”. And so, with employee engagement at hand, the virtuous cycle continues.

Gamification: Playing Your Way to Better Employee Engagement

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According to a recent Gallup poll , those are just a few of the benefits of excellent employee engagement. Gamification is a growing trend in employee engagement that uses a digital environment to help employees reach certain goals and objectives.

10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is one of the most popular yet misunderstood organizational topics. It’s a key competitive differentiator in the modern business landscape, and unsurprisingly, highly-engaged teams perform much better than their counterparts. How engaged are they?

Five Tips for Building a Winning Employee Engagement Strategy


Employee engagement is central to any organization’s success. Engaged employees work to build the bottom line, come up with solutions to work-related problems and often act as evangelists for their companies. Any good employee engagement strategy incorporates this fact.

The Business Case for Making Your Meetings Matter

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Are you frustrated by all the time you waste in lousy, boring, unproductive meetings? Now it’s time to dig into those two objectives to identify specific tactics you can embrace right now to improve your ROI on meetings. What does each meeting cost ? (as

Using Technology to Improve Engagement and Boost Productivity

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Last year, the multinational professional service firm Deloitte conducted a survey that revealed that developing workplace culture and increasing employee engagement are the top priorities for Human Resource leaders. What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement in NHS Healthcare


Deploying collaborative technologies to drive better staff engagement and improve patient outcomes. Engaging those at the frontline of the NHS to be dedicated, committed and evolved with their roles is key to its success. Defining employee engagement within the NHS.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback: An Opportunity to Activate Employee Performance

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At this year’s HR Technology Conference, they announced the availability of SilkRoad Agile Performance , a solution designed to help organizations activate employee performance with apps for check-ins, goals and reviews that maximize productivity, engagement and alignment with corporate objectives.

The Blindspot in Employee Engagement

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A couple years ago, as my wife and I were returning home from an employee engagement conference where I had spoken, she said something to me that I didn’t fully understand at the time. Remember, work for employees is a relationship.

Making Your Meetings Better: The Business Case for a Fix

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What is it worth to make your meetings both more efficient and more effective? Imagine this: a team of 10 well-paid professionals holds a one-hour status/progress meeting every Monday. And it’s only considering meeting efficiency improvements.

5 Tips for Holding Effective Staff Meetings

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Take coffee breaks with your team to improve productivity


Time-waster or productivity booster? The relaxed, informal atmosphere of a coffee break sets the stage for a comfortable, casual setting for people to socialize in, as well as to conduct informal “meetings” to discuss problems and brainstorm new approaches and ideas.

Employee Well-being Needs to Include Retirement Plans

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Their human resources services include advisory, technology, and administration solutions to help companies manage and engage employees. For some organizations, this is a key component of their benefits package, thus it’s an important part of the overall employee value proposition.

Which Leadership Archetypes Make Employees Want To Quit?


Every employee has their own experiences with management heaven and hell , with the hellish vastly outweighing the idyllic. Below are five leadership archetypes that are ineffective and likely to impel employee turnover. d) You barge into a team meeting and shout, “Suck it monkeys!

Employee Engagement: Definition, Measurement + Survey


This transcribed video helps companies understand and increase employee engagement. Use this survey to gauge employee engagement today! What is Employee Engagement. Employee engagement is about individual and organizational performance.

Making Meetings Matter: An Overview

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Are you frustrated by all the unfocused, boring meetings you have to sit through? Do the meetings you attend produce lasting solutions to the challenges you face? Or do you and your staff waste precious hours at work sitting through meetings that don’t seem to matter?

Our Latest Product Updates To Encourage Employee Development, Accountability, & Alignment


Today we have evolved into a complete performance management solution to keep pace with trends in employee engagement and people-centric management. Here are several of our latest product initiatives and feature upgrades. One on One Meeting Agendas. Employee-led 1-on-1s.

The Solution to Employee Engagement Is Easier Than You Think


Employee engagement. But we’re pleased to announce some new data that suggests engaging employees in a healthy workplace culture is much more straightforward for HR than we all may have thought. So what role does engagement play? Employee Engagement HR

Walk and Talk Your Way to Success: The Why’s and How’s of Walking Meetings

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How many times have you or your employees dreaded having to go to a meeting? Have you ever not looked forward to sitting at the same conference table or sitting in the same office you have for hundreds of other meetings? This type of meeting is exactly as it sounds.

Two Approaches to Measuring the ROI of Employee Engagement


When you enter the field of human resources, it only takes a few months to observe an indisputable natural law: engaged employees do better work. One of the biggest benefits of this attention is an understanding of the profound impact of employee engagement on company success.

An Employee Engagement Activity to Jumpstart 2017


Typically, we use The Experience Transformer® as a sort of “after-action report” on campaigns, initiatives, or even meetings so that we can gain deeper insights into how to get better results next time. But what if we did this for the entire year of 2016?

12 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement


Think Your Employees Are Engaged? If you manage people or even an entire organization, you may know a thing or two about employee engagement. Here are some stats that will likely get your attention: 88% of employees say they do not have a passion for their work.