Human Resources Is the Architect of Work

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Whenever people ask me what I do and I say “human resources”, their first response is … oh, you hire people. Which is true, HR often has responsibility for talent acquisition. So, when I try to explain what HR does , it becomes this long list of things – benefits, compensation, safety, employee relations, etc. Of course, people’s eyes begin to glaze over…human resources is a tough profession to define.

Human Resources: 2017 Changes for Form I-9

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I didn’t know this change was coming until I was in New Orleans at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference. We reported in a previous blog post that the new version of Form I-9 was planned to include changes to allow entrepreneurs seeking to enter the country under the ‘International Entrepreneur Rule’ (aka IE Rule) to present their foreign passport and I-94 as List A documents in Section 2. HR Law and Legislation Recruiting and Retention laws SHR


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The 4 Best Sourcing Hacks For Human Resource Professionals

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It’s a simple fact of life that HR Pros are sometimes tasked with recruiting and even sourcing. Sourcers get to do fun “detective” work that makes succession planning and compensation models look downright dull. And while sometimes this additional responsibility can be overwhelming, sourcing incredible talent can be really fun. And it’s not as hard or as geeky as you think.

5 Critical Steps to Future Proofing Your Human Resources Strategy


If you think it’s important to have a business plan and strategic vision, you need a human resources (HR) plan, too. An HR plan gets your people ready to execute on your business strategy and goals. A good HR plan should also include a succession plan, so you can limit disruptions to your business should there be a change in management or structure. Create employee development plans. Create a succession plan.

5 Critical Steps to Future Proofing Your Human Resources Strategy


If you think it’s important to have a business plan and strategic vision, you need a human resources (HR) plan, too. An HR plan gets your people ready to execute on your business strategy and goals. A good HR plan should also include a succession plan, so you can limit disruptions to your business should there be a change in management or structure. Create employee development plans. Create a succession plan.

15 New Roles for the Future of Human Resources


The era of transactional HR is not coming to a close but is rather shifting to encompass more strategic and relational activities in the HR function. Today’s HR professionals are becoming specialists who master new and traditional areas of the people department. Explore the 15 specialised HR profiles below and see what your next role could be in just a few years if not months! Your role for tomorrow: VP of Human Capital Strategy. HR Engineers.

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?

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Human Resource is one of those industries which does not quite make its way into science fiction books, and no kid grows up thinking of revolutionizing the technology inside this particular market. Traditionally, HR was always viewed as a paper-intensive, non-innovative area, where salary decisions are made, people get hired or fired and where team building sessions are organized. These challenges have sparked innovation inside HR departments across the world.

Human Resources & Health Benefits: 2020 Overview

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HR & Health Benefits: A General Overview Historically, employee health benefits have been viewed as a voluntary benefit. This means that the majority of human resources professionals will have some dealings with employee health benefits.

The Business Case for Human Resources


So, it is without a doubt essential to keep skilled, competent employees in an organization and develop them into even more effective, resourceful professionals. Yet, many new HR initiatives are unfortunately often misunderstood, or misclassified as less vital to success, but there is a strong business case for investing in this area. Magnitude of HR Impact. What is the actual dollar impact per day of that vacant key position?

Top 5 Issues for HR in 2016

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Here are my top 5 issues for HR professionals that will impact your job for the rest of 2016. I’ve been telling you for years that HR sits at the intersection of work, power, politics and money. This election is an HR election. High-deductible health plans are all the rage. Good luck with your staffing plans. Those are my top 5 issues for the rest of 2016. HR has enough on its plate, today.

5 Unique Human Resources Job Titles for 2017


Last year, we looked at 5 unique HR titles that included: People Operations Manager, VP of People, Chief Happiness Officer, Vibe Manager and Director of Employee Engagement. Overall, we saw a slight shift away from Human Resources (HR) designations towards People Operations as a favored title. Here are five unique HR titles we expect to see more of in 2017. This is a great opportunity for a Human Resources Manager to specialize.

HR 3.0 Puts the “Human” Back in “Human Resources”


The next wave of human-powered business iterations is much harder to predict and understand. For Dr. Karie Willyerd , workplace futurist at SAP human capital software company SuccessFactors , analyzing emerging trends and advising business leaders on the next iteration of business functions is not only possible – it’s her job. As told to HC magazine , Willyerd says that if HR 1.0 was marked by labor and personnel relations and HR 2.0 “was The post HR 3.0

Top M&A News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


M&A Announcements in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016. January 2016. SterlingBackcheck Made Several Strategic Acquisitions in 2016. Pontoon and hyphen Complete Merger—Unify Global HR Outsourcing within Adecco. Mercer Acquires Top Tier Workday Services Partner CPSG to Meet Demand for Cloud-Based Finance and HR Services. February 2016. March 2016. Generational Equity Announces the Acquisition of The HR Group Inc.

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Human Resources Needs a New Definition - What's Your Take?


Whether we’re researching terms for HR News or spellchecking announcements in our company newsfeed , we don’t hesitate to break out the old Merriam-Webster. It was for a word that’s near and dear to our hearts: human resources. See below, from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition: human resources: ˈhyü-mən/ ˈrē-ˌsȯrs,ez/ a department within an organization that deals with the people who work for that organization. HR News

Leveraging Human Resources During Difficult Times

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Career Management Competitive Customer Innovation Planning Productivity Profitability Quality Turnaround Value HR ViabilityThe global economic crisis continues to force businesses to make difficult decisions to remain viable and competitive. Increasing regulatory pressures, decreasing revenues, and continual competitive threats have turned the “status quo” into the “status isn’t”.

Little Brothers Grow UP

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Don’t fool yourself, Human Resources professional, we’re all just an expense in the eyes of the big brass. As a result, I always felt somewhat of a kindred spirit with my friends in IT, Finance, Legal, et al. And of course, within HR there’s a special kinship and brotherhood that… hehehe, no, not really. Human Resources has its own version of Lords & Commons, too. How to define the mindset of the HR Business Partner?

8 Questions to Ask for Effective HR Reports


HR departments and companies invest billions to develop and upgrade their databases without spending enough time to design relevant and useful HR reports. That’s why staff members complain and protest about inaccurate assessments, data-driven errors and unpopular decisions – HR reporting fails to deliver unless the HR reports dig down into the databases to get the most accurate and relevant performance information, employee profile data and business intelligence.

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The Top Human Resources Topics #HRtalk


What are the HR topics most frequently mentioned in social updates (e.g., Using HRmarketer Insight we: Streamed about 4,000 Twitter IDs that actively tweet and share content on HR and related business topics (e.g., Finally, we analyzed RSS feeds for about 2,000 HR blogs and other media properties in the HR, recruiting and benefits space. From this data we identified the most popular human resource topics for the last three months. HR technology.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About ERP

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When I decided to write about the commonly used HR technology terms, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was at the top of my list. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the successor to MRP (Materials Resource Planning), a term that described a combination of manufacturing, financial and materials management software functionality. We’re already seeing a second wave of cloud ERP (and HR) software emerging.

The Value of HR Analytics: Why Every Company Should Be A Quantified Organization


I came to this organization because in my prior life as a researcher, my core focus was HR technology adoption and the value organizations derive from it. In fact, a consistent finding from the annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey (which I managed for 16 years) was that “ organizations with workforce analytics outperform.”. Recommended Read: Analytics must Be HR’s Top Priority To Be Strategic ]. The Value of HR Analytics.

The 2016 #FLSA Overtime Changes: What #HR Needs to Know

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If you’re in the HR world, you know that the much-awaited final ruling came from the U.S. What are the key provisions of the new rule? The effective date of the new rules is December 1, 2016. The 2016 #FLSA Overtime Changes: Here’s What #HR Needs to Know Click To Tweet. What types of activities should human resources professionals do in order to get prepared for the changes? I’m not going to write a big long explanation for this post.

Discovering Holistic Human Resources For A Better Workplace In 2016


Why is it that, despite their best efforts, many HR departments consistently find themselves in a mad rush to keep pace with the strategic needs of their organization? I think the problem is tunnel vision: You set a goal for the year, and as you strive to meet it, so other aspects of HR fall by the wayside. The holistic human resources approach to business. Holistic human resources are much the same. Shifting to holistic human resources.

HR Is Not the Only Profession Redefining Itself

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Human resources has been the subject of many articles and conversations over the years. Specifically, the need for HR to evolve and become more analytical in their approaches. While I don’t always agree with the way the argument is being presented, I’m cool with the idea that HR needs to stay on top of their game. I think it betters the profession which is good for HR pros as individuals, our organizations, and the employees we serve.

HR is Moving from People Science to Data Science – About People

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One of the things that I love about being in human resources is that the profession is constantly evolving. During this year’s HR Technology Conference , closing keynote speaker Dr. Peter Cappelli , professor of management at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, pointed out that HR used to be filled with industrial and organizational psychologists and today, HR jobs are requiring data science. The key word being wisely.

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Top 5 HR Analytics Articles: Fall 2016 Edition


At the recent HR Technology Conference , sessions on data-driven HR were standing room only. Whether it was Mark Berry ’s talk on “Quantifying HR with Advanced HR Analytics,” or the “Ask the Expert” Datafication of HR panel of Visier customers joined by Josh Bersin , or Al Adamsen’s interview of tech evangelists on the future of HR analytics, conference attendees couldn’t get enough on the topic of workforce intelligence.

Striking a Balance in Staffing a Successful Project Team


When we start looking at resources to staff a project team, we often look at factors like availability, cost, seniority, or who we know will play nicely with others. When this happens, you may find that you can speed through the planning stages and make quick decisions, but when it comes to putting your plan into action, you hit hurdles every five steps. Written by: Elisabeth Jordan. Finding balance in the work environment is hard under the best of circumstances.

A Look at the History of Human Resources & HR Certification Programs


This blog is part of a special series providing insights into HR certification. Look for a follow up article discussing HR certification options for our profession. In the HR profession, one of the most talked about, debated about and argued about topics over the last couple of years has been the topic of HR Certification. Five Characteristics to Define the Human Resources Profession. Biggest Fear of an HR Certification Program.

Human Resources Needs a Common Language for Managing Business Data

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The human resources profession is just starting to catch up to finance and accounting in terms of codifying a standard business language. True, everyone in HR shares some common metrics, such as head count and time-to-fill. But HR is not even close to having anything like the working standards established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

How OKR Helps Organizations Boost Job Satisfaction and Performance?


According to an employee job satisfaction and engagement report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the job satisfaction rate has increased from 81% in 2013 to 88% in 2016. The next question is, how can OKRs boost employee job satisfaction rate and performance?

Employee Well-being Needs to Include Retirement Plans

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Xerox HR Services. Their human resources services include advisory, technology, and administration solutions to help companies manage and engage employees. One of the things that I like about human resources is the variety. Not just from the standpoint of the many different HR functions: recruiting and onboarding , training and development, compensation, etc.

How Can HR Demonstrate Value as a Business Partner


In an analogical sense, HR is our business partner. Of course, we must not forget the addition of HR technology that has revolutionised the way we carry out people management. How does HR add value? If you’re a manager or a business owner trying to figure out what HR, delivers for your business – look no further. I’ve compiled various ways on how HR alone as a core function brings value. In a nutshell, HR drives a strong performing organisation.

4 Challenges Facing Human Resources – Interview With an HR Executive

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with an HR Executive in the manufacturing sector. in Organizational Behavior, is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and leads the HR function for her organization. She has expertise in organizational development, performance management, leadership development , talent management, and succession planning. For regular readers of our blog , you know that we post a lot of content.

Human resources and the year ahead


Human resources is a constantly evolving field. On one hand, new technologies will dramatically affect how employees get hired or dismissed, the efficiency of payroll and other components of HR. On the other, regular changes of regulations mean businesses and HR professionals must remain fully aware of what's happening to labor laws and guidelines. In 2015, some of the top stories by HR Benefits Alert talked about the ACA to some degree.

Is the Gig Economy Taking Over?

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In iCIMS’ Q1 2016 U.S. This puts some pressure on HR and organizations to get job design right. The downside is that they can drain resources in terms of time and money. Image courtesy of the iCIMS Q1 2016 U.S. appeared first on hr bartender. appeared first on hr bartender. Business and Customers Employee Engagement Recruiting and Retention Strategy and Planning Technology and Social Media Career Development gig economy

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Who Should #HR Report To?

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In my career as an HR professional, I’ve had the privilege of reporting to both the chief executive officer (CEO) and chief finance officer (CFO), in addition to the executive vice president of human resources. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released a report titled, “ Does Having HR Report to Finance Influence Investments in HR? ”(PDF) Average HR to employee ratio. And not because of the view of HR.

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