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BHAGs: You're Afraid. Elon Musk is Not.

The HR Capitalist

Most are focused on one of four broad categories: reaching a defined target or metric, competition, organizational change, or reputation. Well, here comes Musk again, probably the most adept user of BHAGs in the world.

The Next Generation Workforce: Full-Time and Contract Employees


As the number of freelancers increase, PwC paints the following picture in its report, The Future of Work: A journey to 2022 : “Big business will be outflanked by a vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial middle market. Meet the Supertemp : an accomplished manager or professional (i.e.,

5 Takeaways from the AHA’s 2018 Environmental Scan


With the imminent nursing shortages projected through 2022, the report offers some strategies for addressing this issue. Combined with the prevalence of physician burnout, healthcare organizations need to develop strategies to attract and retain physicians as well.