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7 More Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends For 2017


Here is what the experts are saying we can expect for employee engagement in 2017: 1) Employee Engagement Will Grow…Slowly. Over the past few years we have seen giants like Adobe, GE, and Microsoft make these transformations and that trend will likely continue.

How Strong Is Your Leadership Toolkit?


Performing any job well requires the proper skillset. For instance, cloud-based programs like Slack, Stride, Dropbox, and the Adobe Creative Suite are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. There is no simple formula for great leadership.

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6 tips to create agile performance management in your business


Tech companies have unsurprisingly led from the front, with early adopters including Microsoft (which abolished its employee evaluation system way back in 2013), Netflix (which turned its back on annual objectives ) and Adobe (who pioneered a ‘check-in’ system as an alternative).

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


LMSs are comprised of a document management component and communication capability, allowing teachers to upload course files such as rubrics, assignments, calendars, and gradebooks, as well as communicate with students via chatrooms or forums. Adobe Captivate Prime.

How to Quickly Improve Any Performance Appraisal System


In a recent survey conducted by Adobe, 88% of the survey participants indicated they were part of a performance appraisal process. ii] Statistics like these might account for some of the reasons why companies like Adobe, GE, and The Gap have substantially revised or even eliminated their traditional performance appraisal systems altogether. For example, an accounting firm might use this tool to evaluate how well each of its audit engagements went during the last 6 months.

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Why A Holistic Performance Management System Beats Using Just One Tool. Every Time.


McKinsey corroborated these findings through a 2017 survey in which a considerable number of responses pointed to such approaches as having no positive effect on performance. Publisher: McKinsey, 2017. Stone buildings without mortar won’t stand long.

The Importance of Measuring ROI for Your Next Open Enrollment


ROI is your most important metric for determining OE success. We achieved 75% participation in our wellness program this year!”). Your dreams for 2017’s OE season just might come true!

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