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Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters


Aon Hewitt, in their 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study , found that engagement levels have dropped for the first time in five years and Gallup recently reported in its State of the American Workplace report that a full 70% of U.S.

Is Your Company Following its Compensation Philosophy?


A WorldatWork study sponsored by Aon Hewitt found that while 92 percent of companies surveyed have a formal compensation philosophy, only 63 percent have it in writing. WorldatWork defines a compensation philosophy as “a statement explaining an organization’s beliefs about how people should be paid, as well as how that pay should support the business strategy and fit within organization culture.”

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The 10 Best Pieces of HR Content in 2019


McKinsey’s research department has been reporting since 2017 that data and analytics will make a huge impact on businesses within the next decade of work. Why human capital metrics could be just as important as financial returns.

Engagement Isn’t the End Variable


Per Aon Hewitt, teams of engaged employees saw an additional 25 percent growth in Net Promoter Scores. Eubanks suggested that you gather data on these metrics (productivity, customer satisfaction, retention, revenue, etc.) For another, we must promote employee growth the development as well as diversity and inclusion. (Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Alexandra Levit of Inspiration at Work ). .

Understand Important Trends in Recruiting and Hiring in 10 Minutes


What’s your magic hiring metric? Start with the positions you hire for most or that have the most financial impact and build your metrics from there. According to an AON Hewitt study, 52% of workers said they’re open to new job opportunities. Establish clear performance metrics.

The Employee Experience Imperative: Q&A with David Johnson

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Several other studies prove the links between EX and objective performance measures as well. Research by Aon Hewitt reveals a statistical correlation between employee engagement and revenue growth: a 5% improvement in employee engagement leads to a 3% increase in revenue.

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