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Diversity Considerations in Compensation: Part 2 – Workplace Currency, Manager Favoritism

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This is an excerpt from our recent ebook collaboration with BambooHR entitled How to Turn Diversity Into a Major Asset for Your Organization. A metric-driven, performance-based plan is a nice way of taking favoritism out of the mix.

How Not to Fight Against Culture-First Business Theory

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Rob de Luca , BambooHR. Full disclosure: BambooHR fully supports the idea of a culture-first business strategy. . One author refers to the theory as “junk science” (which it is not) and to those who promote it as “highly emotional,” “resistant to metrics” and “hostile” to any debate.

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21 HR tools designed for growing companies


Bonusly uses “micro bonuses” – small pieces of recognition that come from peers and managers for a job well done. TINYPulse : An app that helps you survey employees and identify trends through a metrics dashboard.

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Software in 2018

Rallyware for Human Resources

BambooHR helps to empower your employees right from the first day. This service allows fresh hires to get all necessary instructions for their first day on the job, further training information, as well as access to the company’s system files and documents. Metrics and real-time tracking help managers to identify levels of engagement and KPIs to be able to modify the training program on the go.

Careers page 101: Everything HR managers and recruiters need to know to build an effective careers page


BambooHR. VueNation (@VueNation) August 17, 2017. For example, a well-designed page that introduces team members indicates that you value employees and care to promote a healthy work environment. A well-structured text is friendlier to the reader’s eye.

The importance of employee recognition


82% of employees don’t think they’re recognized for their work as often as they deserve, according to BambooHR. Traditionally, these programs have focused on the easier to define and measure metrics, such as length of service or reaching of internal milestones.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


BambooHR. BambooHR providing online HR Software for small and medium businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Vision Metrics offers a top-rated and most affordable solution to online 360-degree feedback! Performance Tracking Tools.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


BambooHR. BambooHR is the No. BambooHR’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). HR Onboarding Software Definition.

Hireology 2018 Year in Review: See How Our Customers Saved Time and Money While Driving Quality Applicants


Hireology Customer Success Metrics. In 2018, Hireology customers have seen great success with hiring, including the following key metrics: 2018 Product Updates. BambooHR. With Hireology and BambooHR, HR managers can save time, reduce errors and improve data access.

Why Common Approaches to Employee Recognition Fail


As for how much, when researching what really drives employee engagement , BambooHR found that nearly one third of employees would choose to be recognized via a company-wide email from an executive than receive a $500 cash bonus. They’re infrequent: Companies mean well when they make callouts at quarterly all-hands meetings, but if these are a major part of your employee recognition efforts, switching to timely recognition would be much more impactful.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


BambooHR. We use 3 different growth metrics with the time period of 2018 compared to 2017: Growth in # of new ATS clients added — These are the top ATS’s by number of clients added among the top 4,000 hirers we track. BambooHR. 99 in 2017.

10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


A highly-engaged workforce benefits everyone in the company, from individual team members to leadership, as well as customers and other stakeholders. Gallup’s 2017 State of American Workplace. Prioritize Wellness. How does wellness affect your own team’s engagement?

What Is HRIS? How Human Resource Management Systems Help Businesses

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In recent years, comprehensive HR solutions have spawned several iterations; there’s the aforementioned HRIS, as well as human capital management (HCM), and human resources management systems (HRMS). BambooHR’s specific HRIS software centralizes and better wrangles employee data.